September 20th, 2003

wild rose


So, Thursday night, votania and I came home from shopping at Sam's, getting the bare minimum. (Unforseen budgeting weirdness, temporary, due to abrupt switchingness of cellphone providers.) We have put things away, and are three and all starting in on the fun old game of "If only you would -- !; if only you had, then I could -- !" when votania came back in from taking out the trash with the intelligence that there was a very potentially nice recycled couch out there. Flashlights were employed, and the couch was deemed to be Good. (I was seated inside for most of this, my energy levels still being sub-par.)

Frantic scurrying and moving followed, punctuated by assorted injuries; at the end, the thrashed, trashed, cracked, scratched, smacked old uncomfortable recycled black biting poor-imitation-of-leather two-seat couch that had come n+1-hand to marxdarx was shoved to one side, and the slightly-battered cigarette-redolant three-seat comfortable much-more-leatherlike black couch was installed in its stead.

Upon testing, it developed that there was room for everyone, even Little Fayoumis, if we scootch to make room.

Further rearrangement saw my old computer desk unloaded and out of my room, the old scuffed bedraggled black couch installed (after no little huffing, puffing, and wistful wondering why the partition hadn't been made out of sticks or straw) in my room. The computer desk then wandered into the West bedroom.

Today, Chronos II was installed on his new desk, to the tune of much frustration. More of my floor was found. More changes will follow in the coming days.

Every now and then, the apartment gets rearranged. I am hoping that this new iteration of everything will make hanging out in my room more cozy, not to mention more tidy. Right now, I'm trying to figure out where to put everything...
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Skin care, body.

Have been having what are, for my skin, hellish breakouts. (Those with the true suffering that is hellish breakouts, my sympathies, and I'm glad I don't have it so bad.) I suspect that one of the main culprits may be the Arizona weather. I'll be glad when it gets cooler again.

I know I should probably exfoliate more often when I feel that a gentle exfoliating process that would do my face good involves a block of pumice. (It did, really, do wonders for my skin. But, it is kind of scratchy.

My sense of smell is still not entirely back, which makes things taste a little bizarre, but at least my appetite is back. That's a good thing; after finally eating a decent meal, the scale said I'd dropped ten to fifteen pounds. Crash, bang, boom, let's not repeat that, shall we? Happily for me, I have that much that I can lose, so my health's not in immediate danger from a week where I barely feel like touching food and so don't, as long as that doesn't become a habit. I'd far prefer to lose weight gradually and healthily than going BOOM and being fragile and sickly at my target weight or below.
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Children, That Woman

That Woman just got kicked out of the place they were staying, and they're staying elsewhere now.

When you've got children, you are obliged to provide for them, or have provided for them, (atmosphere,) food, water, shelter, clothing, training, supervision, and love. At the very least. That Woman is already losing points on the training/supervision/love thing. And when she does her attitude/etc. thing and gets herself and her girls kicked out of the place where they're staying? More lost points.

Fortunately for all involved, another family member has stepped in with shelterwise rescue; they're staying with the widow of votania's uncle now, if I recall the family Who's Who correctly.

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Note to Webmail:

Dear Yahoo Mail,

You are killing my web browser.

Never mind that it's only IE and is better off dead, it's still my web browser, and I'm somewhat attached to it, no-thank-you very much.

Not much love,
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Things for the want to do today:

Go to the bank, deposit nice research check
Go to Trader Joe's, get yummies
Go to the dollar store, get wall anchor things
Go to the fabric store, get white fabric paint
Go to Fry's Electronics, get bread machine?
wild rose

Stabilize what?

Unfortunately, I can only think of one change I've made to my system lately, period, let alone one that would destabilize IE -- and that's the Google bar.

I downloaded the latest service pack, and we'll see what happens.
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I may or may not have mentioned this before...

...but Tommy and Angelica haven't actually moved moved, they're doing some funky time-sharing thing amongst relatives, so their school week is elsewhere, and they're back here on the weekend.

So they were already over here playing for an hour. Now, marxdarx is getting a nap, and I'm not about to disturb that with having screaming hyenas over here playing again. So I told them, when they came over again, that marxdarx was asleep, so they could not come over and play right now; perhaps they should try back in a few hours.

Five minutes later, they are back, on the patio, and Little Fayoumis is having a five-minute yelling-through-the-glass thing going on telling them that marxdarx is asleep... and they are not getting it. I ask him what the problem is, and he's so frustrated he doesn't have all his words.

I go out and tell them, bluntly, that Marx is asleep, I am not waking him up, they may not play; please go home. That means, now.

They leave.

...I really wish that only Tommy would come over and play. Two-kid dynamics are a hell of a lot simpler than three-kid dynamics, especially when the genders are not the same, some of them are from the same family and some of them are not, and they're not all on the same verbal and cognitive level, never mind not on the same page interests-wise.
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Q: Why does "putting blue beads on a shirt" count as "cleaning the room"?

A: Because the shirt has been a project that's been in progress almost since we moved in on April 16, 2001. It is also taking up valuable space in my project drawer. Since I wish this to be corrected, I must finish the shirt or otherwise dispose of it. I am opting for a prettily-beaded new ritual-type shirt.

Q: But, since you started the project, you have discontinued the practice of reserving your navy blue pants and navy blue shirts for ritual use only. Is it still going to be a shirt reserved solely for ritual?

A: Perhaps not as such, but it's not going to be one of my grubbing-on-the-floor shirts either.
wild rose

Techie toys!

This is the sound of one Lunatic smirking. Why? Because the CD/MP3 player that I got quite some time ago, over a year ago, that I'd given up as toast over a year ago, is in perfect working order.

There had been something arcane going on with the switches, and I hadn't tried it in all positions.

Now that I have worked it out, I'm one happy Lunatic. Now, if I can just buy somebody a batch of recordable CDs and provide them with a playlist...
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Took out bathroom trash
Put more beads in hair
Scooped Mosh's box
Shirt, sorted beads
Clean room
Throw away big-ass box taking up lots of space in top closet shelf

Still needs work:
Install second CD drive on Tigereye (plug in, plug in, turn on)
Shirt, sort beads
Clean room
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I'm broker than I thought I was. Yow.

And it could be at a worse time, but I'd really rather it wasn't at a worse time, because that could be pretty bad.

Guess I'll be holding off on that breadmaker for a while, even though it would be especially useful right about now.
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There she goes again, on her own...

Saw little Angelica a few ago while I was taking the Evil!Box out to the dumpster. She was in the parking lot, apparently alone, on her scooter.

Before I could get too panicked, I saw Tommy and ... I can never tell if that old lady is mother, or grandmother. I think she may actually be mother. ...Anyway, they were down a ways thataway.

Mommy hollers out: "Angelica! Come back here!"

What does Angelica do? She zooms faster, in the direction opposite from "back here"...

...Sheesh. I hope she gets her butt spanked.
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Progress of room-cleaning and related oddities...

Part of the cleaning of the room is, of course, getting rid of some of the booze that no one cares for. I'm working on the sour peach schnapps right now. I have a little plastic flask that holds maybe four shots. I leave it nearish the computer. so that if the occasion calls for a sip of something stronger than water, it's there.

I don't usually refill it more than once a month, if that.

But I'm sipping from it now, because hey! Cleaning room and all that! I was tempted to have some ice cream with some of the butterscotch schnapps, because we have more than one bottle, but I'm trying to avoid the high-sugar, high-grease foods more than usual, because hey, I don't need to gain that weight that I lost while I was sick back. *tucks box of TJ's chocolate orange sticks back into desk drawer guiltily*

So far, I've put the other CD player, the external one, on the shelf with the A/B switch and the floppy drive. That's a start. I'll need a USB port free if I want to plug it in, and I'll need to find the power cord, too.

I want to paint my nails tonight. However, as I know I'm going to be doing things with boxes and moving stuff around, that might not be the best plan.

Ah well. Impaired as I am, I'll be sitting here a while yet. While I've been known to balls up my nail polish from typing, it isn't half as likely as from moving stuff.

Oh! and I should call Dawn, too!

I need to tell Darkside about my Name-change. The Name I gave him, the words and image, are Dagger's. I need to tell him the rest, the Name I knew when I was still fifteen or sixteen... it's still my Name.
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Love, and how my thing with Darkside screws me up

The thing is, when everything is right between Darkside and me, everything is all right and wonderful.

But my link to him is so integral with me, that whenever something happens where communication between us gets screwed up, or, more particularly, something goes wrong between us, and does not get straightened out because of poor communication, I get profoundly screwed up.

Imagine a marriage, which has as part of in the partners being physically separated from each other, and imagine what happens if somehow the partners stop talking to each other. You'd get some pretty profound things going wrong. This works the same way.

And of course, when I finally do articulate what exactly the problem is to him, we discuss it all out, and it is made better. It's just that first step, realizing that there's something wrong, and then getting the talking going, that does it...
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