August 3rd, 2003

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We are on the phone way too late.


"You should get a wireless internet connection, and a wireless network, and have a warchalking symbol on your hat."
"But... I don't have a hat!"

"I'm trying to unlock a tree with my housekey. It's not working."
"Can you unlock the secret cow level through that tree?"
"Not with my housekey."
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When there is a Fandom of Me, iguanas will be canon. Yep.
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Raaaaagh. (words)

Ms. Hamilton? 'alright' is not, and has never been, a word that should be published. It is a word that is used by teenagers who don't know better, and in rare instances of dialect. The word you were looking for is 'all right'. You could have made your book easier for me to read if you'd gone through and randomly had every instance of one particular commonly used word or short phrase bolded or set off with a neon yellow highlighter for no particular reason.

You idiots writing those e-mails and Ms. Hamilton? 'Sperm' are the little wigglies that get one pregnant. They are contained in 'semen', which is that white goopy stuff that werecats and werewolves would be sniffing for, and sluts would be bathed in. If those studs had bothered to get a vasectomy, as male adult models would probably be wise to do, that slut would not be having a sperm bath.
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Y'know that "I'm a Cow" animation I linked to the other day? Well, the song is stuck in my head now... and has been for the last day or two.
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Silly Link, literacy in other written lanaguages

[Edit: warning: this site only gives bad fortunes. Not a good one in the lot.]

It's frustrating to me that I know one of the characters, but not the rest. I feel like a very small kid, and there's no dictionary at hand. I know what the character for 'woman' looks like. I'm fairly certain about 'man'. I know 'elder brother' cold, so that makes me more secure about 'man' and 'mouth'. ('elder brother' is literally, 'mouth on legs'.) I'm vaguely familiar with 'happiness', and can split it off from 'double happiness' (married bliss) when I encounter that.

But that's about the extent of my literacy.
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One of these days, I'm going to get up from in front of the computer, put on hat, sunglasses, and shoes, grab the library books, and hit the bus to Metro.

While I'm in there, I'm probably going to get some of those plastic earring-adapter things, because it's gotten so I can't wear anything anymore... OK, I can wear titanium, but those supposed "sensitive solutions" earrings cause the swelling and the red, so they are bad.
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Went to the mall and library.

Busses run every half-hour on weekends, rather than once every fifteen minutes. I was waiting at the bus stop for a while. The lyrics I'd been waiting for ("If you wanna be a hacker, you gotta learn how it works/ Stealing scripts is easy, but that way's just for jerks/ ") came to me.

While I was still grinning over that, a guy herding more children than he could lay hands on all at once (more than five, less than ten) showed up. One of the older boys, a chubby kid of about ten, was a little prick in the making. He was deliberately provoking the other kids, for no reason other than to just be a jerk. He looked like Torgen*, a little, but couldn't have been less like him. The kids had a cup of water they were sharing around, and there wasn't quite enough. One of the girls was distributing ice from the bottom, and included Pricklet in the sharing. He deliberately tossed the contents of the cup in the air, scattering ice all over. In a more hospitable climate, I'd have had far less of a problem with his actions, but this is Arizona. No one else looked to be packing a water bottle. "Ooops," he said, or something similar. The grown-up noticed, and gave him a verbal "Respect, young man!" that Pricklet shrugged off. If he'd been mine, he would have been in so much trouble for that little display.

Got some of the plastic ear-protectors from one of those horrid teen hip jewelry places, then turned in my replacement book. Found several books to check out (I'm trying to limit myself to what I can read in a week) and learned that I had a fine. (D'oh!)

I walked back to the mall reading Kushiel's Chosen. Dropped in at Victoria's Secret, and learned from the annoying salesteen with far, far too much eyeshadow (from the eyelashes to the eyebrow in a single color that does not harmonize with skin is too much, even if the color is a pale pearly white) and very intrusive lipgloss that their place does not carry DDD cup sizes. Meh. Her attempted Response.Redirect was not smooth, and caused some erroring (you don't do sales pitch for the wrong size when someone says they are a size that you don't carry, you say, "Ah, you want ____ instead, as they do carry that size" instead of trying to push bras a size too small on someone who knows what they're looking for) and reinforced my opinion that she was a twit.

Poked around in Lane Bryant for a bit. Nice atmosphere. Evidently the "buy one, get one half-off" is an ongoing thing with the bras. Glee!

Was notably not approached by the guy who was inquiring if people at the bus stop were familiar with/containing Jesus Christ. Y'think the unrelieved black, the pretty star, and the incongruous floppy pale blue hat would scare him away?

Wound up at home. Yay, home. Yay, beef stew. Yay, salad. Yay, book. Yay, calling Darkside just now.

*Torgen is the first kid I know who died. He was an elementary school classmate, and died in a car crash around 1992.
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Marks of a true programmer

My father taught me about reusing code when I was very small. The trick to learning things, he told me, is to take something that you like, and twiddle with it until it does what you want it to, and you understand it. Then you can use it for stuff. And then maybe someone else will use it for stuff too.

That's how you do it. You take little pieces of code, and tweak them until they work right, and hopefully you come to an understanding of it.

That's how it worked before there were classes. But that's still a great way to approach life.
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Switch for the eventual living room computers/guests (must have n + 3 holes: 1 for the uplink to Hawking, 1 for the downlink to Ol' Faithful, 1 for a guest, and n for the living room computers)
Bookcase (because we need more)
Box (compartmentalized) for my esoteric tools
Nice desk chair

Grocery shopping
Figure out why I'm feeling low all the time

To Do:
Locate good used book stores in Phoenix
Take extra books to used book store
Sort tools between Good, Using, and Never Gonna Use
Locate lyrics of "Wannabe" for finishing that filk Collapse )
Put away nice electronics
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Today's a day for moving stuff around. Just Because, I took down the cat-5 cable that was draped over the glass doors, and used it to bridge the hallway, so there's now a switch in each bedroom, versus the switch in my room, and the switch in the living room.

Y'see, marxdarx's computer, Chronos II, got moved into the bedroom, as having to stay in the living room when working on computer stuff was not going well for him. So now he can go in there and shut the door when he needs some peace and quiet with his computer, and I can come in here and shut my door when I need some peace and quiet. And that will work.

Now, the fish tank is getting moved. I just vacuumed the space where it's going, and under the desk that's still in the living room. (Ghaa. The things that were there are best left unmentioned by gods and man.)

The table for the fish tank is now in the living room, and the basket of staves is in the living room between the fish table and the jewelry table. (Figured it should go there, since it's in hair everywhere else.)

Little Fayoumis was told that when we're working on stuff, he must stay at least yea far away (about four feet), or he WILL be immediately going to the corner. He grumped but didn't come any closer to me. Then, when Marx asked him to choose between couch or bed for the process of moving everything, Little Fayoumis took so long about deciding that Marx declared, "Couch!" Of course, that meant the Little Fayoumis decided that he wanted the bed, and headed for same. Marx is getting better about the habit of sending Little Fayoumis to the corner immediately upon an infraction, and I think the benefits will be showing up shortly. Of course, before the benefits show up, the howling will, but that's the price we pay for keeping him well-behaved.

When Marx is done scrubbing the fishtank, he'll holler for me, and he and I will move it to the living room, where the table is ready and waiting for it.

Okay, he didn't. He can carry it vertically by himself. Cool. I suppose I'll be called into service when it's time to put water in?

Before everything in both rooms gets re-arranged, we have to put together the dressers. Yay drawers to put things in!
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Administrative: hello!

ywalme, eng1ne, she_retorted, animamea, and apocalypsos have all added me recently. Hello! They are the ones who seem to be sticking around for more than a day or so, at least.

I haven't been keeping very close track of this lately, because I've just been... doing stuff. My attention span isn't really long enough to be keeping track of everybody who adds me. If I don't friend you back, that doesn't mean that I don't want you around, just that I won't be reading you every day and/or don't know you well enough to feel secure about you reading my more private thoughts.
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*facepalm* I'm new at this.

How do you take a being that's afraid of their own shadow and show them how gorgeous they are in the light, when they both fear and desire the light?
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Mmm, soup.

Making my Infamous Mashed-Potato Soup again tonight. We're not done with the stew yet, but there were all the makings, and they needed to be cooked, so...

Potatoes. Water. Half a large onion. Garlic salt. Turkey. (In our case, it's processed turkey that gets treated like ham. So you can use ham here too.) Parsley. A sprinkle of dill (experimental). Sour cream. Assloads of sour cream.

It is all put together in a pot, and arcane things, sometimes involving blenders, happen.
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I started off this post thinking about some of my friends who might like to know each other.

Then I thought, "Why not pull a shadesong and have people looking for friends here and there comment, introduce themselves, and add each other left and right?"

So. Comment and add away.

My original suggestions...

rainstorm13, sionainn, the two of you might or might not get along with sithjawa. She is subtle and quick to... well... um. Stuff. DOOM! But she's shy, so don't take her being very quiet as a sign of disinterest.

rainstorm13 and sionainn might or might not have enough in common to get on with each other; for that, I haven't the foggiest. It strikes me as one of those combinations that will result in one of the following: a fast friendship for life; absolutely nothing; a large explosion.

ishmael02 and gaelfling might or might not get along.

ishmael02 and sionainn might get along quite well.

kellinator is just plain cool.

manifestress is friends-only and *fabulous*, and anyone similarly *fabulous* might want to get to know her.

sithjawa, you and popefelix would probably get along too.

stronae is a cool geek.

Even though they update relatively infrequently, jedi_rezboy and aratina sound like they have a lot of philosophy to discuss.

shammash and eris_raven need to be reading each other.