June 21st, 2003

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Phase 3 complete.

Phase 1: Get a clue in that area. (what was that, the 9th?)
Phase 2: Cease all activity and charge. (from the day I found out until now)
Phase 3: Become supercharged, and transfer into rose quartz sphere. (Just now tonight.)
trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats

You stupid fuckhead.

You stupid fuckhead. You stupid fucking fuckhead. When are you going to get it through your thick fucking skull that you are as fucking human as the rest of us, and not even if you ever got both of our asses drunk so horribly we didn't know each other from each other's parents, it could still never be anything shallow, it could still never be anything less than fucking sacred.


In summary, you titanium-skulled thickwit, you would never use me and leave me and you know it. Nor would I you.

You stupid fucking fuckhead.

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Visited Darkside. Gave him birthday gifts. Got hug (with insulating pillow). Played fighting games with, sitting next to on bed. Gave him random neckpinches where appropriate... and gave him backrubs.

votania lectured him on coming over more often. He looked like he hadn't been paying attention, so we had him repeat back what she'd said. (*snicker*)

Love him.
running, bomb tech

Notes from the day:

votania needs more medicated lip balm.
Marah says that I need to take us to The Dress Barn, and she's sick of us dressing her in boy clothes all the time. (I think she's referring to how our nice clothes are not, for the most part, tailored specifically for women.)
I can take a nap while Marah's out, if we're shopping, and I leave her strict instructions to not go over ten bucks if at all possible, and wake me up if she really really really thinks we should go over twenty. Not in one transaction, or at one place, but in total.
Marah comes out when I'm tired anyway.
Marah had the brainstorm that we should wear stone-coded necklaces to say who's who. I'm to get a lapis one, N%'s to get a rose quartz (though N% thinks she'd prefer that clear blue stone), Marah has a jet-or-lookalike necklace, and Dagger can choose between hematite or garnet.
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Feeling loved.

Darkside kept the "You are adored and you are being hugged and kissed even though I am not touching you, nope" field to a minimum (only enough to make me feel warm all over, but not tingle), perhaps because of the crowd sharing his bed with us (all perched in a row on the edge), perhaps because I'd let him know I was coming.

He did, however, accept without comment the backrub that I began tentatively giving him. "You have a lot of stress," I commented quietly at one point.
running, bomb tech

Trip to LeeLee's.

Went to LeeLee's, a really bloody cool store on something and Warner (Dobson?) in Chandler. votania.maternal_unit likes to shop there.

Got stuff. Whee!

Am now attempting to see what this whole pocky craze is about. I do not expect to die, but in the case that I do, Darkside is to have my passwords.
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Pocky is all right, but I'm not exactly addicted myself.

Got rainbow boba, which are evidently a component of bubble tea, or something like that. I will play with them. They look to be an interesting confection. Also found a jar of Smucker's cherry preserves, which are fiendishly difficult to find. Sandalwood and rose soap smell good.

Zonked 's hell.
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OK, now I need to do that.

I mentioned that vidicon looks as unsettlingly like the altoids picture as I resemble Francine.

Now, I need to arrange a photograph of myself in the same outfit and pose. I have a white tank top, I have the perfect necklace, and I can wear hoop earrings for a few seconds while the photo's taken. My hair's long enough, though I don't have bangs at the moment. (I don't feel a pressing need for them, either; all my childhood was long enough.)

How much do I resemble Francine, anyway? I'm willing to say that it's an awful lot.
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