September 28th, 2003

wild rose

What day is it again?

Happy Birthday, sionainn!!!

May your day be merry and all good things. My day's going to start out with... SLEEP! (Because I have to wake up at 6, in less than 5 hours, to get dear votania to the airport...)
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There was construction on the 10, so we were a little delayed hitting the airport. There was further confusion between which West airline -- Southwest or America West? There was further confusion between paper ticket and e-ticket. There were lines. The swipe machine was down at Starbucks. The eyes of the cashier bugged out to see Manager votania in a black cloak with a camo lining, with full jewelry, and black lipstick, not to mention the goth dress.

But votania got off OK, all things considered. She headed through Security, and we headed for home.

I had fun navigating the airport exits, and there was no little seemingly-random changing of lanes, and cussing. I finally made it out, and ran afoul of the same construction on the 10. The detour signs were a little screwy, but we made it back OK.

Little Fayoumis isn't used to being out of our area of Phoenix. He'll get used to it.
Azzgrin, Azure: Lunatic, crazy

*snork* Spam go boom.

So, I get this spam.

They're obviously having a few problems with their system. To quote:
%^Fsentences^%. %^Fsentences^%. %^Fsentences^%. %^Fsentences^%
%^Fsentences^%. %^Fsentences^%. %^Fsentences^%. %^Fsentences^%



Note the mangling of the URLs as well.
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Huh. (LJ geekage)

So, when I do something funky with my emotions, that cute S2 thing where I select a mood, and then also put in override text, unless your friends page is S2, you're going to see that for that last post about the pornspammers, I put the mood 'amused', and it won't be until you view the entry in my S2 style that you'll see that I intend for it to be the 'amused' icon, and the mood text 'ROTFL!WTF!OMG!'.

Um. That was a little lengthy.

I was curious, and tested it with iroshi's friends page, and metaphorge's friends page. iroshi has not shifted over to S2; metaphorge has. My custom text didn't show up on Ro's friends page, but did on metaphorge's.

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high energy magic

(no subject)

In any event, most ritual gear should be designed to withstand one's familiar(s), in this case, a former hen (currently incarnated as a curious, and chewing, cat).
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Things that Do Not Belong

The other night, while on the phone with sionainn, giggling like loons together in the grocery store (through the miracles of long-distance and wireless telephony) I was sufficiently distracted to grab two units of "Mexican Fiesta Pizza" instead of the Supreme pizza that I wanted.

It wouldn't be bad, except...

...taco sauce does not belong on pizza. It belongs on tacos. Not pizza.

I think I'm going to give the other pizza to yaksha42; perhaps he (and/or his household) will appreciate it. (It's good to know men who will eat anything are generally hungry.)
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The Good Exes

Darkside and I once had a conversation wherein we discussed our relationships with our exes now that the romance has been turned off.

It turned out, with me, to be about 50/50. His situation was a little more complex, but I'm sure he'll be realizing just how good it is sometime.

We'll start with the ones I actually sortakinda dated.

Kermit: pretty good, actually. We chatted last night, after not really getting the chance to speak for years. Yay for Hotmail.
Bugs: Not so good. I broke up with him rather roughly.
the Lady E.: Fairly good. We chat on AIM from time to time.
Good Ol' Shawn: Darkside counts this as a Bad, Very Bad. It's since progressed to an "Okay, I guess."
That One Chick: *sigh* If we still were in contact, we'd probably do well. We aren't. *sigh* This counts as OK.
River: Good. I still worry about him...
BJ: Bad. Very Bad. If he tries to contact me, the cops will likely get involved.
digitalambience: Darkside counted this as a Pretty Darn Bad, especially given the hissing and casting of fireballs that accompanied the worst bit of the breakup. (It's since gotten better.)

At the time of the discussion, that left me 50/50, before the improvement with Shawn and digitalambience. (Letting Shawn know that I'd flipped off his bride as she walked down the aisle, and hearing his reaction, really did wonders for our friendship.)

yaksha42: Really good. We still hug and hang out; he monster-sits from time to time.
Also, as I'm not really having that "affair" with godai so much anymore, he possibly counts. *hugs and snuggles the Dave* And we get along well, when we have time...

That's improved my Good To Be Involved With score quite a bit. I don't get on with only 20% of my exes, and if Bugs and I got back into contact, I think we could be civil, if not friendly, since we were high school freshmen when the relationship, and breakup, happened. The most disappointing portion of the stats is That One Chick, because I really do miss her as a friend...
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Hellos and goodbyes...

It's been a while since I've been feeling un-swamped enough to do this.

Joining the readership: alphafenris, ashlupa, azurell, kimberlyonline*, norabombay*, tactisle, teriel*, terminalwriter, thette, vadriede.

Note that my friendback pattern is weird and erratic. I am a high-volume poster, and five-post days like Friday are the exception, not the norm. Welcome to the insanity.

Communities I've joined: az_insomniacs, azpoly_rainbow, journaltypes, lovewithoutsex, note_to_cat, note_to_kid, platonic_love, shayara, som_pos, thebookofdays.

Communities I've left: 50bookchallenge, callahanians, doggerel, eccentrics, foamfighting, itsecurity, ritual_tools, sock_of_cheese. All of these are fine places, but not quite aligning with my interests anymore.

People leaving: pop_lock (we're going to miss you... ), gamgee, iansha, n3m3sis42.
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high energy magic

New spam tactics, religion, fundamentalism.

The spammers are now offering to set me up with Christian singles, advising me that some person from church wants me.

Church isn't exactly the place where I would go looking for love, to be quite honest... especially as most churches and I stay away from each other, and are content with the arrangement. Though I do have more, religiously, in common with Christians than with atheists. The last time I was in an actual church-as-such, I figured out that I agreed with 70% of that church's fundamental beliefs, and the ones that I disagreed on had specifically to do with the literal (as opposed to figurative) life, existence, conception, and resurrection of Jesus, and the literal monopoly of Jesus on enlightenment.

I think the fundamental problem with fundamentalists is that their minds cannot stretch to wrap around the parables, the ones that aren't marked out as such but are anyway, not flexible enough to be woken up and do the mental gymnastics that are indicated, and while their way may work for them, it solidifies their minds so much that they can't conceive of anyone else reaching the same destination by a different path.
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Daze of my life

Friday: much with the daze. Woke up, went to dessert, came home, crashed. Woke up, worked out, went shopping for groceries.

Saturday: not much. After votania got home, wound up going to Wallyworld to get a few things votania needed. In the car. Go, me. Also got turkey pepperoni and other groceries, at the usual places.

Sunday: Attempted to set alarm clock. Failed. Was awakened slightly after 6:30 by a slightly stressed votania. Rode with her to the airport, and saw her to security. Drove back home, Little Fayoumis in tow. Napped. Went to Sam's Club for groceries and kitty litter.

Am now Awake. Or something.
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It's starting to smell like Samhein

Poll #185550 Holiday confections

Should I prepare my chocolate-dipped cherries with or without rum?

Why not some of both?
What about something other than rum?
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More with the cherries

Poll #185558 Booze-soaked cherries

So... what should I soak them in?

Why not some of each?
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Cough syrup!

Being the curious little fayoumis that I am, I tried a sip of the maraschino cherry/sugar/rum combination that's contemplating itself in the Starbucks bottle in the refrigerator.

Robitussin cough syrup, anyone?