July 1st, 2003

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All Done! (from yesterday)

  • Clean catbox

  • Wash Laundry

  • Dry laundry

  • Wash second iteration of laundry (that which got missed in the first iteration)

  • Dry second iteration of laundry

  • Put away laundry

  • Vacuum

  • Get alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.

  • Do dishes.

  • Wash glass.

  • Work out.

  • Read another book.
  • Reading Night Watch
  • Drain cat ear.
  • Boy, was he pissed.
  • Sweep.

  • Tidy living room.

  • Return library books.

  • Attempt to pursuade yaksha42 to watch LF on Thursday afternoon.
  • Do some mending.

  • Work on rag rug.

  • Clean bathroom counter.

  • Clean bathroom behind toilet.

  • Clean own room

  • Feed cats

running, bomb tech

Clusterfuck Over

I, being lodged in the Cartman Cluster, had updating and comments down while they worked on repairs.

Cartman should be up again. If you're reading this, it probably is... or at least it was for the 2 seconds while I posted this...
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Collected Mondo LJ-Deprivation Post (Cartman's Down Again)

What would be really truly nifty...

...a page you could go to to not only check what cluster you're on, but what cluster anyone else is on. Like, someone's journal that you want to comment on, or a community you want to post in.

So that way, between that and the Status page, you can figure out when you can comment...

To do today:
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Pondering on celebrity status...

shadesong is a celebrity. There are a jillion people who have her friended, and she has a jillion people friended back, and she has a fan club.

I have half a jillion people friended, half a jillion people have me friended, but I do not have a fan club.

But when shadesong had only half a jillion people in her friends list, she was already a celebrity. Not that she was really trying for it, which she wasn't; she just was one.

I am wondering what makes the difference. I'm probably not likely to seek out celebrity status, and I would likely be taken somewhat aback if I became one. But if I were to try to become a celebrity, what would I do differently?

Replies from me are due in several places when Cartman comes back up: Collapse )

There is a moral difference between making a vague, exasperated post about people you interact with, and making a specifically nasty, venomous discussion, right? Because I make many, many exasperated posts, but I try not to let things get into mud-slinging and hatefests. Then, most of the people I'd post an "ARRGH!" post about are either people I love despite it all, who I'd never hurt but about whom I must vent or explode, or people who ought not to ever ever see or hear about the post.

Think about all my posts about BJ. Those get very, very nasty, because I dislike BJ very, very much, despite our high school friendship.

I can't out-of-hand condemn people for making venty, nasty posts when I do it myself. I just try not to start fights. (And if I start them, I try to finish them.) garnetdagger is far more combative than I am, and she does indulge in nasty and hurtful language aimed at specific people. Does that make me a bad person?
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Biting your own tail...

In short, something went majorly pear-shaped on Cartman, and that's why a good section of LJ was down.

They were going to put stuff in lj_maintenance about it, but... lj_maintenance is on Cartman.


End result, Cartman's back up, and the good news?
"Our inability to post to lj_maintenance during the outage led us to start thinking about a scheme where people’s journals are actually stored on multiple clusters, so a single critical machine failure wouldn’t cause a large fraction of our userbase to go read-only in a future failure."

There we have it.
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I think it is very appropriate that there is a "hard-crack stage" in candymaking.
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Well, I woke up, and then votania woke up, and she headed off for work and the bank and so forth, feeling lousy as she'd been the victim of a bad burrito last night.

Little Fayoumis's little friends (who I shall call Tommy and Angelica, after the Rugrats, though Tommy's the older and Angelica is the younger) came over, and the only casualty of that war was when Angelica kicked the ball in the house, and it flew around and went way too high and could have broken something, and that was the end of that game, as I confiscated the ball and gave it back to the Little Fayoumis after they left.

I'm better about hanging with them when they're not here the whole day. That was fine.

Then votania came home, looking bedraggled and green about the gills. She got settled down on the couch with a glass of ginger ale, and I made soup: chicken broth, rice, and shreds of turkey lunch meat. Yum.

I perkily announced my intentions to hit Sam's on the bus. votania proposed that I take B. So, after a short lie-down with a book to make sure I'd be conscious enough, I headed off.

I love driving. I have to mention that. I love driving. There's just something about how the wheel fits into my hand, how the car practically follows my thoughts as I move it... I love driving. I poked at the radio until it gave me that one light rock station, and I happily listened...

Wandered around the store, happily looking at nonessentials, and scratching things off the list. I want a set of silverware and a complete set of good dishes. I want a new tam htab, by any other name. I want an automatic ice-cream freezer. And permanent markers always make me happy...

...So I shopped. And I came home, happily driving like I'd been born to it. I parked perfectly. It just takes practice for it to come back to me...

marxdarx was home. votania craved ice-cream. He went to the store. We ate half a gallon between us all. I think I got the smallest portion, which is quite all right.

The Little Fayoumis got ready for bed. He was told that he was supposed to get his drink of water after brushing his teeth, before his story. It somehow slipped his mind. So, when he asked for it after the story? No. This prompted more of the yowl that rivals the car alarms. (As a parent, I can tell the difference between crying-because-of-problem and crying-for-drama. For one, he's a lot more quiet when it's real crying...)

Now, Cartman seems to be down again.
"update 9:01pm pdt: we'd forgot to update the network duplex when installing the new OS earlier. when to change it live (which works with some drivers), but apparently the new code in the linux e100 driver to change it live sucks and the interface went down. lisa's on her way to fix on-site.

the site will be fast and fully operational shortly. (she lives close to the servers)

Meanwhile, I'm surfing Something Awful's Harry Potter covers. ataniell93 sent the whole list there, and... Egads. The Lockhart book was the one that made me say this, specifically. I am scarred. Scarred, I tell you. And it's not lightning-bolt shaped!!
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