September 3rd, 2003

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Freewill Astrology

Gemini Horoscope for week of September 4, 2003

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
"Ninety-six percent of the cosmos puzzles astronomers. The universe is made mostly of dark matter and dark energy, which the experts can't even detect, let alone study." When I read that news story on the CNN website, I let out a whoop of celebration. Our culture's equivalents of high priests, the scientists, were flat-out admitting that the subject they know best is mostly a mystery to them. I hope, Gemini, that this will give you the freedom to feel at peace with the enigmas at the core of your personal life. Curiously, your courage to "dwell comfortably in the midst of profound uncertainty" (poet John Keats' phrase) will be the key to you receiving a crucial revelation about where you need to go next.

What specifically about me don't I know? Where all of us came from. And then that other profound uncertainty -- Lois's writing is saving my ass. Memory. Simon Illyan's ability to keep two conflicting truths balanced in his head without attempting to put them together -- his memory, the memory chip's memory -- he's "proof" that someone can do it. (Well, at the least, a good example of it.) Both are true. It's not that one is true and one is a lie. Then I'd have to choose between two lies. He's not lying to me. He may well be lying to himself on some profound level, but he would never lie to me. (And if he did, he'd either have a damn good reason, or I would hack myself write access to his ass.)

Cancer Horoscope for week of September 4, 2003

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Researchers with too much time on their hands have calculated that William Shakespeare used 20,140 words in his written works. More than eight percent of those were brand new terms that he dreamed up. Some of the best: besmirch, domineering, dwindle, frugal, gnarled, hobnob, lackluster, madcap, pander, sanctimonious, tranquil, gossip, and leapfrog. While we can't expect you to reach Shakespearian levels in the coming week, the astrological omens do suggest you will have more verbal creativity than you've had in many moons. I suggest you speak the truths your heart has never had words for. Assume that your powers of persuasion will be twice as great as usual, and invent at least 20 new words.
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Hear Ye, Hear Ye

My S2 comment pages have been taking way too bloody long to load. Thus, I've put in the override that has it as the usual.

I noticed the difference in load speeds at the beginning, but then LJ and/or my connection was working fast enough to make it not a problem. But this has gotten out of hand.

So -- my pretty style is now confined to my friends page and my own page. It may or may not return if LJ starts having a better day.
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Scary ad banners

I do a double-take every time I see a photo of Dr. Andrew Weil. He's slightly more bald than my father, and wears his beard longer, but the resemblance is uncanny.
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Heh, heh. Geek, anyone?

Geek girls should not use spare cable-ties to hold their ponytails.

We really shouldn't. But they're so convenient, and we have too many...