July 13th, 2003

running, bomb tech


Moshie's feeling better. Today I saw him doing that thing where he bounces three or four feet into the air and looks like he's levitating if you look at him at the right moment.

Happy 'Mash. Happy us.
running, bomb tech


Don't try to communicate when her parents are here.

Especially, don't assume that she knows anything about computers.
running, bomb tech

Nasty bruise...

The other day when I was dancing with the Little Fayoumis, the mirror fell heavily on my bare foot.

My foot's still all swollen and painful. Really nasty bruise, the kind that's so deep you can't see it on the skin, but you can feel it underneath all the puffiness...

I've been trying to stay off my feet. It's driving me nuts, but the more I'm running around, the worse my feet get... I hate it. Lots of water, and trying to avoid salt...
running, bomb tech

Happy glee...

Dawn called this morning. Happiness! We gossiped. She's got a few job prospects. We talked about our cats.

It's somewhat odd. She's biologically old enough to have given birth to someone my age, but since we were at DeVry together, of course we're feeling somewhat the same age. I'm a little younger than she is, but not by much in that weird mental space that you're in when you're friends with someone. From my perspective, she's maybe a few years older, but not twenty, which is what it's actually like...

It's odd, how that works.
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Found an old quiz from Visual Basic class. The quiz wasn't of much import, however, the note in runes at the top was... interesting.

"I am the evil reincarnation of Alan Turing's underpants. If you can translate this, I will be surprised."

I got full marks on the quiz, so obviously Pruitt couldn't read it...
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More on the cleaning...

Have Sorted two tri worth of papers into two binders for filing. Have emptied out some other binders, which leaves me with stuff for school. Yay, me?

Next up: the Dreaded Binder From Summer 2002. Or something like that. It's a mishmash of gobbledygook, and I'm scared. Hold me.

Happily, a lot of the bulky stuff in this one is English papers, which can honestly be junked, as I'm at the top of my craft, and I don't need the reminders, I just need to keep writing. One copy, sans editing marks, is enough, thank you...

Speech class is another matter. There are a few things I'd like to keep from that. Again, though, I'm very secure in my ability to speak in front of others. I'm not a polished lecturer yet, but the only thing that keeps me from being able to stand up in front of a huge class and give a lecture is my lack of a lesson plan.

Digging through the papers makes me go to some of the nicest websites...
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Oh, that was definitely fun.

swallowtayle called, and we spent three hours and thirteen minutes on the phone.

She shows signs of possibly someday approving of Darkside, though she'd have to wait until she meets him. We had a great gossip. She must definitely write up her rant about why one should never stand someone up on a booty call.
running, bomb tech


Scooped catboxes (both).
Rinsed down sliding door with glasscleaner.
Replaced the air freshener cartridges that I had replacements for.
Sorted papers.
Made bed.
Asked marxdarx about a cane.
Washed sink, toilet.
Reminded the person whose responsibility putting away dishes is that the dishwasher's contents are clean.