August 16th, 2003

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Edited for identity because it's so universally relevant:

LJ guyRandom Geekboy: you'd be so proud of me...moving out on my own, moving up in the [workplace] ranks (slowly but surely), and SLOWLY working up the nerve to actually ask a human female out! *gasp*
LJ guyRandom Geekboy: so I've got [person] at work trying to help me work up the nerve
azurelunatic: Is there any way to level up before asking?
LJ guyRandom Geekboy: she's been all "Geekboy, go ask her out. Go ask her out now."
LJ guyRandom Geekboy: level up?
azurelunatic: ...I hang out with too many gamers.
azurelunatic: [specific good advice]
LJ guyRandom Geekboy: hmmm...
azurelunatic: [more specific good advice]
LJ guyRandom Geekboy: very true. But I hate the concept of scaring her away nonetheless. Dammit, why do I always go to you for relationship advice! damn you Geekboy brain!
azurelunatic: Because I am female and have had relationships and I like geekboys?
azurelunatic: And I know your penis size.
LJ guyRandom Geekboy: very true.
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Apropos of a tangent my mind took...

I really should have ditched BJ the moment he started saying nasty things about Raven, and refusing to see the good aspects.

This was before I noticed myself as Raven's, mind, but... still. I was sufficiently disturbed.