September 18th, 2003

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slpee? Where is the slpee?

Somehow, I seem to be awake.

It seems to be Decorating Season again. I put up hooks on which to hang my hats, I matched the one random rose pin to the one random teal-and-purple hat, I got a bandanna that I didn't even think I'd wear, that turns out to be awesome; I decided that I like my "Slytherin Princess" makeup (silver glitter with green eyeshadow, fire engine red lipstick toned down with the green I never wear), especially in combination with the yin/yang bandanna over my hair.

I really wish I'd pick on design theme and be able to like it forever. Somehow, though, there are a bajillion of them, and I love them all. The current themesetter for my room is now the beanbag chair, the dark blue background and the gold sun/moon/star/zodiac design. I'd love to be able to go with a space theme, but then there are my roses, and the aurora borealis goes nicely with the space theme, and I'm too much of a fan to ever give up my posters, and I like dragons and candles and high-tech equipments.

Oh, and there's always the one obligatory penguin. Every geek needs one penguin, unless they're a diehard mac/windows/other-non-*nix fanatic.

So I'm space and pink and fluorescent and sky (day and night) and fen and then gothywitchyswirly to boot. And black and silver...

Oh! this explains everything! I know why I'm talking about this. Because I like to make things all pretty and match. It matters to me. I like playing with makeup, too. I think I look a lot like Shanna. We took pictures, and I think I look a lot like Shanna.

I wish she'd organize the top of her closet. She told me to not mess with any of that stuff up there. Not safe for me to. I think it would be safe; it's only bottles. But she doesn't trust me with a ten foot pole, she says, and she says Darkside's going to back her up on that one, as far as the booze is concerned. That's OK. I'll get her to organize them. And to put that cardboard box in the shed or throw it out or something.

I really need to get some new sheets. And a new bed. You think Mama would get us a new bed? Because it's really getting bizarre. A bed, a proper one, would be good. I like the mirrors on the wall. I liked the mirrors at the old house. I bet she'd be mad at me if I stayed up until morning playing with the wax. I miss talking with Dot. I remember standing at the window, playing with the candle that was purple wax, giggling with Dot about stuff. That was fun. I like having girl friends.

She says I should do this. Collapse )
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I can type fast. Joanie can't. I wish Joanie could type fast like me. Her typing so totally sucks. She makes a million typos, and has to think about everything a whole lot before she types. I don't. Hee hee.

I rule.
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OK. I'm taking this lot to bed. See y'all in the morning, or afternoon, as case may be.

Peace out.
high energy magic

!!! (metaphysical crap)

You know how I've been saying all along that the human mind is not infinite, and therefore cannot contain infinity? At least, not without a really funky compression algorithm?

I was thinking infinitely large. I was thinking about mere space.


*does the tripped-out happy-dance known only to clergy & their ilk*
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So, breakfast this morning was slightly after eleven, and was one can of chocolate shit, with two hefty shots of espresso and a lot of (very greasy) whipped topping. I had that, choosing it over a cinnamon roll from Cinnabon, quite a bit based on the knowledge that the coffee, without the slim-fast, would taste nasty as anything (we're out of milk...) and also, comparing 220 calories to 700+ calories... ow...

So, not only am I on drugs (yep, espresso's a drug, the way my system processes it), but I haven't been eating much, mostly because I haven't felt like it. I'm not sure what breakfast was yesterday -- maybe it was some mints? Or not? I know I mostly skipped lunch, because I didn't feel like eating it, and had a can of strawberry nectar, a piece of lemon The Cheat cake, a bowl of soup, a piece of bread and a handful of chips for supper.

I'm sure that when I'm feeling better, my appetite will come back, but I'm not going to push it for now.

I see that Marah paid y'all a visit last night.

Came to the realization in the shower that Marah is my beauty. It really shows in photographs. I don't photograph so well. Marah's gorgeous. Dagger... doesn't really care for cameras, and getting Naomi to hold still that long might be a trick. Marah really does look a lot like Shanna. ...And this, mind you, is all accomplished so it's visible externally.

For votania's attention: "pumpkin juice" for Samhein?

Buzz, buzz.

Mr. President might be moving in with yaksha42! Oooh, I hope so! That would make him a neighbor! And he could come and hang out!
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27 + 34 = 1:01

Call 1: gossip about current events, ended with me feeling lonely, and followed up by me feeling lonelier and lonelier, until I was a miserable ball at votania's feet, not knowing how to articulate my misery.

Misery was forcibly articulated, in the form of me being desperately worried about him, feeling like I was never going to see him again, frustrated because I was the only one of the two who knows how to maintain a friendship, and, above all, miserable because he rarely if ever e-mailed back.

She pointed out that I should probably say something about that to him.

Call 2: "I feel really stupid for saying this, but... "

...and out came pouring everything. After, of course, the discussion of how that phrase sounded really, really familiar to him. (Which was, of course, from when I'd told him how I felt for him.) Reassurances were exchanged, and barriers removed. We wound up joking and giggling, and all was well.
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