August 23rd, 2003

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Never did get up the energy to go to Fascinations. Perhaps tomorrow. May also give plasma. Should go to the library.

Tomorrow night (Saturday), we're all going out. Movie, dinner. Yay!
running, bomb tech


As quickly as it arrived, the gasoline shortage has... well... I haven't seen any lines at the pumps. Not today, not yesterday. There were still some on Tuesday.

The gas prices are just an invisible 40 to 50 cents higher per gallon. That's all.



On ice, it stinks, yes.
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When it comes time to upgrade palms, tell Mr. Prez.
running, bomb tech

Now I've seen *everything* on eBay.

yaksha42 (8:31:47 PM): I figured you might find this amusing
azurelunatic (9:13:39 PM): Sheesh.
yaksha42 (9:14:04 PM): It's $5 now, but when I saw it earlier, it was $12.50
azurelunatic (9:14:13 PM): DUDE.
yaksha42 (9:14:23 PM): And this is the second time it's been listed
azurelunatic (9:14:32 PM): Shit.Hee.
yaksha42 (9:14:35 PM): No one bid the first time
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Bath salts + hair = bad.

I need to never, never dip my hair in bath-salted water and then not shampoo/condition it ever, ever again.

It's one of those days where my hair feels like very dry grass, instead of my own hair.
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Having taken my nap, I now:

  • Put the laundry in

  • Gather up more laundry

  • Take trash out

  • Clean catboxes

  • Take dirty litter out

  • Put clean litter in

  • Make note to get more litter

  • Put slimfast in refrigerator

  • Pull nasty old jar of gods-know-what out of the refrigerator

  • Make note to get more slimfast

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Book log:

Finished Explorer, C.J. Cherryh, yesterday. Yay! Nice book. I love that series, and marxdarx does too.
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I am a very silly geek who will pull up the onscreen keyboard to hit f5 instead of pushing reload with the mouse.
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*smirk* New toys! *smirk*

Went to Fascinations. Picked up replacements for two toys: one that broke a good three years ago, and one that's been hanging on by a thread for a while.

Details to follow, possibly images. *smirk*
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Zoom, zoom

In short, I did the movie-times reasearch even though we probably weren't going to get to go, and texted votania with the best option (The Medallion, with Jackie Chan, at 9:10 or 10:10).

After learning from her managers that she, in fact, was doing more work than most normal managers did (she's just a supervisior? I think?) and getting her situation straightened out, she got off work at 7:45, and is now here.

So, we'll be departing momentarily.