August 27th, 2003

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Gemini Horoscope for week of August 28, 2003

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Do you think you'd enjoy being able to focus all your ambitions in one overarching dream? Can you imagine what it might be like not to feel your desires split in five different directions? While your predilection for versatility and vacillation isn't necessarily a bad thing, Gemini, it might be interesting at some point in your life to explore the ferocious pleasures of single-mindedness. It so happens that now is a perfect moment to launch such an exploration. Mars, the planet that rules willpower and determination, is currently expressing tremendous force in your astrological House of Total Commitment. There has rarely been a better time for you to stabilize your purpose and steel your resolve.

Cancer Horoscope for week of August 28, 2003

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
The largest mountain on Mars, Olympus Mons, is almost three times the size of Mount Everest. It should serve as your sacred symbol of power in the coming months. Why? Because the red planet is now pouring extra mojo into your astrological House of Exploration, and will continue to do so through mid-December. You will have the ability to pull off frontier adventures that are equivalent to climbing to the top of Olympus Mons. For a picture of Olympus Mons, go here.

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this momentous moment

The moment for that vision I had when I was a teenager is well passed.

When I was a teenager, barely getting into the first hints of self-hypnosis and altered states of consciousness, I had a vision.

I was wearing what I knew to be one of my favorite shirts -- a tightly-fitting ribbed shirt striped horizontally in Autumn colors, browns and (yellows?) and whites and oranges. I was standing by the cabin by the birch trees, holding a baby. A tall, red-haired man was standing next to me, and it was our child, and we loved each other and the baby fiercely.

... That was my first sight of digitalambience, perhaps ten years before I met him.

The time for that moment has passed. It, now, will never happen.

I held to that dream as something that would yet be for years. I don't, now. It won't. ...I don't think I'll miss it.
trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats

He taunts me cruelly.

Someone ordered The Two Towers, and was just about to leave for lunch and to pick that up when I called.

Someone taunted me without much mercy.
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I'd rather take baths with a man-eating shark, or wrestle a tiger alone in the dark.
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Admin: Hello/goodbye

This is a rather random list of those who have friended/defriended me. As Joule is down, I'm getting this from my Semagic client. (I really need to get the new release...)

Hello: blackavar, conscience, (hello again) mojo_iv (who got friended back again), phinnia, s2component (the component style community I joined).

Goodbye: she_retorted has wandered off.

Greetings to all. I'm high-volume, occasionally opinionated, a spelling and grammar snob, with a crowded friends list. I do tend to read everybody on my friends list. Since my friends list is up near/at/above 200 again, I'm very cautious/reluctant to friend back, as my time is somewhat limited. Likewise, if I find I'm not reading someone, and they're not a personal friend, then they're generally dropped, but are welcome to hang around my journal anyway. I have very little friends-only content, so nobody's missing much.
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"Don't talk with your mouth full!" and sign language

Am reminding Little Fayoumis to not talk with his mouth full. As a route around this, I've been reminding him to use his sign language instead of showing us his lovely half-chewed food.

We'll see how well that works.

I taught him "Thank You"; he was very cheered by this knowledge, and proceeded to repeat it... many, many, many times.

Methinks we've created a new way for him to repeat himself as well as introduced him to that new form of communication... (He'd been learning some of the manual alphabet in school, evidently.) (My own knowledge of signing is very, very limited, just like my knowledge of other assorted languages.)
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Good nap... and now LJ's unresponsive. So: mondo post.

...worried; someone sounded grumpy.
...tired; hard to get good sleep these days.
...impatient; not used to dealing with kids this much.
...curious; LJ may be down for the addition of new code? I think I read that in a community.
...happy; votania has fun phone stuff going on.
...worried; Little Fayoumis is being the most bonkers version of himself.
...happy; I have $15 in checks from the survey place (the nice one) to deposit. Not much, but it gets me books and TJ's chocolate orange sticks...
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Laundry! We hates^H^H^H^H^H loves it forever, Preciousss!

Figured it was time for another round of the laundry, given that it's Wednesday again. (I try to wash laundry on Wednesday and Saturday. Usually only happens on Sunday.)

I'm going to try to be a Good Grownup.

I mean, how hard is it to tote a bag of laundry bigger than Little Fayoumis to the laundry room, shove it in machines, stick in quarters, press buttons, repeat for drying, and haul it back?

Not very hard You'd be surprised.

Keep in mind that I'm evidently "as strong as a man" (but I lack endurance severely, especially after this foot thing)... it's just getting up the motivation to do it.
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Yesterday I made truffle center material. Tonight, while on the phone with the ever-lovely wiseheron, I started dipping them.

I like good chocolate. I like it when I make good chocolate. It's really not all that expensive to buy a huge bag of chocolate chips. It's really not all that expensive to get caramel ice-cream topping.

Next I need to try it with some good cream vs. the rather dubious non-dairy whipped topping. And I probably need to treat my gayboys well and bring some to school for them. (Is this one of the early warning signs of becoming a fag-hag?)
loud fayoumis

Question for the Pokémon geeks out there --

Mr. President is a huuuuge fan of Evie. Evie has an assload of evolutions, and Mr. President knows most of them.

However, there was recently a new Pokémon release in Japan or something, and evidently Evie has to have been given a new evolution, and he doesn't know what it is, and it's driving him bats.


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It's a good evening. Laundry brewing in the dryer, good yummies (leftovers! Put food on your family! With cheese! ((leftover sandwiches from work, it looks to be... beef and mushrooms and green peppers, oh my!)) Yay work!), good chocolate, and good puns from sionainn.

Oh, and good chat. And good posts. And very random poetry. And good cats. And good nap.

Still worried about m'love, though.
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Fwd: Ten Painful Puns

(from sionainn, who doubtless got it elsewhere)


  1. Two vultures board an airplane, each carrying two dead raccoons. The stewardess looks at them and says, "I'm sorry, Gentlemen. Only one carrion allowed per passenger."
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