August 8th, 2003

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Note to Cat:

Dear eris_raven,

I really appreciate the way you follow me around, sweetie. It makes me happy to know that you like my company, and you're certainly warm and purry.

However, it's really not necessary to follow me into the bathroom, and it's even less necessary to start sniffing and whiskering in the general area that my hands are.

Perhaps you could save some of this attentiveness for when it's time to get you out from the closet for your nail-trimming?

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redshoeson's coming over! Time to flurryscurryclean!

Not that the house wasn't already all right; this is just... transforming it from kid-ravaged to a place where grownups can chill.
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running, bomb tech


redshoeson came over, and brought The Birdcage, and we watched that. Unfortunately, we hadn't gotten the news bulletin about LF being completely restricted from watching movies (or, indeed, doing pretty much anything fun until he gets better about doing as he is told and not being rude) so he wound up seeing some of the movie with us.

After that, we had a good comfortable gossip about this and that and the other, mostly about relationships and how to (and how not to) go about doing them. I shared my delicious photos of Darkside; she inquired after Darkside and my Pretty and so forth; her boyfriend's doing well, and we basically had a good long extended gossip.

As the Temple has a general no-drama policy, it's rather refreshing to hear about drama, as I don't have to live with much of it.

From that conversation, I can think of several things (in both our pasts) to prepare essays on:

Boundaries, and how I am cool with everyone having their own even though I may boggle because it's not something I have a boundary over myself.
How to handle friends/relationships (what with breaking up, and acceptable times afterwards)
running, bomb tech

Giving up...

There are far too many messages on my friends page today for me to catch up. I've been in class or socializing offline all day, so my online life must therefore suffer.


If there's anything you think I should have read today, please toss me a link.
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Byron --

-- that staying gone? If so, I'll just go ahead and take it off.
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hinoai's birthday, raw cut

An evil gathering of people. Fun! Much giggling.

All sorts of the friends of hinoai are here. reichiere, sam, shawn, hitokirinaveed, lostgirlychick justin, ron, amanda athenazandrite, jenny, joseph loneprism, jason, me, reichiere, heidi, hinoai.

Have been teased for my LJ update habits. Once every half hour! ...Or not.

I seem to be on the geek end of the table. Jason's a linux geek.

The jailbait was taunted. Reichiere dropped her One Ring in the cheddar soup. It was all my fault: I'd cursed her with the scissors last time.

"why were you crocheting w/o pockets?" --Jason

My personal freedom means a lot to me. --Jason
*foreheadslap* (me)

"You do not need to wake up." azz
"These are not the droids you're lookinq for." azz
"stop it, i'm likely to actually do that..." --loneprism
"you are passionately in love with the salad bar" azz
"I'm not eating from thsre in a while... (something) mystery dressing...."-- jason