July 9th, 2003

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Fandom Question: Harry Potter

Where did "theirloveisso..." originate?

Am having the idea that it started out as "theirloveissopure", somewhere, and spread, but bugger me if I know where/who, and which pairing...

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Freewill Horoscopes

Gemini Horoscope for week of July 10, 2003


Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Philosopher Jean Houston likes to quote a Native American saying that's important for you to hear right now: "When we take one step towards the gods, the gods take ten steps towards us." Here's another way to think about it: There are huge cosmic intelligences whose work is imperceptible to our five senses. They aren't figments of the imagination or sentimental fictions, but actual beings. When we acknowledge their existence and ask for their help, they enjoy responding. More than that: They love to collaborate with our strong intentions.

A boot in the ass to get those candles going again. I guess this has been a holiday for me. Back to work!

Cancer Horoscope for week of July 10, 2003


Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Here's the homework I gave my readers two months ago: "Guess what age you'll be when you finally know exactly who you are." In response, a Cancerian woman named Bridjet wrote this: "I hope I NEVER completely know who I am! I love discovering new mysteries about myself; I love to change as everything else around me changes. It's one of the most beautifully thrilling things about life -- that the only constant is change. If I ever know completely who I am, it'll be a sad day -- because it will mean that I haven't changed in a long time, that I've become stagnant." Bridjet's buoyant words should serve as your inspiration, Cancerian. You're already the zodiac's most frequent and expert changer, and these days you're primed to mutate even more than usual.
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Well, I got back into it again. I've started up hacking at the Harry Potter fanfic I was kicking around with the HoIF crew and sithjawa back in January.

I'm fairly happy with where it is now; my betas have the first chunk (anyone wishing to beta, speak up; I won't promise that you will get to, but I'll consider you) and I'm contemplating where to go with the next section.

I'm feeling a little lost at the moment. I don't have a good sense of voice for any of these characters on this story. Normally I do a killer Snape, but I haven't felt plugged in right today. I did go through and clean up a little, getting rid of some of the glaring bits where he was most assuredly not-Snape, but... And I don't have Hermione down, and I'm not even tracking well on Harry and Ron. Let alone Pomfrey! She seems to be one of the main characters followed at the moment, and that's not what I'd intended at all!

Ah well. Back to Draco in his rather wretched state.
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Yet another day, and I'm awake after only a few hours of sleep, and contemplating the wisdom of the amberite when she says:
"Oh, and you were asking the other day why you're not a 'celebrity' -- I thought on it, and I think it has to do with style. shadesong has a sort of grand sense of drama, timing, storytelling, etc running throughout her LJ -- which isn't to say that you don't, but that it's not in the forefront quite so much. Like, you have more shopping lists and silly Harry Potter things and such. Which, again, is perfectly all right, and nifty, but not larger-than-life."

I'm a little disappointed with this perception of me, and a little not. It's utterly accurate. That's what's been going on with me, lately. I haven't really been doing much, or thinking much about what I'm doing, and it's been showing. But then, I don't really want to make a theatrical production out of things, as that's just not quite my style. As much as I think of myself as possibly having an epic story of a life to tell, speaking for the ages takes effort, and I haven't had quite that level of energy over this break. It's been my time to kick back, relax, and get books slurped up.

I'm tempted to label this vacation a time of sitting on things and mulling them over. I recently re-read the archives of this journal, starting from May 2001. The task took a month. Then, I started reading books to both reboot my brain and catch up on 50bookchallenge. Now, I'm trying to regain my physical and emotional strength to handle school this upcoming tri (Monday, back to the grind!) and I really haven't had much in the way of stimulation from the outside world, excepting the 13th and 14th's glamourbombing runs.

Why am I hermiting? I couldn't tell you. I just know that I am. Perhaps it's to tell me that I should be digging more things out of the depths of my brain so that I can look at them. Perhaps it's in preparation for something bigger.

I suspect we'll start to see on Monday.
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The truth comes out.

merlyn_magick made a comment that brought me, abruptly, to the core of the truth behind a large portion of my LJ, and nearly all of my self-examination in comparison to shadesong. My comment back to him says much of it.
A good portion of what I write here, I write as a slightly self-conscious practice of the craft of writing. I've been addicted to reading, and by extension, writing, as long as I can remember.

This is my test ground. It's not so much about popularity, and it's not, for the writing bit, so much about personality, as it is that I want my writing to be good, and memorable, and no little charismatic. I want to be a powerful writer, and I want to change people.

It's not about changing me to fit a popularity mold, it's about honing my writing so people will want to read it. I have friends enough. I don't want fans. I want readers.

This'll be worth some exploration, later.
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To do:

  • Clean off bathroom counter

  • Work on that lube I was making

  • Do dishes

  • Vacuum

To get:

  • A box for holding comics

  • Milk

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In the "You knew better than that" files

Little Fayoumis ate maybe 20% of an apple and chucked it in the trash. Called him out on it, and reminded him, sternly, that he knew what he was supposed to do when he couldn't finish something: tell a grown-up, and save it for later.

He does not get dessert.

Fire siren. No sympathy.
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No more tears

And, of course, five minutes later, perky as ever and playing with Legos. Reminded him to put his plate and cup in the sink after lunch.

He's still having troubles doing more than one task in a row -- he does the first task, and not the next, or he does something without doing the thing he's supposed to do before it, especially when it's phrased in the form "Do X after you do Y" -- he does X, and then is frustrated when he is reminded that he has to do Y first.

We're working on the "You should put thing from activity W down before you do activity X" thing as well. Sometimes there are multiple-parent conflicting things on this, where he very tidily goes and drops his toy in the toy box before doing something he was told to, and the other parent gets a little irritated because he didn't do it immediately, and he explains in frustration, "I was putting my toy in the toy box!" and this clears things up. At least he can carry more than one toy at a time now, when putting them away.

This is far better than the thing where he would have to be told about fifteen times to do the same thing before he would do it.

The fire siren thing is across the board, now, and not just for Marx. I am cheered -- he is treating all of us the same, now.
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Book Addiction

My name is azurelunatic, and I'm addicted to books.

shadesong has an entry going about libraries.

When I was a kid, my parents took me to the Fairbanks North Star Borough Noel Wein Library every weekend on Saturday. Saturdays were good days. We'd spend at least an hour, maybe two, in the library, and then after we got home and got all the groceries put away, I'd curl up in the corner of the couch and do some serious reading.

I am an addict. If something is written, I will most likely be reading it. I went through at least ten books a week, if not more, back in Fairbanks. I could fit quite a few books into those blue bags, and I stuffed each bag full and read them all.

It runs in the family. My father was a somewhat reformed addict: he wouldn't seek out certain kinds of books, the ones that got him hooked, on his own, but when someone put one down in front of him, or near him, where he could see it, he'd read it.

I remember one time that happened. I had gotten The Monkey-Wrench Gang, by Edward Abbey, from the library on good ol' Fuzzy's recommendation. I put it down on the table for two minutes, and when I returned, FatherSir was reading it. Somewhat huffy, I went off and picked out another book.

I escaped the Harry Potter craze until my father bought copies and brought them home. Then, they were just there! I couldn't help myself! I had to read them!

...and they weren't half bad.

If I start a book, usually I finish it. It has to either be really really boring, or really really bad for me to not read it from front to back. I may skim a bit, but I read it. There are very few exceptions to this.

(One of the few books I steadfastly have refused to finish is the Gor book that boojum gave me some years back. It may have had merit once upon a time for the BDSM content, but that merit, now that more interesting texts are available to me, is far overshadowed by the abysmal writing. Another, very battered, Gor book has fallen into my hands; I will later ritually execute it as a blow struck back for good writers everywhere.)

These days, the book-addiction gets fed by LJ, and by fanfic online. I'm always reading. You can't stop me from reading. It's just what gets read that's different.
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The Little Fayoumis is still getting called by the wrong name by his friends, from time to time.

This irritates him, and he yells, "No! My name is ____!"
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The kids were playing, and Little Fayoumis fell over, and started crying. Real pain crying. "My back!" is not something you ever want to hear from a kid.

He was not screaming, though, and able to walk, so I sent him to lie down and sent Tommy and Angelica home. (Side note: Angelica's still putting things in her mouth. I'm not equipped to deal with her.) (Other side note: damn brats didn't shut the door all the way. Will be noting this to them the next time they come over. Without the profanity.)

By the time I came back with an ice pack, he was feeling fine, but I'm going to keep him lying down for the rest of the hour, just to make sure.
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If you utterly scorch the young writer of an abysmal fic, she'll probably never improve.

Poll #155076 Budding Fic Writers

Which would you rather have budding fic writers (the ones whose writing could stand a WHOLE lot of improvement) write?

Real People fic (including themselves)
Mary Sue fic

When a budding fic writer writes a shiny new story, s/he should:

Keep it private, and let no one else see it to suggest improvements
Make it public in all its questionable glory
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Called iroshi, and got confirmation that I'm not crazy, but if this keeps happening, I sure will be. I was still speaking in complete sentances when I talked with mcredneck.

Responsibility without authority is an impossible position.

We talked about oogily-boogilies after that, and Aurora the ghost hen, and assorted interestings and nasties.

And we compared Darkside to a gander. And we compared washing a cat to wrangling with a gander.

Darkside says "whu-whu-whu" at me a lot. And he hissed at BJ most mightily.