July 21st, 2003

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And sithjawa?

Sorry about having to not talk. Family meeting. Sorry about the not-coherent: was asleep.
running, bomb tech

The Lunatic's Social Hours during school

Social hours for the Lunatic's school week:

Monday: gods know when I'll be at home, but 9 pm Arizona time (Mountain time without daylight savings time is the same as Pacific time with Daylight savings time) should be bedtime, as 7:00 class next morning.
Tuesday: Home in the later afternoons. Bedtime 9; 7:00 class next morning.
Wednesday: Home in the later afternoon. Bedtime tennish, hopefully.
Thursday: Home in the morning, but perhaps asleep. Home later in the afternoon maybe. Bedtime anywhen between nine and midnight.
Friday: Home part of the morning. Home afternoon. Bedtime whenever.
Saturday: Possibly doing stuff, but perhaps home. Bedtime whenever.
Sunday: Possibly doing stuff, but perhaps home. Bedtime 9, 7:00 class next morning.

I'm going to still be somewhat on call for emergency situations, but, you know, morning class.
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Morning morning morning. Had odd dreams. Can't remember them. May have involved BtVS characters or situations. I was either working with them, or one of them, and I think I was slaying things.

Working on my happy shiny webpage again. I'm very cold all of a sudden this morning. Perhaps that's the temperature in the computer lab? Hmm.

Things are going reasonably well at home except for the thing with Little Fayoumis ignoring Marx.

Tired. Not enough sleep. Household meeting at night is not optimum time.

I hear Potter lecturing about ASP over in the other lab.

I crave crispy, juicy, salty, ketchup-covered fried potato things. I am bad. Especially with my vow to get back down to 190.
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grifyn will soon be, sometime today, </a></b></a>. Congratulations are so due! (Yes, it's a friends-only journal, but congratulations are still in order.)

Got to thinking about my own dream wedding.

I already have my veil halfway made. I have the pattern and the material for my wedding dress. (The actual making of the dress will wait until it is actually time for the making of same, lest it be made in the wrong size.)

Mama makes an excellent cranberry cake, and it has become standard for weddings. Mmm. Yum. With cream cheese frosting. And birch logs! *snicker* (Family story: Mama and FatherSir had a cake with the top tier held up by birch logs. When they went to cut the cake, they didn't realize that there was a cardboard sheet that the logs were standing on. There was much laughter, and the top tier was rescued.)

Parties in my family are generally interesting and loud affairs, with kids running around and screeching, and people having jam sessions. As such, it would be only appropriate to retain whichever Celtic band, and have the wedding scheduled for a night that does not conflict with a scheduled contra dance, and throw that kind of party. Am thinking that the Dog Musher's Hall would be the ideal place, as there's plenty of room, and plenty of room for running around and screeching.

My family knows how to party. Details of exactly how to lay out everything to throw a party are not needed for those who are in the family; for those who have never experienced one of my family's parties, there is much in the way of good food, and fun. It's the sort of wedding that my parents had, and I'd like one like that, only with maybe more than two weeks prep time to allow all visitors to arrive...
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Interesting phrases.

Insanity's working again.

Odd phrases from it this time: "With a friends only three library voice". "Only I was rescued. Alas." "I was impeccable. I hear Potter lecturing about this post."
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Think I'll give the meeting a skip today, as it's going to be all noise, no content, and lunch of an uncertain nature (while I've just had lunch of a very certain, and very good, nature here).

I miss MathCounts of a sudden. Pizza and doughnuts, and the Tape brothers fighting. Why did I insist on wearing that hideous pale pink sweater? Or that hideous gold one?
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I am ready to kill something. I do not like my oracle fried. It's not even fried. I just don't know how to use it, and I don't know how to coax information out of it, and I'm FRUSTRATED.
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Done. Thank the gods.

Now, I will be able to wander on my happy way, after printing out.

I still want to kill the designers of the textbook.
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New friends

Sat down in the networking lab (where DB Admin class takes place) in the back row. The two interesting-looking guys sat down in the two seats next to me down to the end. We struck up conversations and BSed about this and that.

Happily, the one guy was the one who sat next to me in lecture the other day, the one with the sketchbook and the interesting ring.

The one without the ring had a hellacious time with his Oracle install. Poor guy. (They hadn't come to lab the first week, and were suffering of it.)
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Oh yeah --

I did give plasma today, after getting my lab done.

Bruyn was quipping that the one guy was not supposed to be having problems with his Oracle installation, as there's only supposed to be one per class...