July 3rd, 2003

sad, greensad

Fuck, fuck, fuckin' fuckity

Well, I drained the cat's ear, again.

Please note that I am not a vet, nor a habitual abuser of animals. I am, however, accustomed to the sort of pseudo-medicine that is practiced with animals when there's insufficient budget for a specialist, and sufficient practical knowledge of rudimentary healing present.

So. I drain shammash's ear abscess, with the chipper advice from marxdarx's sister the vet that yep, this is how it's done, and then you wash it out with H2O2 and water...

It is yucky. It is yucky and yucky and stressful for everyone. I thought it was bad clipping claws, OK?

*sigh* His ear's starting to heal, though, and hopefully I'll never ever ever have to do that again after it's all better.
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...I'm amused by the things that go on in the conversations we have. "Hello, Darkside's mom," I said when I heard her in the close background.
"She said, 'Hello, Darkside's mom,'" Darkside relayed.
His mother laughed. "Hello, Darkside's friend," she said.

His mother is getting slightly grouchy about him always being on the phone now, though.

We probably would have spent longer getting off the phone this time if he hadn't had to leave for a room that I oughtn't to follow him to, and if marxdarx's mother hadn't called right at that moment.

I was the one who originated the 'But what would I want with a tavern where Eric Draven hangs out?' quip in response to comments about crowbars. He handed that one back to me this time.

I'm glad he's there, and I'm glad that he's whole and happy and so very warm... I'm going to go to sleep smiling tonight, knowing that he's there and he's happy to have heard from me.
exhausted, tired, Azzsleep

*yawn* Morning

It's great fun to wake up to the sound of a squeaking balloon. At first, you think that the cats are inflicting some new and horrible wounds upon each other, or eris_raven is messing with shammash's ear or something...

...but no, it's the Little Fayoumis playing with his favorite toy, the balloon.

So you pop your head out, and tell him in a voice that brooks no argument, "That is a noisy toy." (This means: "Everyone is a sleep. That is loud. Don't you even.") Shut door. Noise stops.
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People I have Met:

yaksha42 and aina42 dropped by. I gave her my little rubber "cat toy" flogger, as she was in need of one.

I hope we all get to hang out more while she's here.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew


"Look! I have a butt sandwich!" --Little Fayoumis, having made his sandwich with the heels of the bread
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Called Darkside. Got the grouch. Stayed on the phone with him while he decided what to eat and put his frozen pizza in the oven.

I always feel so wonderful when I talk to him... many small wars of wit. He is baffled by my constant love. I wonder why.
running, bomb tech


To take my mind off the horniness caused by reading a particularly nice erotic journal (link is in my BDSM filter; if I list you as a friend and you're not on it and you want to be, do go ahead and comment so I can add you) I called Darkside.

"Hello, nutcase factory; we're all out of nutcases as we seem to have sold them all..."

I've been letting him see more and more of the little dark places in me, voluntarily, rather than having him pry things out of me. He's always gotten on well with children. He advises me to remember what it was like at that age...

His schedule for next week sucks, as usual.
trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats


...Need to see if Mama has any photos of me playing with the cousins' dice. They were so pretty... this was around the same time when there were the photos of me in Gamer Aunt's long piece of pale pink fabric, dancing around to entertain swallowtayle.

...I'm really opening up for him.
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*snark* Fic...


Harry turned to him briefly before closing the door. “Well, if you could, you’d hardly be here, would you?” he said calmly.

--"Psychic Serpent"

Recommended by sionainn, who really, really doesn't read fic, honest...
pretty, Francine


Dawn says to give everybody her best (the cats, votania, marxdarx, Little Fayoumis, my "lady") and to give Darkside a hug and a biiig smoochie, and clobber ralmathon for not writing.

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