June 25th, 2003

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Cooking with children

I started up the pie stuff in the kitchen, and it looked interesting enough that Little Fayoumis asked to help me. He stirred pie dough for a bit, and then rolled some out while I cooked the filling.

He was delighted with pie dough scraps, and found them delicious. "I'm delicious!" he kept saying, and I finally clarified to him that if he meant that the pie dough tasted good, he should say, "This is delicious" instead.

He tried to help me cut stuff up. He filled one pie for me, and then got bored.

Fun was had by all, though.
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Gemini Horoscope for week of June 26, 2003


Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Don't bother looking for help from great minds and deep thoughts this week. You're in one of your "folk wisdom" phases, when the only kind of counsel that can be of any use is the goofy brilliance that now and then gurgles up out of that vast compost heap known as mass culture. Here, for instance, are the bumper sticker slogans that are most in alignment with your astrological needs. 1. "I will not obsess. I will not obsess. I will not obsess." 2. "We all have problems. Mine are just more important than yours." 3. "If all the world's a stage, I'll be needing more wardrobe." 4. "Excuse me. I'm off to see the wizard."

Hmm. I don't see how those apply quite just yet, but I'll be paying attention. Perhaps more so than usual.

Cancer Horoscope for week of June 26, 2003


Cancer (June 21-July 22)
If you choose to take the following prescription seriously, Cancerian, consider the possibility that you should regard it as a metaphor, not as a call for concrete action. Or if you do decide it would be appropriate to treat it as a call for concrete action, do not carry it out in such a way that would scare people or destroy property belonging to anyone but yourself. Got all that? OK. Here we go: My reading of the astrological omens tells me that the most empowering ritual you could perform in the coming week is to kick in a locked door.

Sometimes, I wish that certain stubborn little monkeybrains were on LJ.
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Am hiding from the sun more often. Usual uniform is now socks, long pants, long shirt, hat. I find myself scrunching my fingers up into my sleeves. I think I'm cultivating the geek-chic pallor, working on my CRT tan. [Yes, I use a laptop. No, it does not have a CRT.]

Went and got milk and bread. Looked for cherries, but there were none. Pity. Little Fayoumis likes them too. The other morning when I went out and got cherries, I saw something black and flapping, like a big drunken butterfly. That may have been my first bat sighting. If so, it was coming home late from the bar or something.

Suspect I wish to go to the bank today, sometime after I've zoomed around the house like a large black something that zooms. Also, a trip to the library might be in order. We'll see if I have enough energy for little monsters as well.
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loud fayoumis


It frustrates me that it is difficult to find a Presidential candidate with the right mix of political hot-buttons to match mine.

For the love of gods, why is the usual liberal combo pro-choice/anti-gun? WHY??
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Azzgrin, Azure: Lunatic, crazy

*giggle* I'm evil.

I was moved to toss some flamebait at welovegeeks while in the shower this morning.

The results are here.

It's been quiet so far, but I hope there will be happy and productive debate.

Oh, hell, who am I kidding? That's why I rated my own post -23, Flamebait.
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Grand Central Whatchamacallit

One call for a "Heidi" (that would not be anyone here) from someone calling from an Official Phoenix Government Number. Another call that was a wrong number (they heard me answer and said it was). Another: spam.

All the other grown-ups except for shammash are asleep.

I have dragged the phone in here. Perhaps, when it is a little later, I will call the Darkside.
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Little Fayoumis, Nephew

The relativity of truth

Little Fayoumis said that Francine (from Arthur, not from SiP) was lying. I asked him why. It turned out that Arthur said that Pal was the best pet in the world, and Francine said that her pet was the best pet in the world. Therefore, Francine had to be lying.

Explained that things were different for different people on stuff like that. For example, Little Fayoumis thinks that shammash is the best cat in the world, but I think that eris_raven is the best cat in the world.

He could dig that.
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Schedule-licious for Shaking That Thang

(No, I don't exactly know what that's supposed to mean either. Call it brain damage from the preservatives.)

Little Fayoumis's little friends showed up at door, with grandma-person in tow, asking about playing today. I said maybe in the afternoon.

Right now, we're about to be off for the bank and library, after everybody gets done with lunchlike substances.
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Out on the Town

votania and marxdarx dropped us off at the bank near the mall, where I deposited my tiny survey check. We then took a shortcut through the mall and hit the Cholla branch of the Phoenix library.

I found two books for the Little Fayoumis to read, and several for myself. After paying my old fines, we went back through the mall. The Little Fayoumis detoured us through the pet store (kittens, ferrets, bunnies, hamsters, budgies, cockatiels, puppies, budgies and cockatiels again) and then we stopped and got Order of the Phoenix for me.

Then, the bus ride home. There was a little lock attached to the stop-signal cord. This guy (blond, blue, prep) was annoyed and fascinated by it, and wound up getting the help of the tall & buff no-nonsense-looking black guy who was kind of oblivious behind his headphones in trying to unlock the thing. Oblivious-guy wound up watching prep try to pick the lock with his pen, then offered up a couple of those little tiny lock-keys to see if they'd work. No soap. It was delightful.

Came home, all hot and tired. Haven't started the book yet.
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Laid a temporary smackdown on the evil plastics cupboard. Floor was swept earlier. Cut up and washed lettuce and put it in a thing in the fridge. Got a few more of the things tidied on the north counterspace.

Little Fayoumis has had his TV in the morning, and his 20 minutes game. His friends stopped by, but left when he was getting a little too demanding. (He'll figure it out.)

Am plotting something or other with those last strips of barbecue beef.
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sad, greensad


Somehow, the roof of my mouth wound up getting bruised.

This is not cool at all.
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To do:

  • Clean catboxes

  • Vacuum

  • Windex

  • put away laundry

  • de-clutter room

  • mop?

  • clean fridge

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Am I insane? I must be insane.

I have, within easy reach, five books.

One of them , To Say Nothing of the Dog, I have read before. It is a library book. (And I must must must get my hands on my own copy of Jerome K. Jerome's Three Men in a Boat...)

The next one is Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Weis and Hickman.

Then there are two Lackeys: Serpent's Shadow and The Gates of Sleep.

Those are all the library books.

Hanging from my door, untouched in its bag, is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

What am I doing?

I'm reading the library books first.

Because I have to take them back.
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Fastening things to other things

The lock incident got me thinking. What sorts of interesting low-level little quirks in the day could we manage by fastening things to other things?

unsociablechap mentioned that he had yarn for tying to bus cords.

Yarn tied to bus cords.
Ribbons tied to trees.
Ribbons tied to fences.
Paperclips and clothespins fastened to ... things. (Bags of chips in the store, bus cords, the backpacks of the unsuspecting...)
The old standard, pennies glued to the sidewalk, perhaps a trail of them leading to a tree...
Little found things fastened in places where you wouldn't expect them (a spare Christmas light bulb twist-tied to a bike rack, et cetera...)

All of these would make people hopefully look twice, and wonder why the hell someone would do that...
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Anything of the form www.xxxxxx@zzzzzz.com is just idiotic.