August 22nd, 2003

running, bomb tech

...yep, I'm in love.

I'm grinning lunaically (debate over this word happened; Darkside tried to find the equivalent of 'maniacally' for Lunatics at one point, and wound up resorting to "like a Lunatic") and am so totally in love.

...I think I'm in love?

Yeah. I'm in love.

We only talked for half an hour, but it was an intense 36 minutes.
running, bomb tech


Winning the IEEE e-mail game
Lit class & Lottery
Hanging out with Mr. Prez
Little Fayoumis after school
Curriculum Night
Packing a trip for the moon
"Dawn sends her love...." "Should I be expecting a rather large package, then?" [Dawn is married.]
running, bomb tech

Oh yeah.

More science: different kinds of lights. Must look up more info to share.

...In my walks with the Little Fayoumis, he's been mentioning stuff, and I've been teaching him science, just talking about stuff. It's fun.
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running, bomb tech


I've found new ones. The random gamer from Mr. Prez's circle of friends turns out to be part of the Procrastinating Gamer's Club (or whatever the name is). I wound up at the pre-meeting in the cafeteria, because DADA let out early because Sandstrom's laptop was dead.