August 21st, 2003

Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Playing with Fayoumi

Little Fayoumis has been bringing home stuff from school, and it's not all bad. He was giggling over the name "Bach", going heavy on the hkhhh sound, and then he was having me "follow [his] instructions" while dancing (he asked me to put music on, but I had to vacuum first).

After that, we were playing dinosaurs.

It was fun. He's getting to an age where I like playing with him.
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Lab Guy

Mr. President got the evening lab guy job in 205! Go, him!
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GRAAAH. Taking forever

Little Fayoumis vs. mashed potato soup. (It goes by many names, but it's my potato/onion/turkey/sour cream thing.)

And he sits there looking at it for fifteen minutes, after I've told him we have to leave for his school at six. I come out and tell him to eat it; I come out two minutes later, and he's flagrantly not eating it, and is instead sitting with his feet up in the rolling chair from the sewing desk.

Not a word is spoken; I come up silently behind him, grasp him under the armpits, and smoothly lift him, and carry him over to the corner, where I deposit him.

Silence, absolute silence, for a few minutes. Then I tell him to come out of the corner and eat.

He does. It takes eleven minutes for him to finish the stew.

We're just about ready to leave now; he evidently did not register it the first time when I told him to put his shoes on. He somehow spaced that I meant now.
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More phone with Darkside

Finally caught up with him around 8:45. He's been hellaciously busy lately. Discussed this, that, and the other.

Mentioned Mr. Prez to him. ("Pfew! Now I'm off the hook!" ... "I hope you got up the nerve to introduce yourself to him.") Explained that circumstances had introduced us, namely, that he was the president of the GSU. ("Show him what he's been missing!")

...I think someone needs to hit Darkside with the Shut The Fuck Up, Already stick. (Kidding. Really.)

We had fun joking around, though. He teased me about my taste in men. Evidently he's noticed tall, glasses, and long hair as standards. "Um, digitalambience?" (Referring, of course, to his hair; 1" was long for him.) Bad jokes were supressed. <3 I love that man. <3

He opened way up. I suppose I must have too. We talked about stuff that we wouldn't likely be mentioning to anyone else. I talk a lot about my day-to-day life, and my past, but I make very little mention of my dreams for the future... and he doesn't much mention past moments of emotional vulnerability in public either.

Mentioned Raven, and the current filling-in for the stork. "Well, he's a trickster, and that would be the ultimate trick..." Enlightened him on my plans to avoid anything even remotely heterosexual for the next while.

If most calls feel like sitting next to each other at breakfast clasping hands, or a hug -- this one felt like lying next to him, arms wrapped around each other, with my face snuggled against his neck. Not so much romantic as intimate.

Brought up Return of the King again. We both know that he hasn't the foggiest what his schedule's going to be like, and that I'm going to keep making him aware of me wanting to make that movie appointment with him.

The mere fact that we made so many references to anything remotely sexual tonight boggles me. Me hitting on a gay guy, the idea of me trying to seduce a gay guy, pubic hair, and Mr. Target Figure getting shot in the balls all came up. Darkside says the word "ass" to me all the time, figuring largely in the kicking of them in general, and mine in specific. The word "balls" stays out of our conversations, for the most part.

Most odd.
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*purrs* Battles of wit with m'love

So he and I got into a mix-up over how I was going to kick his ass, in a bunch of warring notes to self.

Darkside is the Maniac. I am, of course, obvious. (We make quite the pair.) This is about how it went:

Maniac: "Note to self: move back to Germany."
Lunatic: "Note to self: buy transporter."
Maniac: "Note to self: kill guy who invents transporter."
Lunatic: "But that wouldn't work, because you wouldn't know who'd invented it until after they'd invented it... and then..." *snickers evilly*
Maniac: "Note to self: get time machine."
Lunatic: "Note to self: put transporter tags on all his underwear."
Maniac: "Note to self: kick her ass."
Lunatic: "Note to self: beam his underwear off him and onto his head."
Maniac: "Note to self: beam away all of her clothes but her underwear."
Lunatic: "GRRRRRR..."
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When was Marah "born"? DUH.

Marah was "born" when we decided that we wanted to be the person we are around Darkside 24/7, instead of just when around him.
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My LiveJournal Sitcom
azurelunatic in the Grand Canyon (WB, 9:00): azurelunatic (Meat Loaf) paints digitalambience (Mark Wahlberg)'s notepad orange. On the other side of town, melcocha (Fred Astaire) burns petstalkback (Elle MacPherson)'s banana. That night, mono_poly (Macaulay Culkin) dances with swallowtayle (Marilyn Monroe). Soon afterwards, tiel (George Lazenby) accidentally breaks pennyarcaderss (Jimmy Stewart)'s pocketwatch. The next day, janezero (John Belushi) discovers that youngwizards (Bill Murray) is taking ballet lessons. Wackiness ensues.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)

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*blushes* Anime body parts

Mentioned that I hadn't watched the X video yet, partly due to my dropping my VCR. "What did you drop it on?" "The floor." He gave good advice, and I explained my little ordeal. I got to the point about where I tried testing it with the Sailor Moon, and we digressed (he'd seen Hearts of Ice before too), and I explained that Little Fayoumis likes it now, and he said that well, at least they'd removed the lines from the transformation scene...

Huh? know, the curves that would have otherwise been there.

*Lunatic blushes*
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endearments and accents...

So I was describing Mr. Prez to Darkside.

Lunatic: "So I saw this guy. Tall. Thin. Blond. Glasses. Shoulder length hair."
Maniac: "..."
Lunatic: "British accent."
Maniac, using legitimately-acquired British accent from when he was living there: "Go on, my dear girl..."


Just a figure of speech, but being casually called "my dear girl"... mmmf.

Then, I have taken to addressing him as "My dear best friend", which he doesn't argue with.
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Mmm, midnight snacks

Was peckish, so I went kitchenward, and got some ranch doritos and some sour cream. To the sour cream I added enough tabasco sauce to make my upper lip sweat.

Am now dipping the chips in the hot and sour cream. Mmm.