July 29th, 2003

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Oh yeah.

Discussing rather oddly and elliptically, the prospect of future roommateage with someone, by discussion chore habits, is interesting.

...And no little scary. Kinda like picking out china patterns.
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Net send

Had fun in Connectivity lab. I remember the good old innocent days of programming class in high school, where I helped the teacher set up the network (kinda) and was the one who pioneered the flurry of messages that were sent from station to station. Pissed some of us off royally, when we were working and got interrupted...

I miss that class. It's good to be Queen...
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I love my hacking class.

Sandstrom told us about how someone tried to hack his system once. He hacked back into them, as they were wide open. They had 4 file sharing programs and a bunch of personal information on the machine, and a script kiddie program or two. He left messages all over the place about the insecure nature of the system so whoever logs in will see them, and disabled the hacking program.

I *need* that white fabric paint. [to take that black baseball cap and write the words "White Hat" on it, to present him with.]
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My position on hackers/crackers:

Script kiddies (Sandstrom had to identify those for the BIS students this morning) are t3h 3VIL! and should be banned.

I tend to use the term "hacker" to describe someone who works on computers with delight and some skill combined with raw enthusiasm and unholy glee in it, producing nifty things, and "cracker" to mean someone who has broken into something.

Good hackers are fun people. Someone who cracks my system should, after review of ethics, be hired, with job security dependant on keeping out intrusion. If someone else cracks that hacker's security, then that one should be hired as a consultant.

Really, I think those wishing to understand modern hackers should read Feynman's commentaries about his safecracking experiences. That's where I gained my understanding of it. "Because it's there" is a perfectly logical reason.

Sandstrom noted that crackers set up better security on the boxes they invade. Why? To keep anyone else from messing with it. So they're experts (unless they're script kiddies, in which case see above).

Were I hiring, I would accept hacks and cracks on a resumé. When they make cracking illegal, only outlaws will be crackers. I want some cracker inlaws.
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"For Amamus to work correctly," Dumbledore continued, "there must be a connection of spirits, of hearts and minds. Somewhere, perhaps hidden deep within your soul, a part of you knew the person--or, rather, the type of person--who would complete you."

Harry bit his lip and slumped back into the chair. "So you're telling me Severus and I...we're soul mates, then?"

"Such an odd concept, that," Dumbledore said. "We all want to believe there is but one soul destined to be bound to us for all eternity, no matter what the cost. A romantic ideal and quite off the mark." He shook his head at Harry. "Do not get caught in that trap, my boy. Soul mates do exist, but we make them ourselves by inviting those we care about into our lives, our hearts, and our souls. There is not a magical incantation that can do that for us. Nor is there one that can keep them with us. Only a large amount of love and hard work can do that."

--Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme by femmequixotic(requires website login)

Nor are they always romantic. But that sums up my feelings on the subject rather nicely.
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Phone. Darkside. Giggling about databases, about my liking of both networking and the networking professor, about digitalambience's chances of getting married (better than mine with the getting married to BJ), and so forth.

Also, cooking. He feels insecure about making pizza from scratch, citing home ec class. I shall have to cure him of this at some point. Shared a That Idiot Shawn story, causing much laughter -- he hadn't thought it was possible to flunk home ec.

He's still playing Xenosaga.

Am happy.

He had to go, as there was pizza calling his name.
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votania will have to leave early for work tomorrow, so she'll want to be departing house at eleven. So Yakky should arrive at 10:30.

And, if I tell Little Fayoumis to do something, and he tells me huffily that he does not have the time to do that?

Corner. Bigtime.
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A "We'll see" from Darkside about trying to arrange a regular time to get together sometime when he does have free time, and seeing about stopping by from time to time is better than other people's promises.

And he invited me to call him tomorrow.

And the sarcastic joke where he asked me whether I'd prefer to see him in 2005 or 2010 got giggles, rather than tears.

Mmmm. Warmly sarcastic Darkside. Darkside who didn't laugh at me or anything when I told him that spending time with him was important to me. He told me that he couldn't promise anything. Told him that the promise to try was the only promise I'd try to extract from him. Got a "We'll see" from him. Told him that his "We'll see"s were better/made me happier than most people's promises.

All glowy and warm.

His computer's headed in to the shop; I suppose I should probably snail him my schedule.
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Hmm. Security club?

Between today's class, all the talk of hacking/cracking in my journal, and a nice long shower, I had a thought.

I wonder if anyone else at DeVry would be up for starting/participating in a Security Club.

Idea: Discussion and research of all things related to computer security, and practice in recognizing attempted breakins, securing a system against breakins, and testing the security (and getting breaking recognition practice) by attempting to crack into dedicated Security Club systems.

Potential advisors: Sandstrom and Sheldon.
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What is the sound of hope slowly trickling away? What is the sound of knowing day after day that things are the same, and no one loves you and no one ever will? That you can't hold your friends together, that your education is useless, that the only thing between you and success is... you.

And it feels like absolute hell. And you wonder what the point is...

This isn't me. It probably isn't you. I'm just worried. I don't want to almost-lose another friend. Time and distance, I can take. But this... gha. It eats my soul away knowing that there isn't much I can do but give out hugs, if they'll be accepted. Such an empty thing to do, hug and listen.

I keep remembering that song from choir.
Cynthia Gray. "If Only I Had Known"

As I look around me, people everywhere
[something some thing something] care
[entire rest of verse has not stuck in brain]

Amid their toil and trouble, people are so blind
Seldom warm or helpful, oftentimes unkind (seldom kind)
Did you need a friendly word, a smile to call your own
Could I have made a difference, if only I had known?

Where's the caring? Why is it so hard to do?
Can't we love unconditionally, accept the real me and you?
We all know heartache, we all know pain
Beneath the surface, we're all the same.

How can I judge the things you say or the things you do
There's no way to comprehend all that you've been through (you've been through)
For like me, you wear a mask
But cry when you're alone
Could I have made a difference
If only I had known
If only I had known?

...Not quite so worried in that direction anymore. Chatting with another old friend... gha. Dramatics, histrionics, miscommunication, and our dear River upset. Yaaaagh. Clue Sticks Applied As Needed, I guess, with a lightningstorm brewing in Phoenix to boot.
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Monsoon in June^H^H^H^H July

Monsoon season has hit. Lightning. Taking down the network. See you in the morning. Votania's working late with flights grounded. Night, all.