September 19th, 2003

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So... when a man who's very shy about his writing reads a snippet of funny verse he wrote, to a woman, and he tells her it's terrible...

...eeek. He trusts me.
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Vulcan humor and other oxymorons

Darkside and I got into a disagreement today over a bit of something. We were talking about humor, and so forth, and he cited one of the sources of his sense of humor. I wondered if the other half was from Mr. Spock.

That's where we got into the disagreement: he said that Spock had no sense of humor, and challenged me to name one joke that Spock had cracked.

"It's the eyebrows," I said.

"That's intended to represent curiousity, not humor! Just because the actor portraying Spock had a sense of humor doesn't mean Spock did!"

He then digressed, and I missed much of the next bit ("If I were human, I would tell them to go to hell." and Data's "Oh, shit!" comment) that he expounded upon, because I was busy falling off the bed and landing smack into my computer chair, which in turn joggled the desk, sending my full cup of water toppling, pouring down all over the computer chair and me. The suddenness of all this triggered a coughing fit...

I don't think I need a slapstick sitcom when I have Darkside and me.
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Yakky's roommates

Well, Yakky's asshat roommate Gunnar is moving out, so Mr. President may be moving in with them!

That would be totally kickass.

Because Gunnar left, though, he took the phone with him, since it was his, so right now, Yakky's borrowing my spare cordless phone. We gave him the red phone that doesn't ring. Everybody needs a phone with a cord in case the power goes out.
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Old memories... pancakes.

Frying pancakes, the waiting for the bubbles to flip it.

swallowtayle would always phrase it, "Bubbles coming up and reading books."

I'm still not sure why. It was silly at the time, though.

I think we stood on those little wooden chairs to reach the stove, then.
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I'm really a lot nastier and shallower than I try to let on here. I just try to look sweet. Sometimes it fools people.

Sometimes I do succeed in shutting up before I say anything that will make stuff worse.

By many of the standards I was raised to adhere to as a child, this household and I should really not be together. Yet, here I am.

It probably doesn't help my attitude that it's 3:25, and I ate breakfast six hours ago, and that was an avacado, a handful of chips, and milk-with-espresso-and-ice-and-syrup. Nor does my painful torn gum from my wisdom tooth help. Nor the edgings of a migraine.

I just wish there was someone I could vent to, locally, who wouldn't expect me to be sweetness and light incarnate, who would understand that I love these people, and who would listen to me bitch about them, then make me laugh and forget about it.
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FatherSir sold the Blue Truck this Wednesday.

It's sort of like losing a piece of the family.
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GHAAA! Halloween!

I still don't know what I'm going to be for Halloween!

Last year, votania and I went "skyclad" -- her, in an acrylic-on-black-dress re-interpretation of Van Gogh's "Starry Night", me, in pale blue silk skirt, pale blue shirt, with white puffy clouds painted on the front, and a blazing sun on the back.

The year before that, 2001, I was some sort of odd Renfaire vampire.

2000, I was a very grumpy and sleepy witch flying from Alaska to Arizona.

1999, I was working in the bakery at Sam's, so I couldn't do much -- so I opted for the scariest costume available to me under the circumstances. Careful hairstyling, makeup, a tie, a new thing for my employee name badge, and a clipboard turned my white bakery uniform into the dreadfully doomful garb of an agent of the Infernal Revenue Service.

1998 was college-ish, and a white gown and yarn pads to make it look like I had more hair made me Princess Leia, though I was mistaken for some sort of Earth Goddess several times.

1997? Um? Huh. Well, one or more of those years, I was a Jedi Knight, with a blue lightsaber and tan robes (carefully wrapped sheets). (The lightsaber came with me, and wound up with Little Fayoumis, and after he deconstructed it, votania threw it out before I could fix it again.)

1994, I was supposed to be Deanna Troi.

1993, my giggly friend and I were gypsies.




1989, I think I was a witch. Heh.

1988, I definitely was a witch.

1987, I was an Iron Fan Fairy again.

1986, I was the Iron Fan fairy (and so was swallowtayle, in blue, with me in pink) as a result of seeing a movie version of Journey to the West.

But I have no idea what I'm going to be this year.