September 13th, 2003


Myself, as other people see me:

"You continue to remind me that unrequited love is NOT necessarily dumb or boring, and is sometimes a valuable lifestyle option from an internal point of view . . ."

In Lit class on Thursday, a poem was pointed out to me, one that I'd heard of before, and heard quotations from, but ... never had read the whole thing. I savoured the reading.

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I especially adore the first third, the description of the courtship as it should progress, "vaster than empires, and more slow". I feel the words of this on my skin.

Of him, of course, I adore his mind the most, and I should spend an age each on his wit, his honor, his intelligence, his kindness, his loyalty ... even his elusive love. If I don't have it as a woman, I surely have it as a friend.
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Not driving

Went on the bus to the airport to pick up votania, and, if necessary, drive her home. Cellphone tag is fun. She got me dinner and we got a chance to look at the lights of Phoenix from rooftop parking. Mmm, rooftop parking. Then we stopped to get my belated birthday gift for Little Fayoumis -- another cool lamp, the dance colorful rotaty kind.

Then, home. I've cleared out my e-mail inbox a bit.

Am halfway functional, pretending to not be sick, but my hot, snot-laden breath does not lie.
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State of the Journal

Went back to having the pretty S2 style extend to the individual entry pages, because the next/prev thing has now been enabled for Component, and I finally figured out that if I tweaked it so that the background image wasn't there, it would load faster. (Um... duh.)
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We have a (horribly patched together from many different applicants) winner!

"My extensive active skills portfolio includes the apprehension, processing, comprehension, and enterprise-wide application of the highly-specialized language subset utilized by a statistical majority of professional personnel employed in the field of Information and Data Technology, and the proactive use of that specialized language to establish a synergistic working environment that fosters optimal productivity."

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State of the Lunatic

I'm feeling fearfully fragile right now. Illness does that. I'm so used to being able to bounce around and get stuff done that when I know I should stay in bed drinking water and reading, I don't want to... mostly because when I want to, I really should be doing something.

I know that being up and around and functioning-while-sick is a wonderful way to make sure that I stay ill for a week, not only a few days.

My nose is sniffly. My throat is scratchy and cloggy. I get tired from only doing a few things. I have laundry to do, housework (which I've generally been slacking), playing with cats, reading for school, writing...

Heck, I'm even brain-fogged enough to know that I can't safely read any more Phillip K. Dick. I have to stick with something safe like Duane.
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Community pimpage:

girlfags is now up and running. Sounds like it's the perfect place for slash-writing chicks who would love to be dating a slashed couple IRL.
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Health update

I made myself sleep all afternoon. Now I have to be upright again. (Drat it.) The difficulty here is that my nose was draining into my ears, and now I must be upright so that my ears may drain.

I also have one of those nasty dry coughs that don't do anything. It's only occasional, though.

Physically, I'm miserable, but it's so much better than the both physical and mental miserable I was feeling a while ago. I can deal with my body being in a state of suckage if my mind's plugged in right, because it's only discomfort, not pain.