September 24th, 2003

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FatherSir always called Calico and her breed "Egyptian alley chickens", figuring that they were lean and scrappy enough to be just that.

What was Eris when I found her? An alley cat.
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Things that Don't Suck

Decided, now that I'm "back", that there was going to be industrial-strength vacuuming going on. Broke out the ol' thing and went over the floor.

It was at the point where bits of stuff on the floor failed to disappear that I realized that there was something fishy going on, and checked the bag. Lo, there was not a full bag! Thinking back, I realized that there had been problems with suck earlier, but I hadn't noticed them, because my mind was broken. So I flipped the vacuum cleaner over, and at length discovered that the intake pipe was clogged with grey fuzz and fluff. Tweezers were employed, until marxdarx pointed out to the brain-dead Lunatic (who, to her defence, grew up with FatherSir's mighty shopvac R2D2, and has never had to deal with regular household vacuums before this) that one had to pull off this and the other in order to get to it.

Screwdrivers were found, and the Little Fayoumis was sitting carefully-just-out-of-the-way by when the phone rang; Marx departed the scene, still holding one screw. I got the thing partially disassembled and got the ick cleaned out; Little Fayoumis was impressed and disgusted. I put the thing back together. (Amusingly, this involved me calling out, "Screw!" to Marx, who replied, "No thanks," and handed me back the little metal part.)

The vacuum cleaner works, now. Yay!

I am to imagine that perhaps I have been depressed or something for the greater part of this past month, because I haven't been working on as much housework, or indeed being very much conscious. I ordinarily would have noticed that the vacuum cleaner was being a shithead much sooner.
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Sleepy big bro...

My big bro ralmathon plans to come to the party! Woohoo!

...He was so tired that he didn't even remember who Darkside was when I mentioned him. I'll dig up the chat log later. Scary.
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Dreamed about...

FatherSir with a cellphone...
...sionainn, with short permed hair, watching traffic from a parked service vehicle of some sort, possibly an ambulance... having to go to someone else's house for a shower...
...FatherSir going to NY or somewhere for vacation, and comparing schedules against the school schedule for the violin-family-with-the-planes-and-cats kids...
...pregnant ladies...
...the US having some sort of toilet crisis, and wibbble being glad he didn't live there (and for whatever reason, I-as-viewpoint-character didn't live there either)
...the Bujold list splitting into separate lists over factional differences... of them being my Lit teacher splitting it over thinking polyamory should be illegal in public...
...arguments breaking out... having chocolate as a peacemaker...
...someone suspecting, verbally, that the chocolate was poisoned... "Of course it's not!" "Could you give me some?" "It's in the fridge. Get some your own damn self."
...the guy from UAF, Rob, who looks like Mr. President, on a motorbike, leaving the meeting...
...Echo and some other guy chatting with dawnalone on the steps, who'd already been informed of who they were and was ready to call the Pagan Ladies' Abuse Hotline at the first sign of funky business. The some other guy was cool. I feel a need to wash my head out with soap, though, from Echo being in there, because it was unmistakably him, and not just a dream of him...
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(no subject)

Also, most amusingly, dreamed that the same lady from the phone spam called back, with name and from power company. Tried typing info, but the alarm clock onto which I was typing it was broken. So had to use pen and paper.
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Gemini Horoscope for week of September 25, 2003

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
"If I keep the green bough in my heart," says the Chinese proverb, "the singing bird will come." Have you been doing that, Gemini: cultivating the green bough in your heart? Even when the world around you has been a barren wasteland? If so, the singing bird will alight on your inviting perch very soon. If you haven't, get to work immediately and the singing bird may yet arrive by mid-October.
Trying to. Patience is a virtue. Afraid that sometimes I forget to water it.

Cancer Horoscope for week of September 25, 2003

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
I predict that in the coming week you will be invited to partake in a mythic feast. While a gourmet meal may be involved, the essence of the experience will be metaphorical food that nourishes your soul. This uncannily satisfying sustenance will, for all intents and purposes, be a gift from eternity -- a blessing that comes from outside of time. It will be intimately meaningful for the person you are now, but even more so for the person you are striving to become.
Or, as the case may be, last Thursday. You really should come, even if it is after work, dearest...
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Desensitizing, reprogramming

I hesitate to say where that thing came from, where I do not want to be touched. I do know that, until I got to spend the night with Shawn, until BJ, I couldn't sleep unless I imagined someone else, snuggled up next to me.

I remember, at the beginning of the relationship with BJ, I would snuggle up, and it was only later that I insisted on piling pillows between us so we wouldn't touch in the night. With digitalambience, I couldn't stand to be touched while I was asleep, at first, and only later was it possible to snuggle.

I remember flinching when Darkside reached out to touch my face. (Part of that was because of the nerve pinch games... part of it wasn't.) We got, finally, so he could put his hands on my neck and pretend to strangle me, and I'd just stand there, trusting him. (I'd never let BJ get his hands anywhere near my neck.) I'd hide behind my hair; he'd brush the hair away from my face.
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Meep? Recruiting office?

"As in...?" I asked, keeping my voice steady.

"Checking things out," she said.

That was because my voice, despite attempts to keep it steady, went up an octave.
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I do verily believe that I started the habit of bolding the ones read in the list of top 100 books!

Someone posted the link, and I believe the list, but I started the bolding.

Others may have also spontaneously started it.


Called. He was there. The usual amount of bullshitting ensued.
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  • The Air Force recruiting officer is never in. Ever.

  • I have gotten better about controlling when I do and do not cry; for example, I did not cry last time, which is why I was not sick(er) for a week.

  • Mr. Burns and Darkside will be saying "Hi" to each other via me forever.

  • Dawn believes that aliens have abducted Darkside.

  • Darkside does not know what the aliens would want with him.

  • Darkside is an alien abductor who performs experiments on people who may or may not have been normal before the procedure.

  • Darkside has been replaced with a nicer, sweeter, alien-abductor model.

  • Darkside is sweeter to me (much to his surprise), but he's been grouchier elsewhere.

  • Darkside's work schedule is erratic.

  • Old pop-tarts are nasty. Old fossilized jelly-beans are edible, at least where swallowtayle and I were concerned.

  • swallowtayle wants to meet Darkside.

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Geekgirls Prowl

Called Dawn and giggled with her over Mr. President and all that good stuff. Who knew that Mr. President was a redhead and offered to prove it to me?

*giggle* I may well take him up on that... ;)

Talked about Alien Darkside, and so forth. There's something there that wasn't there before. Maturity, perhaps. Either way, it's a good thing. Odd that he should notice himself more curmudgeonly than ever while being especially courteous and gentle to me. Crabs have layers.

Ah, and our cats. Periwinkle's been in the way, and someone barfed all over everything; it may have been Peri; it may have been Beauty. I didn't quite catch that bit.

When ralmathon called her about five months ago? She didn't recognize his voice. She thought he was a telemarketer or something. So she brushed him off abruptly. She now feels this incredible angsty guilt; I'm amused.
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State of the Everything

Little Fayoumis vs. his homework? We'll see what happens with the survey.

Householding in general: votania has day off tomorrow! Yaaaay!

Sekrit Message to rainstorm13: Like I said the other day in IM with the thing with the people, crackmonkeys(!). Still.

Mmmmkay. Gonna go plot High Strategy and have fun with Emily Dickinson for homework. Hopefully with bath salts.
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FatherSir vs. the Squirrel in the Blue Truck

Inspired by tromboneborges mouse

Once, my father found that a cheeky red squirrel had broken its way into his big old blue GMC Suburban and done unspeakable things on the seat, as well as shredding the seatbelts.

Words are insufficient to depict his wrath.

After he calmed down, he set rattraps, but the wily fiend eluded them. More calming down was necessary.

The little scamp had chewed a hole in the rubber thing surrounding the bottom of the stickshift, so not only could he get in, but the exhaust fumes from under the truck could make their way into the cabin as well. FatherSir stuffed a bandanna in the hole, quite irritated.

Eventually, he hit upon a diabolical plan to murder the fiend. Collapse )

Moral of the story: squirrels shouldn't ever want to mess with my father.