August 11th, 2003

sad, greensad

*guh* (tired)

Why did the Loony go to bed at 12 last night? Because the Loony was not thinking straight. The Loony did do a good job and took a shower before midnight, but the Loony did not go to bed on time.

So, the Loony went with votania and the LF to the LF's school, and then wandered over to her own school and into lab, sleep-mazed and groggy.

And here I am.
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Azzgrin, Azure: Lunatic, crazy


cRon is definitely a character. We are having our lab very quietly in the north lab, and suddenly, from the south lab, we hear, "WAAAAAAAAAUGH!"

It is cRon, the grey-haired instructor, who can't be less than 50 years old. It is evidently part of his lecture.

...Do I envy his class? Not the ones who are so uptight they'll be shocked or embarrassed, that's for sure.
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running, bomb tech

LJ deprivation post

iroshi: I am left vaguely annoyed if someone says "That's so *cultural*!" as well. It's a very broad phrasing, and could cover a symphony by a dead European, something Native American, Chaucer, something Japanese, ... something that looks to be distinctive from any culture whatsoever. It doesn't require that the person saying it be able to identify what culture the thing is from, just identify it as something distinctive about a culture.

It also doesn't require that the person saying it make any in-words committment as to whether *they* like that themselves or not. I can imagine that it can be said in any tone of voice, from "I really hate it but who am I to pass explicit judgement on the culture of another" to "I like it but I haven't the foggiest where it comes from and I don't wish to risk offending you by guessing wrong or being nosy" with "People say this is important so it must be important but I Just. Don't. Get. It." in there too.

Yeesh. It started out slowly, but now I'm barely able to get access to anything on the web. Yeesh. I ping LJ. It says heya back. I try and update on Deadjournal. Nope. Ping, get them. Tracert, no soap; it quits after, which means that the problem is not on DeVry's internal network, or I shouldn't think so.

tracert and ping are now both failing. Well, for most things. I can ping, but not get to the homepage. And I can tracert it.

Y'know, I think I'll send this and go to another computer, because most people aren't having this bullshit.
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Decisions, decisions.

I am left with the vague illusion of having discussed this with swallowtayle this morning, instead of votania as it actually was, but:

Should I go to the Society for Women in Engineering club meeting today (I'm woman, I'm software engineering, they have pizza, they have bajillions of members) or to the Gay Student Union (I'm a student, I'm bi-which-counts, I don't think they'll have pizza, it's a new club)?

My stomach is seduced by pizza. My mind reminds me that I honestly could do without the grease, or at least my gall bladder...

(Oh dear. I think I just went and intimidated Mr. Not-a-geek, because he had that frozen look of terror that's accompanied by the "ok... ok")
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A really good idea...

DeVry really, *really* wants a screaming room.

It should be a room that is near to completely soundproofed, with sound-absorbing padding rather than just thick concrete.

You open it up, flip the sign to 'occupied' (much like porta-potty thing or airplane bathroom) and *scream*. And then you go back to lab and keep working on that project.
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Perhaps I should have bothered to get lunch, rather than just snag two cookies.

I <3 the President of the GSU. He is... hee. *blush*

...and, sadly, very likely completely gay.
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Learned something today. Marah's evidently the one who can keep functioning even when we're in the "hell" portion of the cycle.

You see, I call it "bitchy witchy week" for a reason.

27 days of the month, I am a sweetheart, angel, reasonable person, or grumpy sleep-depped-stressed dratsab as the fates and alarm clocks dictate. But there is a rhyme, there is a reason, to my moods.

For a few crucial hours at some points of my cycle, right before the bleeding starts, I become all-out psycho. Someone does me a favor, and I snap back at them because they have not done it in the exact way I would have done things. I am unable to accomplish the most simple of tasks, and I react badly to myself when this happens. I usually end up a screaming, crying, inward-stabbing mess, and the only two people who have regularly been able to talk me down from that mental state are Darkside and iroshi.

When there's something that's bothering me to fix on, I will normally go all haywire over that, and that is something that can get worked out.

But if there's nothing big going on that anyone can do anything about? If I've been talking to Darkside on a regular basis and he's been making me feel held and cherished and paid attention to and cared for? If the household situation is fine? If we have enough money?

Then I will just freak out about nothing. It's almost scarier that way.