July 4th, 2003

high energy magic


Raven is not a delicate, beautiful, refined bird. He is funny, earthy, rather crass. He eats McDonald's, for crying out loud. Pizza crusts. Roadkill.

But oh, He is beautiful in the sky. Playing with the wind... rolling over and over in the spring gusts, laughing and shouting and occasionally singing.

Curious as anything. More curious than a cat, and just as bright. Fond of shiny stuff. Fond of dog food. Wary of the Fish & Game truck when it comes to the dumpster to catch birds for banding...

Fierce, I would imagine. That beak isn't for just decoration. Messy eater, fastidious preener.

I was raised around Raven. I know Raven. I gave my heart to Him, once, to hide as He willed... but before tucking it away, He was flying all over, and the streamers danced in the wind... (Darkside cautioned me the next morning that perhaps giving my heart to a known trickster god was not in my best interests, but it was Right at the time.)
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...and I lived in Alaska. I watched, and paid attention. I should have ditched BJ when he dissed Raven. The first time. Nevermore.
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Old news...

Ah, the towel-and-wet-hair conversations!

My fiancée and I had a long-distance thing going. She was in Pennsylvania; I was in Alaska.

We'd spend incredible amounts of time writing to each other, or on the phone to each other.

Somehow, it often happened that when one of us called the other, we were both just finished bathing. So we came to have regular towel-and-wet-hair conversations.

Her mom wasn't very thrilled with me, since I was the Older Woman. (Well, OK, she was 14. And I was 15.)
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Amusing moments in cat-ness

As pajamas and I often don't work well together, I've taken to wearing a sheet. (Claustrophobia at night is bad plan.) When walking, end trails on floor.

Walked out to put phone back on base.
Cat followed, pouncing on sheet.
Walked back into room.
Cat followed, pouncing on sheet.

Like an evil grey anti-train-carrier.
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Happy declaration of freedom from original parent country; a few of my own declarations.

I wonder what I should declare myself free of today? That's another thing this day should be for. The US declared itself free of a country that was not listening to it and not supporting it properly, not giving it much of a voice in its own governing, among other sins.

For a true celebration of the spirit of the day, it should be a day for declaring oneself free from other things. For example...

I am endowed with the inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness. But how may I pursue happiness when the black cockroaches of depression shadow me, ready to swarm my mind at the least hint of weakness? It has fucked with my life, and with my relationships with other people, and with my schoolwork. I should rightfully be free of it. I'm going to be kicking some ass.

This is a good day for declaring things like that, I think...
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Useful Meme/Toy: The Pizza Arbiter


Step 1. Enter LJ username.
Step 2. Check the boxes for preferred pizza toppings.
Step 3. Submit.
Step 4. Share with all your LJ friends, especially the ones you know face-to-face, or will know face-to-face, so they can fill out their preferences too.
Step 5. When planning a pizza, go back and enter everybody's LJ username to get a list of acceptable toppings.

What Would Be Nifty If:

I am reasonably sure that this process would break down if there were too many people with too many conflicting tastes, as it looks to only grab the ones in common. What would be nifty would be if it could split up people into groups of n per pie, with the ones sharing the most common toppings being the ones sorted together.
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Blue, red, and black

Today was Hairdye Day at templeravenmoon. marxdarx dyed his hair black again, including beard. votania went from blonde-with-roots to RED! The Little Fayoumis saw all this fun & happy hairdye action and wanted his done too, and got sprayed blue.

Next up: the nail polishing. votania wanted to do her nails. marxdarx wanted his nails black, but all my black polish had glitter. I did mine black-with-glitter. Marx took a Sharpie. Little Fayoumis wanted his blue. I told him he had to get his nails cut first. marxdarx took care of that, and is now doing the blue polish.

votania and I looked at each other and imagined the first day of first grade, and snickered.
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Fireworks? Y/N

Went to the Studio to hang. Studio-Dave and his girlfriend were there. Very hot inside. We chilled, and votania found that the problem with the violin had in fact been a backwards bridge. She tuned, a long and frustrating process, as the silly thing kept slipping out of tune.

Everyone headed upstairs, as the fireworks viewing was going to be on the roof. Of the templeravenmoon clan, I was last up the ladder, having had business in the ladies' room.

Now, heights and I have a very uneasy relationship. I looked up at the wobbly ladder, made of metal pipes welded together, and I said, swallowing the cringe that said that This Would Not Be A Good Plan, "Okay, I can do this," and I started for the narrow opening only seven or so feet above.

I was fine until I got almost to the top, at which point I realized how very narrow the trapdoor was. We're talking a non-standard trapdoor size, which had been fine for the rest of the crew, and would have been fine for me had the ladder extended for one blessed more step, but unless I wanted to do my best imitation of a fish out of water, there was no blessed way that I was going onto that roof. Not to mention, doing a maneuver like that without a solid place to put my feet? Fuck no.

So back down I went, announcing my view of me on the roof ("Not happening!") firmly.

The rest of templeravenmoon climbed down -- we stick together.

votania called the Viking to let him know that we'd be going elsewhere, and then we set off in B, bad brakes and all. (They *will* be fixed ASAP -- right now the sticking point is that the guy who's going to fix them is likely in Tucson. She's riding the bus the rest of the week.)

And we came home. They've gone out to the canal to hang and have fun and watch the fireworks; I am staying in with my blowfish. (I mean, feet.)
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