September 17th, 2003

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Thanks for the help.

"A UPS cargo plane made an emergency landing here, its team evacuated and the plane searched after the shipping firm received two threatening phone calls, including one that mentioned a bomb, a UPS spokesman said.

A search of the plane for the package mentioned in the calls turned up a box containing bottled water, fabric softener and cabbage, said Jeanine LEcuyer, spokeswoman for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport."
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Gemini Horoscope for week of September 18, 2003

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
In her book, Simply Sophisticated: What Every Worldly Person Needs to Know, Suzanne Munshower lists the requirements for an elegant home. You should have at least one needlepoint pillow, she says. The thread count of your sheets should be 200 per inch or more. Your bookcases, if visible to guests, must have no paperbacks, and your bathroom accessories should be ceramic. Now that you've heard Munshower's ideas, Gemini, please rebel against them. According to my analysis of the astrological omens, you'll put yourself in alignment with current cosmic rhythms if you add elements to your home to make it more playful and less formal, more in tune with what delights you and less concerned with what others think.

Lots of paperbacks, who cares about sheets, and bathroom accessories? Ha!

Cancer Horoscope for week of September 18, 2003

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
In its original use, the phrase "priming the pump" referred to the fact that a hand-operated water pump didn't provide a steady, abundant flow of water until you first lubricated it with a little water. In modern parlance, it's often a way of saying that to make money you have to invest some, or that in order to get lots of goodies you have to give some. To take maximum advantage of the current astrological potentials, Cancerian, regard "priming the pump" as your metaphor of power.
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I need to write up some of the more entertaining things that swallowtayle and I did with the stairs, especially including "bumping down the stairs".

Note that this is generally only possible with wooden stairs without traction thingies, and is a good way to get rugburn on carpeted stairs.

When FatherSir tried it, the house shook.
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*boggle* They cost _that_ much?

This is what comes of having artists in the family. Of the items in the Alaska Bird Observatory Catalog, I see at least three artists whose works were casually around the house while I was growing up. And, kidwise, we'd do the usual kid things to some of these...

*looks at list again* Okay, four of these artists, I know personally. Sleepovers, Christmas and Thanksgiving and the summer birthdays, the Artisan's Sale, playing with the other kids...


I... guess I grew up better-connected than I thought. But no one ever made a big deal out of it, you see... that's just how it was.
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Thinking about it...

...imagine all the trouble Little Fayoumis isn't getting into with the stairs. I used to get in so much trouble for leaving books on the stairs, because it was the perfect spot to sit and read...
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Guess who had to go in to work today?

...I tried calling, and his mom was home. She hasn't the foggiest what his schedule's going to be like either. *sigh*

Damn it.
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Sheesh. Word search.

Little Fayoumis has near to *no* search-find skills. So the word search is absolute *hell* for him. He's getting better at it, but it's still hell.

Seriously, you tell him, "Find your toothbrush!" and sometimes if it's right in *front* of him, he won't notice it; his eyes will go across it, but there's something in there that is not matching up "toothbrush" to what's coming in through his eyes. You have to point at it, and ask, "What's that?" before he'll process and say, "Oh, that toothbrush!"

It's even that way with stuff he wants to find.

So far, I've made him utilize his impressive anger-management skills, and I've instructed him to identify the thing he's looking for, identify the first letter he's going to look for, and do a systematic search for that letter, and see if the next letter in the target word is in the immediately surrounding letters.

It's like programming a very stubborn computer.

He seems to have the hang of it now. When I started writing this, we'd struggled through the first six words. Now, he's zooming through the last four on his own. He's on the last one as I type.

He's yelling out the letters, every time he finds the letter he's searching for. ...I also taught him that when he's too frustrated looking for the first letter, he should try picking another letter in that word and seeing if the correct adjacent letter is present...
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All done with his homework!

Gods, this is becoming such a mommy-type journal. It's better than it not being, though, because this way votania gets to share the arguable joy. I know she must feel dreadful at missing so much of the developmental process; I feel rather guilty for being 16 and in Alaska when he was born...

He's now watching one of his two Sailor Moon tapes. *giggle* Fighting evil by moonlight!!

I told him that when he gets so he can read fast enough, he can watch movies with the sound in Japanese, and the translation in English at the bottom of the screen.
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Really Good Things

After Little Fayoumis finished his homework paper, the one he'd been having the trouble with, I told him that he'd done a bunch of really good things with it. First, he'd done his homework. Second, he'd learned how to do word searches. He'd also breathed and counted instead of getting really mad at it, he did a really good job at it, and he didn't erase!

He was thrilled already, and finding the really great things and articulating them really made the experience.
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Building Sam's shopping list for Samhein party

Hmm. Sparkling cider... what else is needed for a truly kickass party?

(Ideas from potential attendees [this means you, othercat] are more than welcome.)

Hmm. Maybe some of my kickass stew, which'll require certain ingredients...
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Former friends

When you have a friend, and you get in a relationship with the friend, and somehow, the relationship turns into a tug-of-war control-fest, with each party trying to 0wn and manipulate the other, with the relationship as implied consent for same, it's very hard to trust them -- or yourself -- again.

So the friendship is pretty much toast, after that.
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In the year 2025...

... will the average suburban kid have a lemonade stand and accept micropayments on some future kiddie paypal?
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Things Said in the Temple

"Here's your piping-cold cup of ass!"

votania got a bottle of unsweetened decaffinated ginger peach tea-stuff from the Republic of Tea. She tried it, and handed it off to me, saying it tasted terrible; did I want some?

I tried it, agreed, and we agreed that it was too weak. Furthermore, I expounded, it was flavoured water, and would be fine as such, if only it didn't taste like ass.

(In the metaphorical sense, of course.)

"shammash, do you want some ass?"

He gave me the Cat LookTM and stalked off.

We discussed it some more, and she finally said she'd split the rest with me. So I poured her a cup. "Here's your piping-cold cup of ass!" I announced.
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loud fayoumis

"Well, don't do that, then!"

IE now crashes for me when I'm loading an LJ page, and switch back to my Yahoo mail while it's trying to load.

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