July 31st, 2003

running, bomb tech


Sleeping now. Gotta crash 'em all. Dishwasher got unloaded, yay Marx! we'll make it yet. Loaded up and sent off again. Yay me! And got the burgers made. And experimented with cheesecake at Votania's suggestion.
running, bomb tech

Awake and alive.

votania didn't much care for The Curse of Chalion. Ah well.

Am working on my website, having forgotten the disk that most of the local stuff was on. Woops. Hope it's just at home; I think it must be, as I seem to remember taking it out of my purse at some point.

Finished the homework assignment. Checked out The Hobbit from the school library, as I haven't read it. FatherSir got partway through the first bit reading aloud to us, but we weren't in an appreciative mood, and his choice was voted down.

I really need to go and get a new bus pass after this.
running, bomb tech

p'reep. *happysigh* Darkside

Called him when I got back from giving plasma. He was in bed already, preparatory to helping his uncle move this weekend (which evidently begins tomorrow). He suggested that we talk when he got back in town (of his own accord) and at only a little prompting, divulged when that would be.

*oink* *flap* *oink* *flap*

Asked votania if she'd seen any of the above. She had, in fact, at work.
running, bomb tech


Quite a discussionload. Quite. Pizza is my friend.

Now that the cryptography's passed, the other reason for the eek: furniture-moving night. Everything's getting shuffled around yet again.

Eeeek #3: Little Fayoumis disobeyed marxdarx bigtime yesterday, and got exceptionally grounded as a result.

Parenting style difference: I prefer to use corner and grounding together, rather than just admonishment and grounding with only occasional use of the corner.

It's the idea of immediate reinforcement vs. delayed reinforcement. He intellectually understands that when he's bad, bad things happen, but it's more difficult to link "I did something and I was told I was grounded" and "I want to do this but I can't because I'm grounded." The punishment does not take immediate effect, and the reaction to it, the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, does not happen immediately following the bad action, which is why I don't think it's as effective.

A trip to the corner, on the other hand, is *immediate*, and he does not like it, and he can very easily connect action with consequences. It can be followed up with as much grounding as necessary, but I think that all things that deserve getting grounded deserve a trip to the corner as well, if it's not something that can immediately be taken away from him (for example, taking a toy out of his hands and putting it up, turning off the movie).

Hell, even grown-ups have trouble with internalizing the idea of delayed consequences. "I know I'm going to have a hangover tomorrow morning... ah hell, I'll have one more beer, it can't hurt." flash forward "Ghaaa, ugggghhhh, why'd I drink that extra beer? Never again..." flash forward three weeks "Eh, what's one more beer going to hurt?"