September 7th, 2003

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Ah, computers.

mojo_iv -- I'd love to see the cute snakie, and would have gladly taken a peek at it, had my IM program not locked up without me realizing it.
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American Wedding

Gosh, that was a cute movie, and so romantic!

...Very different from the last one. The last one was very crass. This one had all the crude jokes, but somehow missed the absolute depth of yick that the last one had. I mean, there were some truly disgusting moments, but it was all the sort of thing that you get when you have a wedding and idiot friends...

Okay, so most of the stuff with Stiffler was just plain wrong. But the dance scene in the gay bar was beautiful beyond comparison.

And, so sue me, theirloveissoincorruptible! Total chemistry between those characters. Um, Michelle and Jim. Not Bear and Stiffler, nor any of the other Stiffler/x pairings, though... well... I'm not even going there without a cut tag.

I'd really like to see if I can make a cut-for-friends-safety version of American Wedding, because I think I could. Well, maybe. Um. Heh. Maaaaaaaybe. But it could lose the truffle thing, and the cake thing, ...and keep absolutely all of the gay bar thing because it was so precious and relatively clean...


Though it'll never be Mama-safe. Ever.

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Hee. Poor flowers. Poor florist. If anyone ever tries shit like that at my wedding, flipping switches they have no business flipping, I'm going to be flipping their switch.

And that was such a sweet scene, where Jim and Michelle just wind up walking on the beach. It's perfect. No pranks, no pratfalls, no toilet humor, no sex, just pure quasi-platonic romance. That made the movie. It so made the movie.
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Morning! *perk*

Mkay. What about today.

First, I'd better see if I can't hunt through my coins to see if I can't do laundry. Or, I could wait until votania gets back with the quarters.

Speaking of votania, the place to go to send her a text message on her new phone is right here. We have it bookmarked. Eventually, we may have it set up so you can text her from LJ, but no one's gotten that together yet. If you don't have her new cellphone number yet and you had her old one, let me know, because I'm the Communications Officer.

I need to vacuum too, don't I.
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Have emptied each catbox, and put fresh litter in. Swept out behind shammash's. Swiped at floor under garbage can with sponge.

Nagged marxdarx to unload dishes. Listened to music with him. He is doing arcane things with speakers.

Sorted laundry by color, even thought I won't be washing for a little while. He's putting the dishes away as we speak.

Ah. Next batch of dishes has been loaded and started; they'll be ready to put away after a couple hours.

Got a few things actually put into the correct envelope, which is a start. I've got the crocheting project in one of the new plastic bins, which is another start. I've also been going through more of my novel and ripping out bits that don't directly advance the story, and condense the bits that are teenage wanking. I was so impressed with my own cleverness. It's distinctly less clever from this perspective, but it was good for my age group.

More stuff in the book now. I have a little confrontation between Rose and Jeff.
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Have reviewed and tossed the first 60-some pages from my old manuscript of the novel, putting the changes into the file. I really need to learn some good version control for my next novel, because this is really getting out of hand.

Am working my way through the library copy of Dragons of Winter Night. Other than that, I got Dick from my latest library raid (what was that, Friday?), which makes me happy.
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More household

Dug up quarters from the depths of some random change jars, and am doing laundry, including the pillows on which the syrup from the French toast of the other night got spilled.

Perhaps, someday, I will see my floor?

I'm zonked now. Think I'll take a bit of a snooze, or at least play with dragons. I'm not used to writing this hard anymore.
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Called at nine, to announce my choice of reading material (Dragons of Winter Night) and say hello and hear his voice.

At least I got the perky Darkside this time, rather than the snarly one.
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amberfox gives the best fic recs.

"She also suspected that he had an excellent library, though she did not think herself shallow enough that she would marry a man for his library. Well, maybe if it was a very good library." --"Antigone", by ChelleyBean
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Gha! My memory sucks.

I cannot remember, off the top of my head, what the four salutes are for.

Digging, it seems that it may be for the art, the salle, the master, and the opponent, but I may be mistaken.