September 29th, 2003

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"...I read it as 'dip him in rum'!"
"...who, Darkside, or the cat?"
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Yes, Admin is aware that "network cable is unplugged". In point of fact, it's more like, "plug of network switch fell out of wall".

Service will be restored to the rest of templeravenmoon as soon as Admin clears off the top of her bookshelf enough so she can reach the outlet without her arm getting chewed off by angry monsters.
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Public recognition

In case I didn't mention it before (and I don't think I did), there was some extra behind-the-scenes help before I mentioned to Darkside that it would really be a good idea if he wrote back more often than never.

I was having a little e-mail chat with kellinator, see, and circumstances warranted that I bring up Darkside's little penchant for not writing back. She made some very grouchy noises, along the lines of "That's just not right!" and let me know that there should be some righteous butt-kicking going on.

When there's a problem, I'm not always aware that it's a problem until someone points it out to me. When I sniffled about it later that evening to votania, I wouldn't have even brought it up as something I ought to be upset about if not for kellinator pointing out that it was Just Plain Wrong.

And now he and I have that cleared up between us, and I have faith that if I ask him, explicitly, to respond, that he will.
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Propaganda as practiced by bullies

Commented elsewhere; expanded here, because it deserves its own post.

Among the worst kind of bully is the kind that lies, and makes the victim out to be the bully. It's laughable if the lies are blatantly untrue to anyone who's got senses to observe and a brain to interpret with, but dangerous if they're so subtle and in-character for the victim that a third party, not armed with knowledge of the situation, could reasonably believe the bully, based on a cursory or even deeper knowledge of the victim.

I don't know how to fight the subtle lies, except by taking the example and advice of Aral and Miles1, and using them to the advantage, and praying that those whose opinion counts are not decieved.

The blatant lie is more easily battled. Say Anna has done no wrong, and Beth tells Cindy, Diane, Ellen, Freda, Georgette, and Harriet that Anna has done something utterly out-of-character and evil.

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The only one who Beth earns points with are people as mean as she is, or people who are dumb enough to believe her. If Beth gets caught in a malicious lie, she typically loses friends...

[1]: A Civil Campaign, Lois McMaster Bujold (, lmbujold, referencing events detailed further in Komarr and Shards of Honor (Shards is omnibused with Barrayar in Cordelia's Honor).
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Tech Tales....

Sometimes threats of violence do enhance a computer's performance.
You're Axing for It, Buddy!

I work for an ISP, and we got this call...

"Hello, Tech Support, can I help you?"

"Yeah, this thing won't connect."

"Is it Windows 95?"


"What error message did you get when trying to connect?"

"Incompatible set of Network Protocols, I believe,"

"Great. That should be an easy one to fix..."

Oh, how little we know. Our standard procedure for fixing that particular error was to reinstall Dial-Up Networking, reconfigure the TCP/IP stack, and go. 99 percent of the time, it works. Not today.

I ended up reinstalling DUN about four times, and each time, I would get the same error message as before.

"OK, sir, let's try this."

"What, another one?"

"Yes, sir." I took him to the connection properties for his DUN connectoid.

"OK, sir, let's try and slow it down, maybe we can get the equipment to connect at a lower speed."

"Sound pretty good, let's try it."

45 minutes and ten call-backs (the guy only had one phone line, so I had to hang up in between each try) later, we had set his modem to 9600, no data compression, no error control, terminal window upon login, no flow control, no FIFO buffers, no ANYTHING. And still, the same message again and again. I was pretty frustrated, and so was my customer. I mumbled,

"Sir, do you have a chainsaw or an axe handy?"

"Yes, I do, in fact. Do you think that might help?"

"OK, here's what you do. We'll set all the settings back the way they were when we started, you go get the axe and threaten the computer after we hang up. Make them good ones, ones that would scare Saddam Hussein into a quivering puddle of Jell-O."

"I can do that; I used to be a DI in the Army."

"Great. Let's give it a shot."

We set his DUN settings back to normal, he got the axe. We hung up, he evidently said some nasty things to his machine after he rebooted it, and lo and behold, it worked. He connected at full speed, no problems. He called back about ten minutes later after disconnecting.

"Sir?" I said, "Did it work?"

"Perfectly. I've never seen faster Internet service. Thanks for the tip, I'll keep that one in mind."

"Glad we could help sir," and then we hung up. Then I fell down on the floor laughing. :)

From Tech Tales, link from godai
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Achy, tired, uncomfortable, dizzy. Feeling better now that I have some food in me.

Started re-reading Kushiel's Dart, having finished off all my Dick yesterday.

Little Fayoumis was well-behaved. He ate the last slice of Mexican Fiesta pizza, even after my warning that it didn't have regular pizza sauce, it had taco sauce instead. Evidently, ate it all gone, because I saw nothing left over afterwards...

I leave in maybe an hour and a half-ish to pick up votania; her plane departs CA about the same time. Amusing that it'll take me about the same amount of time to navigate to the airport on the streets that it'll take her to fly from California to Phoenix...

marxdarx had a migraine day.

I vacuumed the West bedroom. I washed the glass table and the glass doors, and I think I'll take out the trash.
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FAQ #8: You have a Livejournal. Could you give me a code, please?

Because I do have a permanent account, I do sometimes distribute codes to the needy.

[Edit: or at least I did while they still existed. They don't anymore, so this whole entry doesn't apply anymore. Anonymous comments are now off, as well.]

Requests for LJ codes are to be submitted in essay form in a comment in my journal, with an address I can e-mail a code to, should I so deign to. Spelling, capitalization, and general coherency count.

Essay should include how you heard of Livejournal, why you wish to spend time here, what you plan to do with your journal once you get it (assuming I do give you a code, which isn't a given), and why you aren't shelling out the $5 for two months paid plus an LJ code, which will give you nifteroony features as well as making your service not suck ass, in addition to supporting the fine folks at LJ and making this whole thing possible. $5 is less than the average theatre movie, less than a paperback book, about on par with a burger, and a fuckload of a lot less than almost any given album from any RIAA band on CD.

I do have anonymous comments enabled at this time.

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Why the Army doesn't want swallowtayle

Back while I was still at home, which would have made it somewhen between 1998 and 2000, the Army called up to try and recruit my baby sister, swallowtayle.

I knew that she wouldn't want to be in the Army, and I said as much. The recruiter then engaged me in conversation, mostly centering around what the Army could do to advance my dear little sister's career. (I think, retrospectively, that the dude thought that I was her mother.)

"I don't know what jobs you do have that would advance her career goals," I told him.

"We have something for everyone. What does she want to do?"

This was just too good. Coincidentally, she and I had been talking over career options, so I knew just what her plans were. "She wants to be a wandering minstrel," I told him gravely.

"... ... ... ... We have a band...?" he replied, eventually.

I don't recall any more calls for her after that.
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Warping Innocent Minds since... um ...

Visited the other day, I think because of a Google, and came across the most appalling photo I've ever seen.

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I couldn't get the mental image out of my head, and it was nauseating me. For days. [Edit: Hoax as per]

Then, the odd dream with the oathbreaker happened. In a subsequent conversation (can't remember the person I was talking to), we hit upon the idea of me combining the two concepts... the oathbreaker suffering the nasty condition depicted in the photo!

Happy Lunatic. Very happy Lunatic. Two things like that just belong together, y'know?
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God-fucking-dammit, dammit!

So's y'all know: LJ is being a dick and posting my replies to people not to them, but as separate threads. I do not know how or why.