October 13th, 2003

running, bomb tech


So, Mars has the best migraine meds, and also that wonderful adoptive family. Ah, we love that adoptive family!

Hmm... *ponders the band The Laziest Men on Mars*

*also ponders the song "Stuart", by the Dead Milkmen*

Mars is better than a hammer.
running, bomb tech


"Squinted peevishly" is a good synonym for "narrowed eyes".

Especially when it's Peeves.

(Yes, I did have a butterbeer. Shaddup. That was over 3 hours ago.)
running, bomb tech


Actually went to DeVry.

GSU either didn't meet, or was already over, which was the whole point.

Test, in fifteen. DBA practical. I am not sure of my chances.
running, bomb tech

Supper, et cetera.

Survived school. Came home.

votania is doing Nice Things for supper. Said Nice Things involved me making some bread dough, and also cleaning the oven to remove the last traces of balloon. (Papier Mache gone wild, still.)

Now, she is doing things in the kitchen.

votania heard that there'd been some sort of US announcement by some official group that not only was global warming real, but that temperatures were expected to rise 10 degrees and stay there. Can anyone confirm and/or find source on that?

B is having water pump trouble, evidently. Nice manager lady has said that doing work on car for one day, neatly, is not an issue -- more than one day, and/or messily, would be an issue.

The budget is still t3h suck. Grr.
loud fayoumis


Rolls in butter sauce with garlic and basil and parsley good.

That sauce would make cardboard edible.

It makes warm bread rolls, fresh from the oven, dough mixed and kneaded by me, punched and shaped by votania, wonderful.
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