August 12th, 2003

running, bomb tech

...and yes, there's a reason I haven't been on LJ quite as much.

Tigereye (my formerly-faithful computer) has been pissing me the fuck off. What the hell is svchost.exe and why does it keep crashing?

I have a good idea of what it does, though. It is a thing that makes cut/copy/paste work; it is a thing that makes click/drag work; it is a thing that makes "open in new window" work.

Now, what do I spend most of my time online doing?

I spend it reading my friends page, commenting to my friends' entries, reading the comments others have written me, responding to them, writing in my own journal, re-reading my own journal, with some random other writing, and chatting (and of course posting the chat logs on private, because some crucial things come out in those and there's no promise I'll remember them otherwise...) And now note that I use Yahoo mail, and all of the links in Yahoo mail open in a new window...

So. You can see why I'm just a little pissed.
running, bomb tech

*yawn* Awake for the day...

Was smart this morning and stuffed the little blue/grey pillow into my backpack and brought along Tam Lin (fantasy, Dean) and managed to somehow zombie through lab and class. After class, I crashed on the couch outside with the book, and did get a bit of a nap. Yay, foresight and pillow.

During a break in the lab, I skittered into the ladies' room, and was shocked at how dead I appeared. It's moments like that which make cosmetics more of a necessity. Lipstick made me have a semblance of life; dead-white lips on someone who's generally got more color are scary.

I also had to use the *#%$*#@ eardrops, which was the whole reason for the retreat to the ladies' room in the first place. You see, I have an ongoing battle with Swimmer's Ear, which attacks for what I believe is no reason whatsoever, except that I'm more stressed than the usual. The first battle was back in 1996, in July. (That Idiot, anyone?) Assorted other attacks have followed (BJ, California, winter break 2000/01) and other things here and there. Sometimes they're associated with damage to/water in ear, sometimes not -- and there are plenty of time that my ears get damaged or have water in them, and it doesn't show up.

But if I put the eardrops in at the first sign of a problem, I'm absolutely fine. If I let it go, I've had a full-on attack that made it impossible for me to chew.

But I'm awake, and alive, now. reichiere remembered to bring the Tim Tams, yay! So I shall be discovering what it is all about.
running, bomb tech

*giggle* Fun!

I got hailed by Mr. Prez and I spent some time hanging out with him and his friends. If they think Draftz is stressful, hope to gods they never have Erbe.

Mr. Prez and his fag-hag and Mr. Secretary decided that random D&D guy and I were looking like we might be a good couple. I picked up on the telepathic vibe and displayed my star and said, "Taken!"

Good fun, yes. And Mr. Prez has a habit of saying things that would be so absolutely appalling if he weren't so cute. He has impeccable timing, too. "This one time at band camp, I stuck my flute up my pussy. ... My cat was sore for a week." And worse.

Mr. Prez is not, in fact, 17; when he said he had a bottle of vodka at home, I boggled at him with "Are you old enough for that?" He, in fact, was; had just turned 21 some while ago. I guessed Mr. Secretary's age dead-on at 19 (I'm getting better at this...) So now I don't feel like such of a dirty old woman for ogling teenagers. It's nice to have friends who are at least somewhat in my age group.

Bad me decided to not fry my brains in Lit today. I will most assuredly pay later.

I pick up the Little Fayoumis in a while, and then we head for my DBA class. I think he will probably be a little tired and grouchy. Hopefully he won't have behaved badly...

Evidently this new teacher is a bit of a disciplinarian. Strict. This is good; Little Fayoumis really needs to be called on every little thing until he learns that he can't get away with it and will stop doing it. Otherwise he figures it's free time to be a brat, and goes ahead and does so, and then when you do call him on it, cries and thinks it very unfair.
running, bomb tech

From shadesong: liking self

Tell me three things you like about yourself!

Mine: Collapse )

votania instituted a household commandment that every time someone says something bad about themselves, that they have to say ten good things about themselves to counteract it. It used to be the commandment, but somewhen it got slightly ignored. I think it's a good one.
running, bomb tech


Wouldn't you know it? The install dick for the modem doesn't have drivers for XP, which is what Chronos II is.

As FatherSir would say: Garrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
running, bomb tech

Joanie Smash

My phone card has joined with the ghosts of the legions of socks that once marched proudly, two by two into the laundry to emerge with their numbers seriously depleted, ravaged by the dark forces that lurk there.

So I guess I won't be calling Mama just now. Pity.

Bad geek did not update her service packs. Bad geek. No Tim Tam. (mmmm. Tim Tams. Mmmmm.)

The lady next door or her minions are hammering. Not that I mind; it's just that I'm used to being the loud one. (Dust Puppy is so cute. "Pitr told me I could be his mini-onion!")

Anyway. Rambling random update.

Downloading files and patches. (Patches was our cute busy banty rooster. He was shaped like a triangle. He got married to the Bantam Bantam. It was a sweet wedding. Lixy and Greybird-ha! were the attendants; FatherSir officiated. There was a cornbread cake. Bantam Bantam wore white, even though it wasn't strictly appropriate.)

Visiting a random website yesterday morning, I got a popup ad for DeVry. I was amused.

theonlyasd, at first my busy/tired mind parsed "sandpiper rug" as "sandpaper rug", which did not at all make sense, but would be a really interesting decorating statement.

I washed cats. shammash has decided to forgive me, I guess, because he came prowling in, and mrrrrooed at me, and came right up when I patted the bed for him to jump up, and he let me scritch his ears. eris_raven is still invisible. She didn't panic too badly for the washing this time, and didn't scratch at all. I guess she's becoming domesticated?

Tick tick tick goes the biological clock? Dunno. A locked post made me start thinking (again) about that. I know whose genes I want in me; I know I still want a few more years of freedom before I have to keep watch over my own children. And I don't want a competitor to slide in early.

...If I'm going to have kids of my own, I want his genes with mine. If that's not to happen, I suppose I'll adopt. Eventually. I've already given the Little Fayoumis nearly three years. These have been good years, too. He's so tall. You can tell by his nose now that he's not biologically mine. Barely. If you look closely enough. He's still so small. I can still lift him up and flip him around easily. What, 70 lbs? Maybe?
running, bomb tech


Crashed near-immediately my coming home from school. Did get load A of dishes put away, and Load B rinsed, loaded, and washed. Now need to work on Load C, and prevail upon the usual suspect for the unloading of Load B.

Also must take out assorted garbages, wash assorted glass, clean assorted rooms (mine), and make sure assorted service packs don't crash.

Oh. And the sleep, it is good. It is very good. And the shower. It will be good too.

I have Thursday off from school, so retrieving Little Fayoumis will be no problem.
running, bomb tech


The cats have me well-trained. Whenever they want to get petted, I pat the bed next to me so they know where to jump and sit so they can get me to pet them.

They refuse to see it as an instance of me training them to sit right there when I pat the bed so they can get petted.

Silly creatures.