October 16th, 2003

running, bomb tech

Could things go better?

Chef is broken.

Chef is our timer, one of those generic chef timers, painted to look like Chef from Southpark. We've had Chef since we've moved in, practically.

And he's broken, or at least his bottom half is.

I discovered this while he was supposed to be watching over the brownies in the oven.

He'd fallen off the refrigerator and onto the floor, separating (as he's done many times before) but this time the shock was too great for his mechanisms. I didn't notice until I thought that the brownies smelled about done, and came sniffeting out to see how much time was left. When I saw the original amount of time remaining, I figured out the problem.

Fuckity-fuck-fuck fucking brownies! Fuck fuck fuckity-fuck-fuck fuck on a fucking fuck-stick!
running, bomb tech


There's a new virus going around, claiming to be from LiveJournal admins. Do NOT open it. We will never send you emails with programs, zip files, screensavers, etc.

The email reads:
Hello there,

I would like to inform you about important information regarding your
email address. This email address will be expiring.
Please read attachment for details.

Best regards, Administrator

This is fake and a virus. Do not open it. Delete it. Say goodbye to it. It is evil. It is not LJ.
running, bomb tech


Like another friend, I am not a baseball person, and will be more than happy when all this baseball stuff has cleared off my friends page.

Not really annoyed, per se, because I know I have interests that bore some people.

Just more slush to wade through.
running, bomb tech

A Solution

You know how they have bad weather/breaking news scrolling banners that go across the bottom of the screen?

That would be an acceptable solution for baseball & other games that are edging out actual content on TV. (Not that I really like TV anyway, but...)

Picture this: here's your favorite show, and it's suddenly replaced by a sport you could care less about. And reruns won't happen for a while. Grr.

Now, instead, imagine this. The game runs over, and there's your favorite show, with an inset box in the corner showing the game, silently, with a scrolling display of the current action going across the bottom of the screen.

Sports fans could mute the show and watch the tail of the game. Fans of the show could live with the sports intrusion, and catch the whole thing when it comes by on reruns.

It wouldn't have been possible, before. Now, it would be amazingly simple. Technology is our friend.

And if you want the whole uncut game, get bloody cable.
running, bomb tech


More dishes. Catboxes. A little vacuuming before there was the smell of burning hair. Now votania's cleaning the roller.
running, bomb tech

To Do:

  • Work on vacuum cleaner.

  • Take quizzes.

  • Vacuum.

  • Do laundry.

  • Find film.

  • Shower.

  • Read networking book, sorta.

  • Read more of DBA book.

  • File papers.

  • Clean out that godsforsaken box in your closet.

  • Label the files you put the papers in.

  • Maybe find a file box?

  • Put all phone numbers into address book and phone.

  • Find batteries for palmtop.

  • Pack for trip next week.

  • Type up phone list for printing out.

Quiz is priority, so... DO IT!
Also, laundry and shower.
running, bomb tech


My alignment in general: Chaotic Good.
My alignment loading the dishwasher: Lawful Good.
votania's general alignment: Lawful Good.
votania's alignment loading the dishwasher: Chaotic Evil.
running, bomb tech


Laundry has commenced. 11:00, I go swap it over to the dryers.
I have my crinkle-skirts on the rinse cycle in the sink now.
Swapped laundry. Did the quiz for Chapter 4. Reading Chapter 5.
Skirts are draining so I can wring them out, twist them up, and hang them to drip dry.
Screen door fell out, and was put back in. Needs to be replaced.
Laundry should be grabbed out by 11:47 on the alarm clock.
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