September 12th, 2003

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Ahh, the bleeding... and the fucking cramps. (backdated)
running, bomb tech


Nose, throat, generally feeling ill.

Also, there is bleeding. About damn time -- last actual bleeding, vs. those tricky cramps that pretend to be leading into Bitchy Witchy Week but then don't, was the beginning of July. I mean, I don't mind long waits between, but it's a little disconcerting -- I like something predictable.
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Feeling a little better...

Wound up soaking in the hot bathtub for a good amount of time, with The Man in the High Castle and Through a Scanner Darkly, having finished Our Friends from Frolix 8 yesterday.

It's a Dick week.

I also included bath salts (vanilla) and tea (peppermint).
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At least Canada knows how to be funny.

"Dalton McGuinty," the statement said. "He's an evil reptilian kitten-eater from another planet."

Conservative Leader Ernie Eves blamed the release on a staffer who apparently "had too much coffee this morning ... too much time."

But he refused to retract the statement.

--article linked by shadesong
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Random hugging...

This is for everyone who thinks they could probably use a hug, but doesn't want to really bother anyone by asking for one.

Is that you? Could that be you, only you're too busy or preoccupied to even think to look for a hug? Too shy? Too undeserving?

Well, consider yourself hugged.
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Time for Space

Time for Space is a really nifty concept. Normal-visioned people have two eyes, viewing the world slightly offset from each other, with the ability to percieve depth through the slight differences in the images.

I now know two people for sure who only see in flat -- sionainn, for whom I'm linking this, and Mama. Mama should have had glasses long before she finally did get them (which was very young) and thus developed not being able to functionally see out of her bad eye. She adjusted to the glasses, and she was able to see out of that eye afterwards, but her brain never adjusted to having two visual channels. Thus, she can only see out of one eye at a time. She has no depth perception. (I must, at some point, write up the list of ARRRGHs about this.) When we got the chickens, FatherSir explained how chicken vision works -- with eyes on either side of the head, birds like that can't see depth either, and have to simulate it by that weird head-jerking walk.

Thus, I've grown up paying a little more attention to my two working eyes than some other people might. I've learned that my right eye is dominant, but that I can switch dominant eyes at will for short periods of time.

Looking at the photos carefully, both with two eyes and with one closed, I find them very, very good. If you stare a little past them, looking at them with only one eye, and try to ignore the jiggling, it looks very 3-D to me.

I wonder if you could tune the timing on the jiggling to something that the human eye might be able to overlook, while still preserving the effect...

Thanks to renwick for linking this again.
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Workplace chemical accidents

It sucks royally to get a splash of chemicals in the eye at the workplace, even when you wash it out right away... especially when the chemicals in question are beer.

I'm to be going on the bus to votania's workplace, and getting her home safely, either as driver or co-pilot.
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Shirt fodder

"I comprehend and utilize the specialized vocabulary common to Information Technology professionals."

If anyone can come up with a more verbose marketspeak way to expand that, I'd be very happy.
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Whee, interview!

5 questions from xevinx, who does not know me at all, other than the fact that we live in the same city and I like his style:
1. Where is that userpic from? It looks like it might be from the Love and Rockets comic.

2. What does your username mean? Break it down. Does it mean that everyone in Arizona is a lunatic, or that you are Arizona's state lunatic? or something else...what's the story?

3. So, how about this weather? Is it hot or what?

4. Has LiveJournal increased the amount of time you spend on the internet by any significant amount?

5. What's the best place to hang out in the Phoenix-Metro area?

Bonus Question: Do you absolutely hate when it's been 115 for two weeks straight and people mention that its hot outside, as if you've been holed up in an air conditioned cave all year and hadn't noticed.

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