July 11th, 2003

running, bomb tech


Vacuumed, with help from the LF.
Scooped cat boxes.
Did dishes.
Tidied living room some
Tidied my bathroom counter lots.
Took out trash from all receptacles.
Scrubbed stovetop.
Tossed some grody things from the fridge.
Found schoolbooks
Put scent from broken pump bottle into working one
fed cats
fed fish
fed Little Fayoumis
running, bomb tech


From snowgrouse...

1. Describe your sex toy collection. *grin*

2. Why Paganism? Why is it the thing for you? How do you practice it in everyday life?

3. How did *you* find The Sith Academy?:)

4. Why does polyamory work for you? How does it work in your life (in practice)? You see, I've got a couple of friends who are into it but I'd like to hear more about it, real life experiences:).

5. Why "A Metaphor Gone Metastatic"? It's such a cool expression:D. I could use it to describe my writing:P...

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From melcocha:

1. Okay. So I turned to tables on ivan23's question, "choose one word to define the essence of femininity, explaining why you feel that way," asking him to choose a word for femininity instead of masculinity. Now I want the other side of the coin. Tell me what one word you'd choose to define the essence of masculinity, explaining why you feel that way.

2. Let's say that cloning has advanced to the point where they could make a perfect replica of you, right down to duplicating your memories and experiences, and even personality. Now you and your clone spend a year apart, having completely different lives and experiences on different sides of the country. What would be the first question you would ask your clone when you reunite at the end of that year? (I mean, besides, "So, what'd you do?" Assume you've already filled each other in on that.)

3. What's the worst mess you've ever made as an adult?

4. Is it more tragic to never feel passion (not necessarily the "in love" kind) in one's lifetime or to feel it for someone completely inappropriate for you and unable or unlikely to ever return it? (ex: married &/or monogamous person)

5. Assuming you had all of the positions' full powers, would you rather be President of the United States or the Pope for a year? Why?

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running, bomb tech


My bed looks so very right with two cats in it. Moshie and Eris are curled up together, as usual. I think they want me to come lie down and snuggle... Good cats.
running, bomb tech

boojum -- the book.

Mama says: "The book I found is titled Marauders of Gor subtitled the Ninth book of the saga of Tarl Cabot. Do you want me to send it?"

*snicker* This now gives me Very Bad Harry Potter mental images...
running, bomb tech


Going to be crashing in a bit. Hopefully this time I'll stay asleep until morning. Trying to reset body, with some slight chemical (melatonin) help.