July 14th, 2003

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I really, really miss him.

This'll be my first tri having breakfast in the cafeteria without him.
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*perk* Morning!!!!!

Sunshine and humidity and *perk* *bounce*

Someone woke up on the right side of bed.

I hit the cafeteria around 6:35, and presided over the usual table, without Darkside. cRon was there; he's happily back to a normal schedule. Yay!!

The cafeteria is playing the usual games.

Diabetic Jewish professor: Hi. When do you open?
Cafeteria lady: Oh, we're open now.
Diabetic Jewish professor: Great. Can I get something to eat?
Cafeteria lady: We're still setting up, and we won't have anything out for an hour. We have bacon and doughnuts and coffee.
Diabetic Jewish professor: I'm diabetic. That's poison. *grabs diet soda* I'll just get this, then...

cRon conveys his greetings to votania and Darkside.

New computers in the north downstairs labs. Yay! I see that the rest of my class has gathered. No few of them are a little grouchy about the early hour. I'm not. I'm perky!

...That, and I'll have Professor Sandstrom this tri. Am I excited or what?
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Barnes is evidently always late. This does not bother me. This is first lab. I suppose that means that there isn't going to be very very much going on.

She's the nice lady teacher... who is here now!! Yay!!

She already knows that I'm Darkside's best friend.

Her syllabus has all sorts of fun things in it: 8. Data Backups --A lot of the programming you will be doing is on a web server whose directories are open to the entire student body and, therefore, subject to all kinds of atrocities. You are responsible for backing up your work. The excuse that the computer ate your pages is not acceptable.

Every class is mandatory. Cool. She likes the Teach Yourself Active Server book a lot.

Current reading: http://www.htmlgoodies.com/primers/jsp/hgjsp_1.html
running, bomb tech

Ooooh, shiny.

Barnes was the FA who uncrated the first PCs for these two DeVry labs in 1986. Makes me feel old, because I can remember the version of WordPerfect she was talking about...

Need my old HTML book with. Not problem!

Web page needs to be up Thursday.

I must use massive, massive comments. Including with my CSS. No prob.

Name of the program.
Programmer name.
Class group. Date. What assignment.

WHY. Because I was bored and wanted to do it? Because it creates style for my homepage?

She hates frames. Just like I do. We're going to get along very well.

(But, supposing you have BOTH default.html AND index.html?? What happens then?? [okay, I'm evil. I'm going to try it. Yep, I'm evil.])

Comment after the <HTML> tag for my happy identification bits. Whee?

Joanie no baka... we should have brought our zip disk.
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For Mama, shywickedpixie, shadesong, etc.: The Housewife's Lament

The Housewife's Lament Trad.

1. One day I was walking,
I heard a complaining,
I saw a poor woman
The picture of gloom.
She gazed at the mud
On her doorstep ('twas raining),
And this was her song
As she wielded her broom:

"O life is a toil,
And love is a trouble,
Beauty will fade
And riches will flee,
Wages will dwindle
And prices will double
And nothing is as I
Would wish it to be."
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*sigh* Bitchfits for the whole family

His game-time ran out. He wanted to finish the race. He turned it off when Chef rang, but then he loudly sulked about it for a while.

He'll get over it. Grandma got him a wooden recorder from Mexico, and he seems to be having an interesting, if noisy, time with it.
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Database == hell.

At least, this iteration.

There's always one in every class. At least one person always gets their installation shot to shit, and nothing can repair it short of divine intervention.

I was that one this time.

What took the rest of the class three hours took me five, with Bruyn helping.

Oh, and then consider that it was N%, babysitting the Little Fayoumis on a sugar crash.

He was very good. We were pretty nice about it. We will be making a trip to the store, and we will be getting ice cream, and he has chosen the flavor vanilla chocolate.
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Kid... food.

Little Fayoumis is making his own sandwiches, which leads to some interesting combinations. Peanut-butter and bologna... But he likes it.