July 27th, 2003

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For the record, Darkside enjoyed League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and will be going to see the new Tomb Raider tomorrow with his dad.
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Hey sillyhead.

You said you'd watch Short Circuit sometime. Remember this.

Also, foreheadsmack and "Joanie no baka!" make an effective substitute for handslap and "Shut up, Shanna!"
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Gonna have to face it...

"There's no doubt, you're in heat." This, evidently, applies to eris_raven.

Too bad Moshie isn't equipped to solve her problem.

...Well, good, actually. Because we can't afford kittens.
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There was this city. There were all sorts of high sidewalks and ramps and slides -- just exactly as I would have delighted in as a kid.

I think that somewhere elayna_jade was inventing something with Little Fayoumis, and it was her invention, and we had to tell her not to use it or it would destroy the world or something. And it was time for her to go home with her mom, and so they went on the moving ladder, and the blimp was cruising above the city, with the sign on the side not lit up.

And then I was hanging with my friend the Muggleborn, and I had promised somebody that we would be watching movies tomorrow, as we didn't get to watch them today, and as I came back into the main halls saying this, my mother snagged me and did the "Oh no you are not, you are getting your school uniform fitting tomorrow, young lady!" and then I was pouting about that.

And the feast was a Muggle Thanksgiving dinner, only the person who was my friend was simultaneously not muggleborn and not mageborn either, as he wasn't familiar with a Muggle Thanksgiving dinner, and not familiar with how to work the buffet tables. When I went back to the serving corner, there was pizza, but no gravy for my dry turkey, and no stuffing either. So I cleared off a table and made sure there was a candle on it, and my friend and I (he was coached by me) concentrated on gravy, and sure enough, the candle flickered and flared, and gravy was delivered.

And then I was in Mama's Saab with my ... husband? and I was a tourist or something? And we were driving down that stretch of highway where it's all avalanche zone around us, through the mountains in Alaska, and we were part of a long line of cars, and the loudspeaker voice (voice over the car's intercom?) said that this was the last point to be making loud noise, from here on, any sudden noise could bring down the slopes, and my husband (I wasn't me, either, I was some lady I didn't know) speculated about how not just the things they were mentioning as bad could do it, but others, too.

I left them in the car arguing, and went up to the top of the road, which resembled the road leading down from the Old Nenana Highway to Uncle Skippy's place. It was flooding up from the bottom of the hill, and a gust of water came pouring down the turnoff leading to the place where the couple in the car were. I raced ahead of the wave...

...then I think I was back in the city, and the girls were playing on the slides and the secret childrens' routes. And something dangerous started happening, and votania woke me up to tell me there were pancakes.

Good pancakes, by the way.
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Crash, boom.

So carpet-washing day is today, right?

Turns out that my computer is on Mr. Circuitbreaker that Mr. Dinosaur (carpet steamcleaner) is plugged into.

How do we know this?

I'll give you one guess.
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Darkside's not addicted to Xenogears [Edit: it's Xenosaga, my bad memory: you can tell *I'm* not the gamer!] because he doesn't have the time to be.

Dear gamergeek. Dear sweet gamergeek.
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I was raised in a household where religion wasn't a subject of discussion. It just wasn't. Everyone conducted their faith privately, and my father occasionally went to Meeting, but no one else had external religious practices that required rides.

None of my friends but BJ mentioned church much at all.

So it still sends me a bit for a loop to have an in-person friend casually mention going to church, and it not being a Thing of Great Evil to be avoided at all costs.
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Mood alterations, voice outages, deep talks with Darkside

After I get off the phone with Darkside, I'm either high and giddy and hyper, or withdrawn and very, very quiet. Neither of these, though they freak out the roommates quite a bit, is a bad thing.

I need more high/giddy/hyper moments. There is sheer joy powering that, love and joy and happiness. Dawn describes it as glowing.

The quiet moments are good too. Usually, they come after a very heavy and deep conversation, where a lot of things get discussed. I'm quiet, I'm withdrawn, I walk or sit pulled-in, taking up as small a space as possible, and I want to curl up at someone's feet and snuggle up, or wrap myself around someone, hold them tight, and say nothing.

This isn't because Darkside has hurt me in any way, often. (Sometimes it is. Sometimes it's because he's aired painful truths, or he's been way busy and having the schedule from hell and doesn't have the time and it's hurting him too.) But mostly it's because Darkside and I have been talking about things so deep, so private, so potentially raw, that touching it in any way afterwards would be an overload. You don't mash the clitoris after a massive orgasm (well, I don't), and I don't talk much for some time after having a certain kind of conversation with Darkside. But I do want to snuggle. Snuggling with him would be ideal; snuggling with someone else who won't pry is a distant second.

My voice has a habit of going out on me. This isn't new. This has been happening since sometime in high school, perhaps before. Mona (who may have been created in the fracas with Shawn) could not speak aloud without the sort of Act of Will it took a Fair Witness to speak. When my voice goes out, it's not always something to be alarmed over. It's just... out again. Much like the power in Alaska. It'll come back on sooner or later; if sooner, it'll be on; if later, wait fifteen/twenty minutes, and then call the neighbors to see if it's out for them too, and if not, call the power company because it was a damn squirrel again.

But my voice goes out from time to time. And Darkside-overloads do that. Emotion-overloads of any kind do that, bad or good.
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Read Deep Secret, Diana Wynne Jones. It's going to be added to my Get This Soon list.
Am still reading Code Complete.
Am still reading my yummy ASP book.
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Hacking... the *other* book.

Am working on two books at the moment, actually. One's my eternal novel, ectogenesis (most of the actual novel is friends-locked, because it's very much a WIP, and I do plan on publishing someday), and the other... well.

The working title is "Craftwork 101", and it's the collected experience of mine with people, and with the art, from the years. Or, at least, it will be. Am hoping that it will inspire future generations to start off doing things well, or at least, not doing things like an idiot. Like I did. Have noticed that there's a dearth of good 101 books for the actual principles behind it all, while there are many 101 books for different methodologies.

Hopefully, this'll actually get finished and published.
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Movin' and Shakin'

Headed to the dollar store for some stuff (metal clippy things, a new hat, cotton swabs, and batteries for the bonky flashlight) and ran into digitalambience, who was hard at work pushing carts.

He and I BSed a while. He's doing well: got his GED and his high school diploma, and is looking into heading to ...erm.... ASU? I think? He has actual wheels now, and has gotten a land line... and... AOL. (The horror! The horror!)

He and his girlfriend are doing well. In fact, he anticipates being engaged within the next two months. (!!!)

<insert a lot of happy excited squee-ing here>

Yay for him!

Suppose this means that I'll have to remember to not bite his shoulder from time to time, now.
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OK. Done for the day.

I really have lost my writing endurance. Used to be, I could sit and write (serious writing, as opposed to LJ) for the whole morning, as opposed to somewhat over two hours.

I did expand it from four or six pages to thirteen, which is progress, definite progress. After I get it all written and organized, then I'll go back and edit. But I have pages and pages and themes and themes to go.

What should I put in a beginner's manual for magic, anyway?