September 30th, 2003

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shywickedpixie: sithjawa and I have discovered the One True Pairing!

By one of the same people who brought you Donkey Slash Night, we have now discovered the OTP of Donkey Slash:

sithjawa (12:34:56 AM): And why did Verizon send me a note saying if I want them not to spam me I have to call them within thirty days, but I can change my decision at any time?
azurelunatic (12:36:34 AM): Verizon sucks Shawn's big green donkey.
azurelunatic (12:36:44 AM): But the donkey can change its decision at any time.
azurelunatic (12:36:50 AM): I do not think it will consent.
azurelunatic (12:37:05 AM): Otherwise... it would be DONKEY SLASH NIGHT!
sithjawa (12:38:36 AM): Non cosentign donky?
sithjawa (12:39:00 AM): How do you know verizon is the same sex as a donkey?
azurelunatic (12:39:08 AM): Um... Because it is.
azurelunatic (12:39:16 AM): It is an ass.
azurelunatic (12:40:02 AM): Also, I weigh the same as a duck.
azurelunatic (12:40:29 AM): Because... I am made of WOOD!
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Bleeding Edge LJ Brokenness

Dear Everybody,

Comments are broken.

In S1, the original text of the comment being replied to is not shown, but comments are threaded properly, and e-mail gets where it's going.

In S2, comments are BROKEN badly -- threading does not happen (reply to comment winds up replying to original post) and because threading does not happen, if someone replies to your comment, you will NOT get a confirmation e-mail. Unless it's in your own journal. And then you will hear people replying to your post, even when it's obvious they're replying to something someone else said.

S2 Users: If you want the commenting to be only crippled instead of very broken indeed, go and switch comment views back to S1 until the problem is fixed.

Support is aware of this, and it's in the To Be Fixed Oh Fuck We're Screwed list.

(I'm feeling kind of self-satisfied for being part of the testing crew confirming the brokenness... and kinda bad about being so smug.)
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Well, comments may have been un-broken. I see that S1 comments are not ill again.
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Cat Milestones

Yesterday, eris_raven crawled onto my lap to be petted while I was at the computer for the first time.

This morning, I opened the door to let her out, but she looked at me with the "You two-legged people are nuts" expression, and remained in the room. Either Moshie wasn't out there, or she was traumatized by what happened with the Little Fayoumis chasing her, or both.
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So not only is LJ broken-broken-broken-broken! -- but the test server is even MORE broken.
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azurelunatic, on the freeway, with the convertible.

So last night I picked votania (in all her cloaked, caped, be-dragoned glory) up from the airport.

And I had the car.

And I left at 9:07 or so.

Lunatic, who hasn't driven particularly much since leaving Alaska in 2000. In unfamiliar car, which I've driven less than ten times. On the freeway (Alaska does not have freeways as such). In the dark. To somewhere I've never driven before in the light.

Did I mention the unfamiliar car? And the way it jiggles a little as it drives? It's old and not in the best repair.

Oh, and huge semis approaching me, pulling in front of me, passing me, driving alongside me...

And it's dark. Did I mention the part about the dark? And about how the rear window-panel in the convertible top is yellowed and cracked and translucent, but not transparent?

Thank gods for Darkside's careful work on me. I battled down two panic attacks at the very least, and arrived safely.

Then I called Mama and FatherSir and told them that I survived.
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Meme: Being azurelunatic means...

...writing. On computer, on paper, on hand, air-typing if nothing else is there.
...loving. Always someone, or something.
...magic, integrated seamlessly into the daily routine.
...eris_raven nagging me to get to bed, and snuggling up to get petted when I finally crash.
...occasionally having debates with self.
...knowing what it's like to love and be loved without hope of resolution.
...raising a kid who's already half-grown.
...cooperating with people who I love who love me who drive me nuts, as I do them.
...remembering I dare not let myself be owned.
...fighting depression that creeps up on me as silent and deadly as carbon monoxide.
...needing nine hours of sleep, getting six.
...needing twelve hugs a day, getting six hugs a week.
...missing Alaska.
...having friends in utterly unexpected corners of the world.
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Science of the Day

One thing that Little Fayoumis may remember about growing up, and childhood, is walking home with me from school, or walking home with me, period.

He notices stuff, and I talk about the science behind it. Physical science. Behavioral science. Law. Learning things. Math. Botany. Reading.

We were studying the atmosphere, and particularly clouds, for a while. He used to think that the clouds were made of marshmallows. Now, he knows that they're made of water that's being like fog, and when there gets to be too much water up there for the air to hold, it comes down as rain. There's also dirt and pollution up there.

We talk about antennas on the hills. We talk about the antenna on the school. The other day, he asked how the traffic lights knew when it was their turn. So I pointed out the box on the corner that holds the traffic light computer. (I took a tour of the Fairbanks Department of Transportation when I was a kid, and learned about that stuff. It's cool.)

Yesterday we talked about flat tires, because the van in the church parking lot had three flat tires. We talked about what could make a tire flat. It could be a Severe Tire Damage thing like from Need for Speed 2 (he volunteered that), it could be a nail, it could be broken glass, it could be a big rock, it could be a slow leak, it could be a bad guy with a knife... He was the one who mentioned the Severe Tire Damage thing, though he didn't call it that, he called it "the thing with the spikes".

After that, we talked about why you get hit with a blast of wind after a car zooms past, and how it's not all exhaust, some of it's just hot air.

Today, we covered dehydration a bit, and then got into the meanings of the traffic lights and walk/don't walk signals. After that, we covered turn signals and headlights. He didn't know what turn signals were for, before this, quite a bit because we don't drive much. Now, he knows that when a light on the side of the car is blinking, it's because the car wants to turn in that direction. I asked him what if a light on the other side of the car was blinking instead? "The car would want to turn that way!" And he pointed. I asked him about headlights. "It means the car is going to go forward?" he hazarded. Good guess, though...

I want him to grow up knowing a lot about how the world works. FatherSir and Mama made sure that I had that, with plenty of books and questions answered and educational toys. (Soda and vinegar was great fun -- swallowtayle and I used to "play Sizz" all the time, and Mama finally had to limit our supply.)
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Plotting for Holidays

Ooooh. I think I know what a certain Little Fayoumis wants for Solstice -- test tubes, and beakers, and if I mix up cheapass Kool-aid clone with some baking soda, and food coloring with vinegar, that's as safe and dramatic a science kit as a Little Fayoumis could want.

Especially as he keeps talking about his "lab".

Let's see. Lab coat, goggles, test tube rack, test tubes, beakers and flasks, and assorted powders and liquids.

Keep in mind that the Lunatic's doing this on a budget. If I were doing this the way I want to, I'd hie myself over to Edmund Scientific (one of my 'wish list' catalogs from when I was a kid; swallowtayle and I would go through with our pens, hers purple, mine red, and circle the things we were interested in) and equip him properly, with test tubes, a rack, some Erlenmeyer flasks, some beakers, and some assorted other stuff. As it is, I'll probably get myself a few of those Sour Worm Test Tube things, slurp them down, get him some funnels from the dollar store, and one of those measuring beakers from the same place. I think they have goggles there, too... but I'm not sure what to do about a lab coat.

I'll think up something. I'm sure he'll love it...
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Messages to Mommy

Would it be OK with you if I put your blacklight up in the living room? LF's turning into a dancing maniac.

Love, Loony
high energy magic

And lo...

...Little Fayoumis was good, and so got to request dessert. He wanted pancakes. And there was Bisquick, and it was good. It was made better by addition of sugar, cinnamon, eggs, milk, oil, and just a little baking powder, for it was also exceeding old.

And Little Fayoumis did stir.

And lo, there were pancakes! And more Bisquick was added, for they were exceeding runny, and just a hint of vanilla, as they were also bland.

And thus, sacrifices of pancakes were made to the household gods via the stomachs of the inhabitants. And it was dessert. And it was good.

Raven, for His part, requested firmly that a drop of the juice of the maraschino cherry be brought unto Him, and placed upon the beak of His avatar, that He might imbibe.

And the Lunatic thought it was a little fucked-up, but she complied, and it was Good.
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