July 7th, 2003

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Cat Ear

Much fun was had by all. Not. Moshie was not happy about being picked up, and when I set him in the bathtub while I used the bathroom beforehand, he cried and cried.

I've discovered that the way to get him to hold still while I'm working on his ear by myself is to have him sitting there in the sink right-way-up, no towel. If I can immobilize a gander, I can immobilize a tomcat.

He didn't cry hardly at all at the ear thing. The abscess has diminished to half the size it was. He only struggled a little at the initial poke of the draining process, and then again when I put the hydrogen peroxide in the incision. He tried to slink out of the sink; thankfully he isn't the type who explodes out at the worst possible moment. He's getting wary of being picked up, of course, but he still comes up and gets petted. If anything, he's more snuggly, because he knows something's wrong, but not as wrong as it was.

I'll be very happy to see him being Mr. Bouncy again.
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Kid management

Little Fayoumis is not allowed to whine at his friends. If he starts doing it particularly abominably, he gets sent to the corner (because it's becoming a real problem).

This morning, he said something in a yell/whine. I couldn't hear what it was because I was washing dishes with water running, but I did hear the tone. Not answering my question ("What did you just say?") for two minutes, and then saying "I forgot" is not guaranteed to put you on my list of wonderfully well-behaved little boys. Corner!

After a while, I took him to his room and explained what was up (you were told not to be saying things in that tone of voice, and you did, and guess what...). While that was going on, evidently his friend left. That's how it works sometimes...

When his friends go home for whatever reason, Little Fayoumis has a habit of standing by the door waiting for them to come back. Have tried to convince him that this is is not going to be a good plan; since I was sick of it, this time I ordered him to go play and have fun. (He was getting in my way while I was washing the door from the handprints and faceprints on it, as well.) He went. He played. He had fun. ...He just has to be reminded that this is what he should be doing when his friends aren't there.


It'll get better.
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Particularly, when someone either can't, or can't be bothered to. The occasional typo, or word you just plain don't know, is not a big deal. The occasional bit of netspeak is fine. Writers who have come to English as not their first language are not a problem.

But typographical errors every third or fourth word? Missing words? No punctuation? No thanks. I'm not quite as extremely bothered as Az-the-Elder is, but I don't need to try and decipher that every time I interact with someone.

Yep, I'm a language bigot.
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Little Fayoumis is learning that he has to ask me first, each and every time before his friends come over, or else they don't get to.

He learned that the hard way this time, when they came in without asking me or telling me. I sent them home.

Because that's the rule.
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Topical Quizzy: What kind of badfic am I?

You are an unbetaed goodfic!
You are an unbetaed goodfic!

What Type of Harry Potter Badfic Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are an unbetaed goodfic!

You're not really a badfic, either. You probably have good characterization and good ideas, but your writing is so littered with misspellings and grammatical errors that you lose a lot of readers. With a good beta reader, you might be a pretty popular author. Until then, you're limited to those who can ignore your faults.

Which makes sense, though the reason I don't have much in the way of beta-ing is because I actually write very well. I've spent over seven years working on my own novel, and am a tutor for my friends in their spare time. I actually managed to coach and bully Slackerprep into writing a decent essay about golf.
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Whee! Webpage fun happy!

Have decided to add a fanfic page to my website.

It's all stuff that's been in my LJ, and in some cases it's only links to the LJ page, but at least it establishes an organized web presence for me as a fic writer. Go, me?

It did force me to give titles to my fic, which had previously been untitled.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew


An incident happened today, where Angelica was wanting to play with something of the Little Fayoumis's, and he was getting very upset about it. Told him that saying "That's my toy!" was not helpful, since she already knew that it was his toy. He could say, "Yes, you may play with that toy," or "No, you may not play with that toy." She asked about that toy, and relieved to have the option, he said no. And then he kept saying no about some of the other toys she was asking about. She didn't look very pleased about it. "Him said no!" she told me indignantly. Told her that since the toy belonged to the Little Fayoumis, that he had the right to say no.

Afterwards, I thought about it, and decided that it would be a good idea to separate his toys into two categories: toys that everyone could play with, and toys that other people had to ask about first.

Then, thought about it again. Three categories: Everyone, Ask First, and Don't Touch. Don't Touch would never be up for playing with by other kids. Ask First: self-explanatory. And everyone could play with the rest of the toys.

For the sake of fairness, while other kids were there, he would only be able to play with the toys that he was willing to allow them to play with too, restricting him to playing with the Everyone toys or the Ask First toys he'd said yes about.

I think it could work. It just requires some sorting...
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loud fayoumis

w00t! I am going to be a very, very popular Auntie.

Tommy brought over his laser pointer today. As Little Fayoumis doesn't have one, and wasn't allowed to play with the one Tommy had (Tommy's rules) (and I'm probably going to institute the "If you don't want everybody to play with it, don't bring it over" rule) I plugged in the strobe light and instructed Little Fayoumis in its use, for competing coolness.

That, of course, won the day.

After they left for the final time, I began setting up for major coolness. I showed Little Fayoumis the audio-control function on it, and how to work that, by clapping. Then I moved the strobe light over by the stereo and grabbed that techno mix CD that digitalambience made: Digitally Different v.2

Later, we added a mirror and a purple light.

We boogied until marxdarx got home. I stressed the necessity of drinking enough water while dancing, and set a good example myself.

Am thinking that my equipment and my willingness to host small, kid-friendly techno-type dances could be a major popularity point.
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*yawn* Too late now...

Missed my window of opportunity to call Darkside tonight. I thought of it around nine, but then thought better of it very swiftly.

Ah well. Tomorrow.
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Workout Log

Boogied righteously with the Little Fayoumis for quite some time.