August 20th, 2003

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Drugs or Spearmint?

Once upon a time, my friend Dawn asked me if I wanted any mint from her garden, as the mint was overrunning everything else. I gleefully said yes, as I love mint. (Well, I like peppermint best; I kind of put up with spearmint and wintergreen when I have to.)

In the break between hours of lecture, Dawn gave me a rather large plastic baggie filled with spearmint and peppermint. Mmmm. Yummy smell. On advice, I have the bag open to allow the herbs to not moulder in their own moisture. To the eye untrained in legal herbalism, it looks like I'm carrying around a rather large baggie filled with something ... other than mint.

So I went back to take-it-apart-and-put-it-back-together class carrying a gallon freezer baggie full of spearmint and peppermint -- not the sort that's all nicely divided with the leaves plucked off the stems, but the whole plants, just cut off and bundled up and shoved in a bag. And I went to Java with this same bag of mint. I was quite happy. I love mint.

I wound up wandering into the computer lab and chatting with Baronness Babble and associates. She saw the bag of stuff, and inquired, knowing that it couldn't be what it looked like. It, of course, wasn't.

I wandered into the south lab, and got hailed by a random guy. "Hey! How much for a three-finger bag?"

"It's spearmint", I informed him snootily.

"Spearmint. Suuuuuuuuuure", he agreed.

Much amusement was had at the expense of the hapless fool.
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Note for later writing:

Just because his name is Jefferson Cecil Hilary Erickson III doesn't mean you have to work out how to tell this in the story. He's a minor character. You don't see that much of him. Leave it in the outtakes. rosalynde doubtless knows, but it's not a plot point. Don't make it one. His name is Jeff already, and he's going to smack anyone who calls him otherwise.

Hell, Rose can use it when bitching him out at Space Camp, embarrassing him in front of Scotty, giving him reason to hate her. She's known him since forever. Jeff does not need to spout off his whole name, because he wouldn't, and you don't have to make him.
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Freewill Horrorscope

Gemini Horoscope for week of August 21, 2003

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Robust singing skill is correlated with a strong immune system in songbirds. Male birds with the most extensive repertoire of tunes also have the largest spleens, a key measure of immune system health. No studies have yet been done on humans. But if there is a similar link, I expect you will be crooning with unrivaled beauty and power in the coming days. The astrological omens say you are currently at the peak of your ability to fight off bugs and adversaries of all kinds, including both the physical and psychic varieties.

If I get enough sleep, maybe.

Cancer Horoscope for week of August 21, 2003

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
So begins the information-gathering phase of your yearly cycle, Cancerian. You'll align yourself with the cosmic ebb and flow whenever you engage in activities that excite your love of learning and enhance your skills as a student of life. Here's a gem from poet Heather McHugh to inspire your quest: "The knowledge I'm interested in is not something you buy and then have and can be comfortable with. The knowledge I'm interested in keeps opening wider and wider, making me smaller and more amazed, until I see I cannot have it all -- and then delight in that as a freedom."
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*zonk* Tired...

I woke up far too early for my body this morning. Grar. Hopefully I can make up some of the difference on the couch with my pillow...
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Catching up with digitalambience

Headed out last night to the dollar store to get some sidewalk chalk. (*blinks innocently* Sidewalk chalk? My roommate's son is six years old... why would you imagine that it would be for me?) They didn't have any, so I wound up at Fry's.

digitalambience was working, so I was very sneaky and crept up behind him. He didn't see me until I was almost within poking distance.

We chatted. We caught up about this and that, and he told me about his fiancée in great detail. I helped his co-workers tease him. (He turns the most charming shade of pink...) I teased him about Larry, he protested that Larry was his lab partner, I told his friend to ask what class it was for, and he answered that it was Devices, meanwhile doing the gay wristflip. Howling with laughter... It's standard to tease him about having a thing with Larry.

All told, I spent two hours hanging out with him. He's fun. And if I ever thought of boinking him again, Darkside would skewer my ass.

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And no --

Not in the least grumpy with you, wibbble, just ... trying to get Life/Universe/Everything sorted out around here. I think a minor depressive episode + no sleep, as I haven't energy...
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Poll: My Baby Sister... devious.

Poll #170784 My Baby Sister... devious.

When swallowtayle, my baby sister, born and raised of the same mother and father as I, admits to a mood of 'devious', it is time to be:

very afraid
very, very afraid
frickin' terrified
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Az, I appreciated your laying out the typical attributes of right-hand vs. left-hand paths on the List the other day (that I just got around to reading I think this morning).

And that certainly explains why I've got my ring from the Circle of Chaos on the hand it's on...
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Yesterday was the introduction of the Three Little Pigs unit, evidently. Today, as I rounded the corner of the school building to pick up the Little Fayoumis, I beheld a sea of pinkness.

All of the first-graders were in costume, with pink construction-paper headbands sporting pointy, piggy ears, and pipe-cleanered-on styrofoam cup and construction paper snouts.

Little Fayoumis approached me with the intent of showing off his new gear. (His class was out a little early. I was there a little early. There was a crowd of first-graders surrounding his teacher, and he'd just detached himself from the herd.) "I'll huff!" I declared. "And I'll puff!"

Little Fayoumis got into the spirit of things by snorting and squealing.

"And I'll blow your house in!"

So I huffed. (Little Fayoumis quickly backed out of slobber-range.)
And I puffed.
And I huffed, and I puffed.

Sagged, panting.

"I can't blow your house in!" I declared, hamming it up. "It's made of brick!"

General giggles from those assembled. I think I've established my general parental coolness to the first-graders.
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Drama in the Classroom

Lit class has been working Steinbeck's "The Chrysanthemums" over yesterday and today. Today, Kilbridge got the 'evil' look, and commanded us to split up into groups and write a conversation between Henry and Elisa, and then read it aloud in front of the class.

I jumped to do so, and wound up sharing the reading with Howard (AKA "Duck" from my speech class). It was fun. I think our group had the best presentation and the best script; we got genuine admiring applause, rather than "You sucked as much as we're going to, and I'm glad you have the guts to go up there" applause, and not "Oh, my, that was funny" applause.

I'll eventually post the results, when Kilbridge gives them back.
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Ghaa, shit, Curriculum Night.

Tomorrow night's Curriculum Night at LF's school, 6:30-8:00 pm.

We'll see who-all will be able to go. Mommy's working, and Marx'll be coming home exhausted from school. It may just be me by my lonesome.
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Great Walls of Fire

Sandstrom is teaching us firewalls this week. We are joyous. I'm the one asking all the relevant questions, suddenly, it seems.

How the hell did I wind up the one who likes this shit? How the hell did I become Geek of the Week?
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Who the hell is Loaf Mea? This person was cast as me for the LJ Soap Opera thingy.

Additionally, who would you cast to play me? I'm afraid I'm clueless, not really being the sort of person who watches much in the way of TV/movies, nor remembering actor-names very well...
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Book log: The Woad to Wuin

Finished The Woad to Wuin, Peter David, today at lunch.

This is what Piers Anthony wants to do but can't.
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Had Little Fayoumis wash hands & face and dump shoes when he got home from school. Checked for homework.
Swiped off glass table and vacuumed.
Put away dishes and did next load.
Did a perfunctory sweep of kitchen floor.