September 14th, 2003

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GLP: Crying in the Rain

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This was one of the songs that kept me together from January 2001 for the next year or so. I look back on that time and see it two ways: compared to what came before it, it was a blessing, a release, a wonderful lack of pressure. I was so free, so happy, happier than I'd ever been before.

Compared to now? Mentally ill, horribly unhappy, unaccustomed to life without my parents, romantically frustrated with a very weird situation...

I'm glad I got through. I've no doubt that this time in my life, I'll look back to with relief at having improved, even though I don't notice it at the moment, as a mermaid may not notice water...
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Those misheard phrases...

Through the magic of cellphone connections, the phrase "bonky flashlight" in a conversation between sionainn and me came out sounding, on my end, like "donkey slash night."

"Bonky flashlight" needs no explanation. "Donkey slash night," on the other hand, does probably not even want an explanation.
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Giggle night

When both sionainn and I are tired, the conversation just goes downhill. Subjects of conversation:

Pecking order
Using "bonky flashlight" in conversation ("My friend who lives in Phoenix says that all the protection she needs is a bonky flashlight." "Strangely, I know exactly what you're talking about.")
Mishearing "bonky flashlight" due to a bad cellphone connection and a plugged-up ear led to [?]onkey [?]lash [?]ight being interpreted by my brain as "donkey --?", which finally resolved itself as "donkey slash night," which was made much giggling over.

This, in turn, led to discussion of Evil Reptilian Aliens who Eat Cats, and then cross-dressing. This became Evil Reptilian Aliens who Eat Cats (with tentacles) who also cross-dress, involved in donkey slash (with a bonky flashlight). The Infamous Duck Penis also got mentioned. Duck/donkey slash?

Borrow my burro?
Borrow my ass!
A donkey named Hotay!

And also, the Ninja Jet Engine giggle. Evidently I have a particularly contagious giggle. It starts out as a stealth giggle, then warms up, like a jet engine, and then powers down again. But by this time, the victim is giggling, which starts me off again...

It was a bizarre conversation. The evil reptilian alien is officially also pussy-eating.
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Roleplayers bondage kit

51 feet of rope (with basic bondage knot handbook)
a Bag of Holding (with user's manual)
a Rope of Entanglement (with user's manual)

Bondage spellbook:
Hold Person
Suggestion cetera.
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Is LJ helping me get better at face-recognition?

I didn't exactly start out very good at face-recognition. By 18, recognizing actors in various roles was still a challenge for me.

I find that when I know someone only slightly, I can capture a still of their face when I think of their name, and get a clip of their voice. When it's someone I know deeply, and see often, their face becomes a blur. If I've only met someone once, I'll likely have to be re-introduced until I can recognize them, unless they have some outstanding feature or way I can pin them down in my mind.

And then there are the people whose faces you know, but whose names never stick. I know "that guy" from the plasma place -- smartass, employee, black, about 30, shaved head. He and I give each other a hard time. I've been going there for over a year, interacting with him on a regular basis, and he's still just "that guy".

With LJ, I don't recognize names at first. I recognize icons. The latest "Huh? Who?" moment was with alphafenris; the name showing up in my e-mail meant nothing to me. However, the cute confused-dragon icon let me know "Ahh, one of 'Song's people."

Maybe, after I get used to associating names with images, I'll be able to do it faster in face-to-face situations.
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Several levels of blah

Ugh. Snork. Snot. Yick. And the cough.

I'm feeling cold and achy, which probably means there's a fever, too. It's still very heavily BWW, which is a joy unto itself.
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*sigh* I haven't talked to Darkside for any length for a little too long. I hope he's doing all right. <whine> I miiiiiiiss him! </whine>

Hope his friend's game is going all right. He was sounding all excited over something or other.
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FAQ: Being a Pointer on Where to Find the Answers to Certain Frequently Asked Questions

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More random queries to sithjawa:

What sort of media drives do your systems have? Because Loony wants to know if she should bring zipdisk or floppies or what.

Also: will need to bring blanket/pillow, yes/no?
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Randoms: household, packing, health

I'm having the usual assorted difficulties breathing. I hate gunk in my lungs.

I need to vacuum. I need to scoop kittyboxes. I need to prevail upon my dear co-parent to unload the dishwasher. I need to sweep the kitchen floor. I need to make sure that the Little Fayoumis has all his stuff for tomorrow in his backpack.

I need to do laundry. I need to start packing for the trip. (Yes, this early.) I need to file stuff into the proper binders; I need to do more of the Jettison Brothers' act on some of the older binders.

I still need to see about getting jewelry things worked on. I need to contact my silly Darkside. I need to clean out my inbox.
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Well, we're going to have Thanksgiving with the dread-in-laws again this year. Gloom! Doom! But, I have a cunning plan.

Y'see, Dawn, my good old college buddy, the friend of Darkside and ralmathon and me, is going to be zooming in and out of town, tentatively arriving Thanksgiving Thursday, and leaving the very next day.

Now, I haven't seen Dawn since her wedding back in January. (I caught the rose. Go, me.) It is therefore important that we get to see her while she's in town, right?

It may well be possible for us to be able to leave the festivities early in order for us to be home when Dawn arrives, because we've got to be able to see Dawn, because she's in from out of state, right? Right?

Priorities, priorities. Ahhhhh. *satisfied sigh*
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Notes for Cast of Characters (scratch pad)

Viking is now Old Crew.
the Viking: Like a brother to Votania. Don't piss him off. Just...don't. I help him with English class, he lets us bum rides off him now and then.

Adam is now Old Crew.
Adam, aka Peace, digitalambience: A former fling, boy-toy, live-in lover. A very nice guy. Was a DeVry student for a while. Votania's and my roommate from mid-December 2001-June 2002. Tall clean-cut redhead with a big grin and a wacked sense of humor. Good with computers. Moved out of our apartment complex and into ralmathon's in November 2002.

Dave (Dave-in-Germany): an old friend; a slightly less-old flame; we are no longer attempting a long-distance relationship. He's Army.

Dave (Dave-in-Seattle, Dave-in-Baltimore, Dave-in-Philly, Microsoft Dave, Auj, pyrogenic): an old friend from CTY 1995. The center of attention of the infamous "Cult of Josh".