July 8th, 2003

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I have peeps all over the place.

If anyone's going to be at the San Diego Comicon, if you see Shawn Weixelman with Cho-zen Entertainment, give him a wave and say you know Joanie...
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Ha-HA! (Fandom)

I am the Mad Fanfic Writer! Hear me howl with laughter as I plot the Elder Malfoy's latest fiendish misdeed!

It was funny. There I was, writing Harry Potter fanfic. votania was on the couch, reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. marxdarx was making noises of frustration as the Harry Potter computer game locked his box. And the Little Fayoumis was sound asleep... with a fuzzy blanket with bespectacled boys on brooms chasing Snitches over his feet.

No, we don't like Harry Potter at all in this household. Nope.
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Have scrubbed cat as well as draining ear.


Not entirely certain why palms of hands and between fingers are itching like mad. Hope is notsome cat-hair allergy. Fear it is. After scrubbing madly to no avail, I applied the old standby menthol goo. Is helping so far. Incidentally, BJ an idiot for thinking menthol toxic despite its presence in cigarettes, as is clearly active ingredient in mint.

Onscreen keyboard is best friend as hands all gooey and minty-fresh.
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Draco/his left hand probably shouldn't be listed in the Pairings section of the header, should it?

I'm cute and witty.

I'm also slightly punchy as I'm tired and my ankles are swollen and my hands were formerly dying of the itch but have now decided not to, thanks much.
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Mary Sue, or lack thereof

I will never put a Mary Sue into a Harry Potter fic.

I can say this with great certainty, because there is already a canon one there. Hermione is the perfect Mary Sue for me.
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Oh dear, that was a grouch.

Read seahawk's post with the pretty picture. Return of the King, December 17th.

Cheerily, I called a certain phone number, expecting to get the answering machine. Instead, I got the Grouch himself. "You do know I have to work today?!"

Explained, briefly, that I'd thought he wouldn't be there and that I was going to leave a message. Message: Return of the King? December 17th? Maybe? See how things work out?

We will evidently see. He is scurrying to work.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Being the Meanie again

Told Little Fayoumis that he may watch a movie today, but not right now, and not a Pokémon movie.


But he's been far too focused on that damn show lately, and relating absolutely everything to it. Yes, this is an early mark of fandom; however, it's also hampering his ability to communicate with the rest of the world.

Also informed him that his getting scared when Chef "ranged" (not range+d, but rang+ed) was due to him focusing too hard on the game, and that he would need to learn to focus some on the game, and some on the rest of the stuff happening around him. Then, he wouldn't be scared when Chef rang, and he would be able to listen to his body telling him he had to go potty.

He agreed with that, more or less.
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Silk broomstick skirts are great cat toys.
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Yummy, yummy.

Have discovered a new way to make ranch dressing better: tabasco sauce. Mmmmm. Use for dipping chips or carrots or whatever...

I mean, you dip Really Really Spicy chicken wings into ranch dressing, right? So, the flavorings are spicy + ranch + original thing. So, spicy + ranch is a good combination.
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Little Fayoumis just came in and asked me to make the living room dark for him so he could have fun with the strobe light.

About a minute in, he asked me if I could invite over yaksha42. Yakky's spending the day with his mom, and I explained this.

"Oh. I'll just go and dance, then..."

Looks like the idea was a hit.
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The memories we dig up...

Someone in altparent mentioned teething, and I suddenly had a flash of memory.

I remember my favorite teether thing. It was square with a round hole in the middle and it had blue liquid inside and little bumps all over it, and you were supposed to freeze it, but by the time I remember it, it never got frozen anymore because I was done with cutting teeth. And then one day it started leaking and had to get thrown out. I was unhappy about that.

We were in the cabin, and the orange couch was against the wall that was kind of in the southeast, and I was looking in the general direction of the window that would later overlook the leach field, and the dresser was against the wall that was by the big new house that probably wasn't all finished yet. And I was holding it, and I think I was wearing a turtleneck? I usually was. And I was playing with it and then it started squirting the blue water out through a little hole that hadn't been there before.

Oh, and then there was the time that FatherSir was making the door. It was big, and I got to sit on it a little while he worked. It wasn't all open like before. It was dark outside, I think, and there was a light on and there were shadows in the corners, and it was just the plywood and the two-by-fours, not like a real house with logs. It was a big room [the bathroom] in the big house. And he was making it [the door] and I was up late and spending time with him. And I think he said "God Damn SonofaBitch!" at one point when he did something wrong.

And then there were the snacks we would make with the raisins, the currants, the Cheerios, and the sunflower seeds and the almonds. There were names for every imagineable way for stacking these things together.

Oh, and then there was, later, the "Nice lunchbox!" thing, when the guy who did the water line and helped with the plumbing teased FatherSir over the loudspeaker from his truck.
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Sometimes it's difficult to talk about stuff, but we wind up feeling better in the end.

This time I was the one who was OK throughout.

I'm glad I never formed strong role definitions like that.
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Return of the Grouch

Tried calling Darkside. He told me he'd had a long day, and perhaps talking would not be such a good idea. I wished him to sleep well.

He's learning that when he sets boundaries explicitly, that I respect them, as I respect him.