October 12th, 2003

Azzgrin, Azure: Lunatic, crazy

FUN. "Do you believe in fairies?"

Had a great night out with easalle, drgnmstrslash, and someone whose LJ name I do not know off the top of my head. Ah! thepollypocket!

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We figured out a couple things from this.

  • When dumping glitter, people don't object if you're dumping it on your own party.

  • Always bring enough fairy-favors.

  • Always bring water.

  • Make sure your wings will stay on straight before you leave home.

  • Wear good walking shoes, not something that will fall apart (poor Sandy).

  • People will respond, "I believe in God"; a good comeback for that is, "Do you believe in angels?"

  • Being polite and nice to security guards is a good thing.

  • Having someone who looks like a responsible grownup with your party is another good thing, especially if they're dressed like a mundane (even if they do have glitter all over them). It lends an air of legitimacy and "Yes, I am supervising them, and they will not get out of control" to the party.

  • Don't stay in one area more than fifteen, twenty minutes, to avoid pissing off security.

  • Having someone burly, mundane-looking and male at the outskirts of the group is a good plan too.

  • Cellphones are good.

  • Always bring your keys when you're going to be out late.

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Little Fayoumis got the lecture about why he needs to leave the door to my bathroom open again.


No wonder Little Miss was meowling at me.

...Is it not cool that I have a cat who comes here into my room many times when I say, and often looks at me to make sure she may before going out into the living room when I open the door? Applied psychology is great.
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For the record, I'm not a fairy. Nor am I a dragon, pixie, elf, brownie, gnome, or anything much like that. I'm only part Malkavian, and that's because I got one of my former personalities from a LARP...

I decided before I left that I'd probably wind up looking like a crow amongst peacocks.

Which isn't so far off from how things are...
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Hmm, I wonder if there are any of those little candy pumpkins in the stores yet...

And I can't remember what band did "Every Day is Halloween".
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It's a new day!

Yesterday, I did laundry. Today, I must be sure to put it all away, or at least much of it.

I must also put away the Big-Ass Candles. And vacuum the house, and put away dishes (marxdarx is on a more crucial mission) and so forth.

I can't wait!
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Accomplishments (When Papier Mache goes Wild)

Unloaded the dishwasher. Put some candles away; lit some others. Sorted the candle drawer, a little. That's rather a lot of wax.

Rescued a mostly-dead roll of paper towels from Eris, who had made it completely dead, all over the floor. Shook it at her and said "No!" She meowed at me. She has yet to imitate shammash's "Did I do something?" meep. I don't think I could take that from two cats at once.

Discovered that oil was the correct solvent to remove melted balloon from the baking tray. Yay, me. I'm leaving it to soak, because some of it is caked on fairly well.
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Other silly bits:

Evidently Jen and Sandy know the Doom song.

We didn't sing it all the way home, though.

And Zeke, barking out the window.
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Have been tempted to tweak the titles so that "Public -- like a Frog" is featured somewhere.
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Some time ago, a stupid man made me very, very angry. It was a simple misunderstanding that could have been cleared up in thirty seconds if he'd bothered to listen to the question I was asking and answer it.

I was enraged to the point where my best friend put his hand above my head and felt feverish heat pouring off me, my sweat vaporising, literal steam.

My roommatesister was home, barely conscious after being treated for a nasty allergic reaction to an antibiotic.

I balled up that anger in my hands, and let it loose, with the instruction to go where it would be useful and do no harm.

I went home, and there my roommatesister was, on her feet and perky after unpacking gods know how many boxes. "Thanks for the energy," she said.
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A day later, things still keep coming out.

Oh yeah... the stars on the hands... straightedge or fae?

And I was taking the backseat rave thing seriously... I'm very good at the seated rave thing now.

Oh, and a blacklight for the car...