July 12th, 2003

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Tossing out names, and the odd link --

The Bujold List has started talking Asperger's over the past week or so.

Sheila said in Digest 2592:
Seeing the thread on Aspergers, I thought that those who are interested in the subject would find information from these sources to be enlightening.

1. Dr. Tony Atwood. Do a Goggle search and you'll find his web page to be a great source of information. He's written numerous texts and is world renowned.

2. Dr. Fred Volkmar. He has completed extensive research into the neurological and functional expressions of autism and Aspergers. Interesting delineations of differences between high-functioning autistic and Aspergers. He recently gave an excellent symposium in Dallas.

3. Dr. Steven Gutstein. I am really fascinated with his research and unique therapeutic model, Relationship Development Intervention, for teaching social reciprocity to individuals with autism and Aspergers. His website is at www.connectionscenter.com.

Might be of some use. Also, discussion about the "shadow-symptom Aspie" in Bujold's work, namely Dr. Borgos.
running, bomb tech


I possibly may mention to my doctor next time I go in that every now and then I do get the kind of headache that's like someone jabbing a needle right behind my eye.

I am told that this is a migraine.

I suppose it might be. I've never really had much of any other kind of headache, so I thought that this was the kind of headache that everyone gets...
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Awake, by the gods!

Am doing laundry. Figured it was a shame to waste a good wakefulness.

Am also in the very desultory process of rearranging the room... again. Ideally, both of my computers will be on the same desk, so I'll have a chance of working on Neo a little more. (Heh. Having now seen Reloaded, I think that Neo will be the name of most of my Linux computers...)

Reading the digests for the past couple days. Keeping caught up with the List is difficult, but rewarding.

Joy: learning that tyramine is a migraine trigger, and eating bittersweet chocolate chips, I get the twinges of icepickstab in my head... partly, I suppose, lack of sleep; not entirely dehydration, as I've been drinking water constantly...

I suppose that I get headaches often enough and mild enough that I ignore them. Gods know I had them in high school often enough to be able to vividly describe -- stabbing sensation directly behind my right eye, shooting down to my tooth... Oddly, some of them seemed to come from the very spotty link with my fiancée... if I was shielded and she was trying to touch me, I'd get a headache...
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Ideal environment...

The weather outside right now is perfect. Perfect humidity, perfect temperature. This is summer. It's wonderful.

92°F. 32% humidity. I love it.
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Who's the professional, again?

Donated plasma. The experience took longer than usual, as it was time for my annual physical. Pee in cup, poke and prod, the usual.

Movies du jour: Die Another Day, and that one with the zombies that is the same as the game that good ol' Fuzzy used to play at Wood Center all the time. You know, where the chick Veronica's been kidnapped? [google: veronica, zombies, game] Aha. Resident Evil. But was I watching those excellent movies? Kinda. But mostly I was reading Code Complete. Who, me, geek?

Saw a friend of digitalambience's, and he asked me if I was still kicking him in the nuts every now and then. Or something. It was one of the guys with the dark hair and beards. Not Phil, and definitely not Larry. Big, with a laptop. He and this other guy had a crossover cable strung between their systems, and were gaming away, or sharing files, or something.

I gave my plasma, and sat there ten minutes with the gauze on my arm. Same guy as last time who pulled the needle out. And he came to offer me a bandaid. This time, I refused, and I refused two minutes later when I sat up, and there was still a drop of clear fluid oozing out very slowly, which was what had been going on last week when I bled all over the place. So he taped me up, putting only one layer of masking tape around my arm. Not the sturdy stuff either, mind you.

Okay, so it was one and a half.

I gather myself together, do my thing, and stroll on out of there. Halfway across the dusty parking lot between the plasma donation center building and the corner, the sole comes out of my shoe. So I bend over to shove it back in, and I bend my elbow. Snap. Woops, was that the masking tape?

I have visions of myself bleeding all over the bus. I sigh, and march back into the plasma place, and get myself re-taped.

Next time, when I don't think the tape will hold? It probably won't.
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Lived through all the romance sadly meant for me

Whenever I'm reminded of Darkside, each little thing that's something that I mark as special that he's introduced me to, or that he and I share, or something that's special to him, I grin.

I clasp that silently-enspelled necklace and wonder if he's thinking of me, too. I can almost feel his warm regard enfolding me...

Today it was the movies. James Bond? I remembered that he had recommended that I watch the James Bond movies. I always feel a little odd about watching a movie without him, like it's cheating. And then a zombie movie! Where was he, to sit next to and cling to at the spooky parts? His shoulder is ever my perfect pillow.

I fell asleep to the thought of giving him a backrub, last night, fully clothed, and as platonic as the two of us can get, just the comfort of touch, strong hands unknotting his wiry back. His body is so very warm, broadcasting heat just as he broadcasts his affection for me when unguarded. Physical contact is one of the primary ways I stay connected to people. If I love someone, I'm probably going to want to curl up next to them and stay that way, just snuggling. Darkside's not so much for the snuggling, but he doesn't mind a good backrub.
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