August 28th, 2003

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Next time...

...Next time, I need to offer my presence, even my silent presence with his silent presence, if he wishes.

I know how to be silent with him. I know he appreciates it, even if he doesn't think about it much.
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Fascinating. (Multiple stuff)

So the primary personality has descent-of-consciousness; when I talk about the past, I say "I" when speaking of the primary sets, and "she" when speaking of the tertiary sets. Mona is the weird case.

The former personality sets before the complete merge were as follows, in order of seniority: Joan-prime (primary personality, near-perfect descent-of-consciousness and descent-of-personality from birth), Shanna (tertiary, guardian, wiseass, twisted sense of humor), Mona (secondary, damaged from Shawn/mental attempt to kill her, mute, incredibly shy), AzureLunatic (tertiary, Malkavian, formerly a LARP character, nuts, possessor of the Azzgrin).

However, the tertiary personalities are almost entirely where I get my personality tags from. Shanna and Azure merged (see, I think of AzureLunatic the Malkavian as Azure, and myself as Azz, which is why it boggles me when people refer to me as Azure except when they're being formal) and I-the-primary-consciousness inherited nearly all of that personality. So if you went back in time and met Joan-prime, you'd see a few things the same, but you'd recognize me when you met the Shanna/Azure merge. Joan-prime's personality became Marah, with the addition of some of the less-fun goodies from Azure's sets, and some of Mona's damage. (Joy.) Mona and Naomi have very many things in common; Naomi just seems to be without the damage that Mona took. garnetdagger took over Shanna's guardian functions, and has a measurably different writing style.

So, yeah.

Descent of consciousness is different than descent of personality. But we probably already knew that. Except for me.
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Looks like Mr. President may not have found all his ID in time to keep the Lab Guy job. That looks to be much dratness. I hope it's just a scheduling fluke...
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*happygrin* Who, me, munchkin?

Called Darkside. Got Darkside. Darkside was washing dishes. Darkside does not have skill points at loading dishwashers.

Brought up Underworld... "I nervously ask the question I know is probably going to be declined."
"I don't know what my schedule's going to be like..."

Well, at least we know each other. That's something.

He read munchkin rules aloud to me. Geek courtship rites, or just two friends being silly together -- sweet either way.

He's got company coming this weekend, so...
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Out & About

votania and the crew came home, and it was evidently my turn to get "spoiled". There's enough extra in the budget due to her raise and increase in hours that there was plenty of money to spoil us all a little.

I wound up getting an 18-pack of Yankee Candle candles, a Trinity shirt and some cute buttons, and Black Iris color hairdye (with which to make my dark-brown hair shine blue).

Happy Loony.
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