August 17th, 2003

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Attempted to stay up so the Viking wouldn't have to wake me up when he left. This backfired, as he was here all night playing video games. Drakan, no less.

Woke up around tennish, and got breakfast and did laundry and actually put away some of it. But of course I had to hem my nightgown before washing it...

The Viking finally woke up sometime well after noon, as he'd been gaming all night.

After many detours, I finally headed out to pick up my bras. There was a remarkable lack of fuss/muss/crowd; I found myself done before four. I elected not to go straight home, and instead hit Fry's Electronics.

I really do want to build myself a very cheap computer to run interference between us and the net. I scoped out bread machines. I found the selection of palmtops pathetic.

When I started to feel dizzy, I decided it was time to go home -- as soon as I noticed it, of course, which was somewhen after I started feeling that way. I was exhausted for several hours.

I finally cleared stuff enough so I'm actually sitting at a desk to type, instead of lounging uncomfortably in my bed. An optical mouse is a blessing, though, as is the dual-monitor setup.

Eventually got back enough perk to call Dawn. We gossiped. Purple leopard print thong underwear!

Eventually I decided that it was time to make that nightgown for votania. As she was working on the budget, I snagged her measurements and whipped the garment together. She likes!

Then, shower. Eventually, there will be sleep.

Oh, and various discoveries about stuff and talkings to people interspersed.
running, bomb tech

Speaking of Eris...

...that sneaky bitch just allowed as how she might be among the Ladies.

Why? this[locked post] poiked my memory. Suspect she may be tampering.
running, bomb tech


It's amazing, how far eris_raven has come. She's still skittish and shy, but she comes right up to me and demands petting and love -- even when I'm standing, now, occasionally. She's all over me if I'm in my computer chair or in bed.

Yesterday votania actually picked her up. (She still doesn't like that at all, not from me, not from anyone.)

She has a charming purrtrill, and she's so very soft...

Yep. I like my cat.
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Yay for cooking!

Another batch of turkey chowder is in the works.

And to think, this all started with cadhla's exploding leeks.
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Book Log

Finished Circus of the Damned (Laurell K. Hamilton) a few days ago.
Finished Cerulean Sins (LKH) today.

I don't think Anita and I would be friends.
running, bomb tech

Gha. (They sure are brats when they repeat stuff.)

LF: "The food here is good!"
Me: "What movie is that from?" (I've taken to employing that phrase whenever he says something that sounds like he's repeating it a billion times. It's better than "Is that from a movie?" "I don't know.")
LF: "It's not a movie. It's me."
Me: "Okay."
LF: "This food is bad."
Me: "What?"
LF: "This food is bad."
Me: "That was mean. That was rude."

...Turns out that he's not fond of potato skins.

In other news, Marx is far too high-energy for me on a regular basis. This is probably why he makes me go "Ghaaa!" on a regular basis, especially in his interactions with the Little Fayoumis.
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...Let the music fill the air...

I've actually been singing around the house for the past few days. It's fun.

Mostly, I do it when I wash dishes. Sometimes, when I'm cleaning.

I miss Darkside. It seems that I always get to sing with him.
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GHAAA! (Gasoline, panic attack)

Yow, I'm edgy.

I went out tonight on a sour cream and household cleaner run, and found myself faced with what looked like an accident on the corner of 19th and Dunlap, with the traffic backed up from the corner all the way up past the M&I bank. It wasn't an accident, though -- it was a line for the gas station.

After having my second seemingly-innocuous-incident-panic-attack in two years (the first one was early in the morning of the Little Fayoumis's fifth birthday when there was a terrible accident where a plane slammed into the side of a building in NYC, at which point I went outside with my cellphone and called votania and told her that the shit was going down -- and then the other plane hit) I came home and hit Google. marxdarx could tell how hard I was panicking.

It seems that the gas pipeline between Tucson and Phoenix ruptured on the 30th of July, and was shut down on August the 8th. Since then, gas has been coming in very, very slowly by truck, and it's therefore becoming more scarce.

The pipeline is expected to be running again within two weeks.

[news source]

However, this source had a different set of information: the gas is getting here all right, but it is somehow not getting distributed fast enough. No one that article talked to seems to know quite why.