July 15th, 2003

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Little Fayoumis earned himself the eternal astonishment and delight of my classmates and teacher and lab FA by being very, very, very good while I sat through the Five-Hour Lab of Doom.

First he sat there quietly drawing, and then quietly making shooting noises with the multicolored pen. During the lecture, he would occasionally say something to me, but I would quietly hush him, reminding him that I was paying attention to the guy talking.

After he swung the chair once too many, knocking his feet into the computer, the chair was moved into the corner, and he was told that he could be in the chair and swing, or stay there and not have a chair. He wandered between the two as my hair temperature started to rise.

He got impatient around about hour #4, and there was a little more jumping going on. Told him not to jump towards the computers. He immediately did. He got the corner. No fire siren, no waterworks. I was quietly impressed. Told him that thanks to this little display, no jumping in that lab, period, whether it was away from a computer or not.

Maybe half an hour later, another jump, where he thought I couldn't see. He was, of course, wrong, and went to the corner.

But on the whole, he was very, very, very good, to the point where my labmates were commenting on it.

So, he was told that he deserved ice cream as a treat for being so good. He decided he wanted vanilla chocolate. As the lab progressed and progressed, with not an end in sight (finally, Bruyn had to mish-mosh something together resembling a database for me from spare parts of already-installed databases) (I dream of being that geeky, truly...) the plans shifted. Finally, Little Fayoumis was assured that he would get his ice cream, but maybe not today as we were all beat.

After my nap, I wandered out and got some ice cream for him. He'll get it tomorrow.
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N% should not babysit.

N% is one of those people who is capable of extraordinary levels of focus, and in doing so, she loses touch with things that are going on in the outer world.

When there's something calling us back to the waking world outside the machine, it's like being splinched. Badly splinched.

So, when Little Fayoumis is sitting there next to us, and the parental instincts are fighting with the geek instincts...

...no wonder we came out of there exhausted.
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Cute kid memories...

Some time ago, shammash got a catnip mouse. Little Fayoumis saw that he'd gotten a mouse, and nabbed him and the mouse.

I overheard him explaining and demonstrating: "Now, you click the mouse like this..." with shammash's paw set on top of the mouse, with Little Fayoumis gently guiding it around like it was a computer mouse.

Eventually the cat wiggled free and went off.

The lab guy, upon hearing this story (Little Fayoumis was playing "Treasure Island" on a turned-off computer, clicking on things that might be treasure to collect them -- such an imagination!) was surprised and impressed at the saintly patience of the cat in question. Evidently most cats would have bitten or scratched...
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I've just developed a character-crush. I *want* the Blaise Zambini from HoIF.
running, bomb tech


I'm walking around with my staff today. Got asked if I was familiar with the SCA. Explained about the mirror. Foot's feeling better than it was this morning.

Got to install Win2KPro, Win2KServer, and Redhat8 this morning. Three drives, two geeks. Fun!

Am not finding Prof. Sandstrom as hot as I formerly did, mostly because Darkside is occupying about 80% of my 10-gig sex drive. (And my Pretty takes up another gig. At least.)

I'm going to have mad homework this afternoon. Yay, me! Reading, and a lit assignment, and then I'm going to be boogiting about and doing other stuff too. Maybe I'll transmute into a good student?

Prof. Kilbridge is pregnant! How cool! Lit class will be fun. I'm experienced from the Bujold list, so I'll dive right in while most of the rest of the class will be dangling their toes in the water. Kilbridge says to have patience while she coaxes them to jump on in.

Little Fayoumis will be sitting my DBA lecture with me. Only one hour of that. Then I'll get to go home! Yay!

Speaking of whom, here he is with yaksha42. Yay! Class will be starting to convene in ten.
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American Wedding

Good gods. Yet another sequel? I suppose I'll have to watch it when it comes out on video/gets downloaded.

I think I'll be amused; I think I'll be amused without the company of m'love, who isn't fond of that style of humor. Love him anyway. I'd rather that he dislike the lowbrow comedy that I occasionally do like than love it and disdain better things. (Was reminded of him by the line, "Forever hold your piece", which reminded me of the time when he said that, and then added, "Or, in your case, battery operated toy."


I miss him terribly, and am still convinced that something in the underlayers of his brain is convincing him to flirt with me. *happysigh* Nice Darkside.
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Ahh, this is nice.

Me, out of my school clothes, flopped out on my bed reading my ASP book.

I think I'll procrastinate on my Lit homework with my ASP reading for a chapter or two, and then I'll get down to the serious business of paraphrasing. After that, I might read more Oracle.
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Geek moments...

...when you crash out exhausted, wake up somewhat rested but still a little out of it, and go back to sleep so you can finish installing the thing you were installing in your dream.
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