October 7th, 2003

running, bomb tech


I have sent my girlfriend after the entire BOFH archives, and then confused her by talking about an entirely different Bastard.

One works with cables and high voltage and the bulk eraser. The other one is fond of rats, ravens, and gayboys.

Caz! Caz!
running, bomb tech

It's the bad season.

Had an episode of my periodic "thing" last night. Nothing is different, but suddenly it is all too much, and I want to scream and/or hurt, whether it's screaming at myself or someone else, or hurting myself or someone else.

I was good, though. I recognized it for what it was (just a little psychotic episode, nothing big) and recognized what I needed to do (talk to someone who could hug me and reassure me that I wasn't utterly crazy, that I did have a valid reason for complaint, and it wouldn't be as bad as all that).

So I fumed to deeahblita and then sionainn. I'm feeling quite a bit better this morning, but still not 100% there.

It sounds, from my friends page, like I'm not alone. I'm surviving. I'm coping. I hope y'all can too...
running, bomb tech

Cat Heat

Looks like Miss Mess 'Mus is in heat again. Meowing, rubbing face on things, snuggling up and purring for no good reason...
running, bomb tech

Brain go boom; body go *perk* *perk*

Have been reading the Amelia Peabody mysteries, ones that hadn't been at the DeVry library. The Cholla branch of the Phoenix library is lacking as well; not all of them are present there. But there are more....

Given that my brain has been fairly well useless today, I elected to go give plasma, on grounds that my body is in good shape. Aside from the cuff pinching, and the abysmal Resident Evil on the screens, all went well.

On the way back, some idiots were drag racing, and this resulted in a spectacular accident, which blocked 19th Ave just north of Indian School. The other man at the bus stop with me saw the race, and the white car (which we later saw flipped; the bus had to detour) pulling in front of the little low grey-primered Honda, which evidently after doing the racing, turned right around, came screeching back south down 19th Ave (I saw this), smoked its tires stopping at the red at Indian School, then roared off West down Indian School. The other guy at the bus stop said its bumper was hanging, and predicted that the driver would be riding the bus with us soon.

Tonight's my night for junk food. Jack-in-the-Crack's junk food. I was hungry, not being used to donating, and having skipped breakfast.
running, bomb tech

Cackle, cackle

Called swallowtayle, gossiped. Called pyrogenic, played brief voicemail/how the fuck do I deal with this phone/phonetag, chatted.

Gods, the injokes. The cackling. Sweet dreams! *snork*

I am, once again, worthy of my Queen of Bad Timing crown.
running, bomb tech

Hmf. Why are there so few Snow Crash "My Fandom" icons?

What I plan to make (perhaps) at some point, for my Journalfen journal, is an icon that is captioned, "Make like Enki and wank me a river."

I don't know what I'd use for a picture, though.

Maybe some pseudo-cuneiform letters. Yeah. That would be nice.

(And yes, I've since met Enki in other places, but for me, Enki will always be the Hacker God.)