October 17th, 2003

wild rose


Got the laundry done. Yay, me. Putting it away can wait. I'm planning on wearing the nice new slacks for the plane trip, and also for the concert. Sparkly shirt, whee! Should also pack skirt and shorts, and wear black T-shirt on plane.

Chapter 5 is now read.

Have rediscovered my favorite physical position for studying: kneeling on the floor next to my bed, leaned over on bed, hugging a pillow. Not the most elegant of positions, but minimizing distraction and minimizing fall-asleep potential.

sionainn's friend with the pirate flag usericon says it's likely that what I have is an actual metal allergy rather than just a bad set of piercings. However, I would like to get my ears repierced at some point. After I get that new job, I suppose.

My LAN is on crack. The cable is not physically unplugged, but it keeps saying it is. This is not a good thing. I do not know what is causing it, and I am too lazy to find out.
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I now have 3.75 chapters to read and/or skim, and 4 quizzes to do.

Much better. This is reduced from 8. I think I can get the rest done before 1700.

Tired. Showered. Kittened (~2:00).
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Evidently the DBA test was open book/open notes. I was happy. I was very happy. I used book and notes, and am relatively confident that I aced it.

Contrast this to the way I was carrying on beforehand: "I haven't studied! I'm so screwed! Oh boy!" (said with a great big grin and a perky voice)

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So, yeah, dessert with Sandstrom, complete with me making snarky remarks, review for the final.

Then, I went and [Wow, there's an e-mail from Sandstrom right now about the final] hung out with Mr. Pres and Mark Jr. and "my" EET gayboy to study before the DBA final that I thought wasn't open book/open note.

DBA final turned out to be in a different room, because of DeVry's on-crack room assignments and end-of-tri special events for outsiders. Joyyy. Also turned out to be open book, open note, so I finished it in half an hour, looking up the things I didn't know.

After that, stopped in and chilled with the gamers a bit, then came home and partook of Sandstrom's quizzes. Got them all done, yay!

Decided to go deposit my research check, but alas, I'd forgotten that votania had borrowed my bus pass while B was down, and it was on the bathroom counter, not back in my wallet. By the time I got back home, I was sufficiently overheated and underenthused that I elected to deposit that another day.

At the prompting of amberfox, I attempted some wankage, and dispatched one kitten with consummate V's. I was headed after another, Then the Viking called for help on an essay. Then votania called because of the security breech at Sky Harbor.

Now I'm gonna go hit the dollar store for stuff we need (and stuff I want).
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As sionainn pondered, predators make somewhat scary pets.

I sit down at the computer with a nice plate of something, and I'm suddenly surrounded by a small glaring of domesticated panthers, wondering if I'm going to share with them. Eris isn't all that civilized... in fact, she's just shy of feral.

Hungry, hungry beasts, even though they are well-fed.

(And yes ... I loves my panther, yes I do, especially when she snuggles up and purrs.)
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marxdarx wasn't left alone alllll day by Little Fayoumis, so they cut a deal: LF gets to stay up as late as he can tonight (Friday night) but if there is ONE MISBEHAVIOUR, he's grounded for a week.

I declared it Movie Night and broke out the popcorn.

I made a reprise of the garlic/basil/parsley butter. It doesn't taste quite the same on popcorn, but that's quite all right.

We seem to be missing Shrek! Little Fayoumis started off on some Sailor Moon, and then we were planning to watch Shrek together, but since it was missing, he wound up watching Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue. Now he's moving on to some Blues Clues.
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Literate like a baby

I was looking at a website, and it had some Chinese characters, along with the English translation.

And I was "reading" some of the components of the characters, like a little kid reads words they know in a large book.

I really should find the library and see if they have some of the same books that FatherSir had, the ones with the little cartoons and explaining about how the word evolved, and explaining of what the pictures means.