July 17th, 2003

running, bomb tech


Have read up to page 93 in the Oracle book.
Have read days 1-4 in the ASP book. Must read 5 and 6 for next week.
Must read chapter 1 from Network book, and do questions at end of chapter. Chapter 2 also.
Am beginning to read the Lit book, starting with the preface.
Must read Heart of Darkness.
running, bomb tech

(no subject)

First reaction to "Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?" is: It's creepy.

Further stuff later. But ick. Well-painted ick.
running, bomb tech


I'm feeling, suddenly, both alone and in love, both very much.

It's an interesting combination. I'm not so sure if I like it.
running, bomb tech


Working on homepage. I have an hour and a half left. Well, a bit of an artificial limit, as I'll have another possible hour after that, but I wish to not be forced to use that.
running, bomb tech

Baby Names...

These are the names that my girlfriend and I came up with when we were 14 and 15 for the triplets, should we have them.

Joshua Eric
David Randall
James [something]

... and I can't remember the girl names. There were three of them, too.

I think Beatrice and Candace featured in there, though.

[Edit: The reason for this sudden reminiscence was this site. ]
running, bomb tech


That was interesting. It did that thing again where it starts going at twice normal speed with no real provocation. Have learned that the thing to do is breathe. It used to be that it would race like that for an hour or so before settling down; this time, it took about four good breaths. That's a definite improvement, and is repeatable.