July 20th, 2003

running, bomb tech


Work called. Darkside had to go in early. (Poor baby...)
running, bomb tech


Chatting about this and that. Combined Team Awake Grownup inquiry as to why Little Fayoumis didn't do what he was told to every time. After Effort Mommy's progress was all made, she swapped over to me, and I got him thinking about the differences in trouble between doing what you're told to even when you don't want to, and not doing what you're told to when you don't want to, and getting in horrendous amounts of trouble.

Also made him drink all his milk from his cereal.

Am having him wait to ask Marx when he's awake (well, he's awake now, but wasn't when I started writing this post) if he deserves a game, based on last night's totally yucky tantrum.

Meetings are now Monday mornings after I get home from morning classes, as I pointed out that evenings are really fucking awful times for meetings as everyone's tired, as evidenced by last night's discussion of political states that turned into everybody freaking out and hitting bed.

Maybe this time we'll be able to make meetings happen without, you know, crises to spur them. Even if the meeting is just, "We're all doing OK? Good."
running, bomb tech


Bitchy Witchy Week combined with vacation conspired to gain me 10 pounds of "What the FUCK?!!?!?!" weight before Saturday last week. This week, I was pleased to note that I'd dropped 7, by avoiding salt somewhat, and drinking lots and lots and lots of water.
running, bomb tech

Holy shit. That's why that combo's so unstable.

Dagger's the one who does the hotswaps with N% when she's out (I'm used to calling her that here now) when working on computers, because N%'s more or less defenseless.

So N% may still be more or less mute, it just seems like less because Dagger can translate.
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Kushiel's Dart

So far, there are some conceits of the narrative style that displease me. For example, the "If only I had ... but alas" convention. I don't like it in general, and it's still annoying in a good yarn, but it fits the voice. Alas.
running, bomb tech


Am continually stacking the dishes in the dishwasher, and once it fills, will run it again.

Did laundry.

Re-arranged bed.

Got some database reading done, and then a little ASP, and a lot of Kushiel's Dart. I was right to have gotten only three library books, lest I be led further astray. Am reading away at The Eighth Weasley (thanks, sionainn!), which is a Buffy/Potterverse crossover that works.

Made hamburgers for everybody for lunch. Did not make meatloaf. Did donate $10 to the "votania is broke but needs to buy stuff" fund. Did not vacuum.
Did call Darkside this morning. Did not get to talk to him. Did get to talk to his mother briefly.