September 15th, 2003

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Still coughing up crud, still feeling much with the achy and potentially feverish, and, in the past several hours, my bowels have charmingly turned to water, just so I won't worry about the other stuff so much.

Tomorrow (well, later today, I think) will be more of the horizontal, without the mambo.

On the plus side, my lava lamp (blue liquid, white goo) is now plugged in and convecting merrily away. marxdarx said it felt like it had been there for a long time, just unused -- even though I'd just gotten it Friday. As it's a duplicate of the one back home that I've had nearly forever, though, it makes sense that it would be feeling the same.

My cat is worried about me.

Chapters through 14 of Underwater Light, by Maya, on have been placed. W00t!

'k. I think I go crashie now?
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Right to privacy?


If the average US citizen has no right to privacy anymore, expecially if they're suspected of being a terrorist, enemy combatant, or whatever the new hip label for "someone we're going to prosecute regardless of pre-existing law" is today -- hell, why take the disadvantages without the advantages?

Airport security can effectively see you naked, if they care to. Why let them get all the fun? Nudity for the people! The "I don't give a fuck who knows" school of privacy! As webloggers, we're the pioneers!
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Of such things are nightmares made...

I, half-waking, dreamed of a living web of knots, redundantly linked, which was infected. And I dreamed of trying to clear the web of infection, and trying to verify that it was still alive, and still original. Tossing and turning, half-awake, convinced of my presence as one or many of the knots, half-convinced that the only cure for the creeping crud was death of the whole web.

Nope, not a good dream...
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Applying it all over... (Been there, done that, still wearing the t-shirt)

So someone had some observations about downtime, and owing it to others. Being as that was one of the points that Darkside kicked my ass about extensively, I was moved to make some observations. And since it's a fairly universal issue, it deserved to be generalized and re-posted...

You have it, I think, backwards. The priority should not be so much on getting you running because others need you, but because you deserve to be functional and happy, not lying in a semifunctional state.

You owe it to yourself to kick people who encourage you to fall down and stay down out of your life. Not because others are depending on you to stay up and running, but because you deserve to be up and running and shining. Because of who you deserve to be, some things will need rearranging. There is no place for asshats in your life. There is no place for people who vaccilate between wonderful and horrible in your life. There is no place for people who will destructively take you down -- but there is always a place for people who gently (or, not-so-gently, if the circumstances warrant) point out the things that weaken you and hold you back from who you are supposed to be.

And sometimes it does take a boot to the ass to get started. Gods know that Darkside did enough of that to me. And I did start out feeling that I owed it to him to be a stronger friend to him, and review my systems to see what was causing the crashes. And every time I did that, he'd point out that it wasn't supposed to be for him that I was doing that -- it was supposed to be for me.

So, take as long as you need to.

Certainly, you can and should be there for others, because that's part of what makes you you. That's one of your strengths. But be aware that you are there for others because you are strong enough to do so, and have that wisdom and experience; it is you who makes you so, and you should delight in it -- and know when to say, "Okay, that's it for today -- I need some time to get everything cleaned up and processed." You do not owe it to them to be there. You owe it to yourself to take the time you need, and to help out when you can.
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I managed to lift the one pot out of the dishwasher and put it up on top of the refrigerator, yay me. (Though I'd asked someone else to do it...) But we were out of forks. So I unloaded that, loaded the rinsed dishes into the washer, and started it up. Did that while heating water for a mug of instant chicken broth.

Now I'm achy again. I've been coughing up big chunks of nast. Still have yet to think of actual food that will appeal to me today.
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Gha, flaky

LJ's having a time loading reply pages. Bleah.

My body's feeling flaky too. On the plus side, at least I'm not likely to wind up puking my guts out -- I have almost the proverbial cast-iron stomach, despite feeling very lousy from all that snot.
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Things I Probably Should have Done Today:

Dropped that one class
Done my Database lab

Things I Did Do Today:

Asked the crud to kindly please leave my lungs
Coughed up crud to prevent it from entering lungs
drank water, chicken broth, and tea
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More blargh.

Fanfic I was enraptured with a while ago is ceasing to amuse me.

I almost have enough energy to shower, start laundry, go out and fetch something that will not clog my throat for supper, and finish the laundry.


I suppose I should start with the shower, because supper, laundry, or not, I'm positively grimy, because I haven't felt well enough to shower for ... too long.
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Have been leaving communities left and right. Feeling a little isolationist, and also, boggled by the size of my friends list.
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On DDoS...

Script kiddies (the malicious kind who fuck shit up, or who fuck shit up just playing around and are too incompetent to unfuck it) should be in that special circle of hell doing tech support for the lowest-competence users of AOL and Microsoft.
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"I'm told that a third stop in LA has just been added to my tour; an evening
gig at Mystery & Imagination in Glendale, CA. (Not sure which date, yet.)
The particulars should appear on the HarperCollins website listing in a day
or so.

Ta, Lois."

Wonder if it's when I'll be visiting?
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Let's see if LJ will eat this.

Schroedinger's cat is NOT dead

[Edit: Damn, LJ ate it. Ah well.

<copy> <paste> <fiddle>

Schroedinger's cat is <blink>NOT</blink> dead]
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Every now and then, there are jokes that are so horribly double-edged sexist, I remember them forever.

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Instructional thoughts

The next time I get to teach convection, I'm bringing out the lava lamp. It's something the kids are likely familiar with, and it's a very visible working model.